Roman Ondák

Third Way . 2013

+ Galerie Martin Janda

The installation Third Way (2013) is also about a change of perspective. An old wooden ladder leans against a wall in front of which, or entangled with which, a miniaturised, delicately made stepladder stands on the floor.In their absurdity, the different proportions become a metaphor for a change of perspective...
A find in the building in which the artist’s studio in Bratislava is located also forms the source material for Suspended Window (2013) shown in the gallery’s basement. Parts of a window frame cut into pieces are connected with cords and suspended from the ceiling. The form of the frame as well as the possible view through the window are deconstructed while, at the same time, the object undergoes a transformation into the sculptural.
Black Hole (2013) captures the form of a white pedestal as used in galleries and museums to present objects and sculptures. Instead of placing something on the pedestal, Roman Ondák attaches something to the upper side of the white cube – a keyhole. The focus shifts to the volume, the emptiness of the pedestal’s interior.
Galerie Martin Janda

Suspended Window . 2013

Black Hole . 2013

Black Hole . 2013

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