Axel Kasseböhmer

Walchensee, Nr. 21 . 2010

+ Sprüth Magers Berlin

Kasseböhmer's radical approach to painting is the result of a long development as an artist. The painter earned a reputation at the beginning of the nineteen-eighties for his enigmatic paintings that called to mind segments of well-known works from art history. Following this body of work, Kasseböhmer created a series of pictures that used as their starting point large-format landscape photographs, which he over painted until the underlying photograph disappeared. Afterwards he developed various series', focusing on still lifes, trees and seascapes, taking up diverting styles to conduct a systematic investigation into the possibilities of painting. What connects all these series' is a heightened awareness of loss. In his œuvre, Kasseböhmer undertakes the almost impossible endeavor of ushering painterly values into today’s world.

The one hundred 'Walchensee' pictures, painted between 2010 and 2012, explore through various means the possibilities of the pictorial space. Kasseböhmer makes uses of a range of styles or methods from art history, and the artist’s handling of line and color is reminiscent of Corinth, Turner, Matisse, or Munch. Yet Kasseböhmer also introduces many experimental techniques, making use of combs, floor coverings, and other materials. This gives rise to a series of viewpoints that playfully add a visual expression to the landscapes around the Walchensee, while also alluding to the history of landscape painting and the classical notion of a spiritual landscape. The serial nature of Kasseböhmer’s enterprise allows him to explore all the materials, surfaces and moods unique to paint and canvas, setting up countless interconnections between the pictures.
Sprüth Magers Berlin

Walchensee, Nr. 103 . 2012

Walchensee, Nr. 84 . 2012

Walchensee, Nr. 92 . 2012

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