Janson . Brunvoll . Franijeur

Øya Pavilion . Oslo

design team: Robert Janson . Andreas Brunvoll . Jakob Franijeur Holmqvist-Larsen

The idea of the O is to link the quality of the landscape to the steady flow of festival goers. The project accentuates a natural meeting point by circling a solitary tree on the hill.

This intervention enhances the spatiality found under a tree’s canopy to create a visual vantage point that frames the surroundings.
The intervention creates a space for social interaction while simultaneously creating a clear expression of the latent potential in enhancing qualities in our environment. The O points outwards from the tree as a vantage point to the festival and the vista of the Oslo Fjord.
The O lies in a perfect horizontal line and meets the height of the tree tops portraying a stark contrast to the natural elevation in the hilly landscape. With its circular disc, the design meets the scale of the landscape and functions as a natural meeting point for interaction between festival goers. The solitary tree is the centre point of the disc and penetrates it seamlessly so the outline of the canopy traces the inside of the disc.
At dusk the O lights up as a beacon with a direct visual connection to all stages – binding the site together and framing a space for interaction.

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