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Il fondaco dei Tedeschi . Venice

photos: OMA

First constructed in 1228, the Fondaco dei Tedeschi was a trading post for German merchants before becoming a customs house under Napoleon in 1806. Depicted by Canaletto and other masters, and photographed numberless times as the impressive but anonymous backdrop for the Rialto, the Fondaco now stands as a muted icon of the Venetian mercantile era.

domusweb . Sou Fujimoto

biennale2010 . Palazzo delle Esposizioni . Giardini

video: domusweb

The Japanese architect proposes a new living prototype, a model that erases the boundary between support structure and furnishings. A Primitive Future House that revisits living archetypes such as the nest and cave.

Emilio Marin

Towards an Architecture of Open and Flexible Systems

photos: archdaily

J. Mayer H. Architects

Audi Urban Future Award

source: audi-urban-future-award . more photos: bustler . archdaily

A driving machine becomes a viewing machine. That means
that the occupant can experience the urban environment in a
completely different way, independently of whether the car is
moving or has to stop or brake. What we are advocating is cleansing
the city of all of the tools that are important today in order
to make individual mobility within the city possible.


Cancer City

photos: Visiondivision

A country gentlemen once bought 10000 crayfishes in the 90’s to plant in a stream running through his land. In the autumn he would capture about a hundred of them to eat at the annual Swedish crayfish parties. The crayfishes however slowly started to emigrate to another nearby lake outside the patron’s estate. Desperate of seeing his neighbors feast on his crayfishes, he contacted visiondivision to solve his problem.

Cloud 9

Audi Urban Future Award

more photos: audi-urban-future-award

Our focus is on empathy that is created by
human resources. Therefore, humans are our
starting point – individuals or collective
groups, couples or families.


Audi Urban Future Award

source: audi-urban-future-award . more photos: archdaily

There is quite significant potential for some
kind of urban revolution in information technology
and the advent of driverless cars.

COBE . Transform

Culture House + Library . Copenhagen

photos: dezeen . renders: Luxigon.

The Northwest area of Copenhagen is located in the diverse
and lively transition zone between the dense urban Nørrebro area and the villa neighbourhoods at the edge of the city. Even though many people live and work in the multi-ethnic Northwest Copenhagen, the area is by many Copenhageners mainly passed through going in and out of the city by car. The reason for this is the area’s vicinity to numerous entry roads as well as the lack of cultural facilities and recreational areas.

JA Joubert Architecture

Greenside Out . Tirana

photos: JA Joubert Architecture . archdaily

On this highly visible location a new structure is imagined.
Where the road from Durres and the airport to the center of Tirana offered nature and countryside a decade ago, now it is rapidly filling up with a trivial and bland series of boxes stretching almost the complete 40km to the sea. Factories, warehouses, apartment blocks on a plinth of shops, stretch along the highway.

Daniel Andersson

Icebergs . Aland islands

photos: Daniel Andersson


The 8-House . Ørestad

photos: BIG . abitare . 8tallet . inhabitat

8-House is located in Ørestad on the edge
of Copenhagen. 8-House offers homes for people in all of life’s stages: the young and the old, singles, families that grow and families that become smaller. Instead of dividing the different functions of the building - for both habitation and retail - into separate blocks, the various functions have been spread out horizontally. The apartments are placed at the top while the commercial program unfolds at the base of the building. As a result, the different horizontal layers have achieved a quality of their own: the apartments benefit from the view, sunlight and fresh air, while the commercial merges with life on the street.

Studio Banana TV

entrevista Rueda , Pizarro

vídeo: Studio Banana TV 

Aires Mateus Architects

Casa Areia . Comporta

more photos: nelson garrido . dezeen . more: archdaily

4of7 architecture . Accent architectural

Faqra Apartments . Mount Lebanon

photos: chartier . 4of7 architecture . plans: archdaily

The project is done in partnership with Accent
architectural practice from Lebanon. We have been working together on a number of built and not built projects in the past, and collaboration between us has always been the formative of the design process. The projects have never been split between the design and the execution, and information exchange has gone back and forth when buildings take shape.

SOFTlab . New York City

photos: Andrew Manart . SOFTlab is a site specific installation produced by SOFTlab for the bridgegallery.

domusweb . Junya Ishigami

biennale2010 . Arsenale

video: domusweb

Golden lion-winner Junya Ishigami talks about how to build nothing and the unravelling of his installation by cats. 


Theatre . Taastrup

photos: dezeen . video: dezeen

The project for the extension and renovation of Taastrup Theatre seeks to improve the communication of the building
with its environment – a social housing neighborhood.

Zeinstra van Gelderen architecten

The Rubber Pavilion . Oberhausen

photos: dezeen

mrpr arquitectos

Oficinas de la Seguridad Social . Lepe

fotos: gracias a mrpr arquitectos

Una gran manzana, destinada a equipamientos (Docente, Administrativo y Deportivo), próxima al casco histórico, rodeado de edificaciones de viviendas unifamiliares adosadas al norte y al oeste, viviendas plurifamiliares en bloque en U al este, y un gran espacio público al sur.
Una parcela de forma trapezoidal incluida dentro de esa manzana, en una posición privilegiada, de esquina, asomándose al parque y con la particularidad de presentar dos medianeras al interior de la manzana.


Hareskoven forest visitors centre. Hareskoven forest . Copenhagen

photos: effekt . plans: archdaily


Instant Untitled

photos: MOS

We've been thinking about writing this text for a while
, starting, then checking our emails, then stopping. It's not easy to write about your work. Ideally, we would write a charming text that would explain everything clearly and simply to everyone. Reading this text, everyone would smile and think "Oh, that is sooooo funny and smart and clear and interesting." Then they would think, "Why have I never heard of MOS before?

cremascoli, okumura e rodrigues, arquitectos

Renovation of the art centre Graça Morais . Vila Flor

photos: courtesy of cremascoli . okumura . rodrigues

The proposal tries to answer the programme’s demands through a plastic architectural typology inspired in the local geography, its landscape and the materials typical of this region.

Studio Banana TV

entrevista Belzunce . Mauriño . García Millán

vídeo: Studio Banana TV 

Longo . Almeida

untitled . upto35 competition

photos: upto35

Johannes Norlander arkitektur

HOUSE TUMLE . Gothenburg

photos: rasmus norlander . plans: archdaily

Private house located on the top
of a hill overviewing the Atlantic archipelago. Cladding in black corrugated metal sheeting.

Rintala Eggertsson architects

Cabinet home . Maxxi . Rome

photos: Rintala Eggertsson

Cabinet Home is a wooden constructionformed as a set of large steps from the ground towards the sky. It is made to receive rain and sunshine from above, and use these elements to create atmosphere and energy.
On ground level are the social spaces tuned to the Roman life style, with kitchen and dining opening to own garden with rain water collected to a Fontana. First floor is a living room or library, and finally in top floor bedroom offering view to the sky.

NL architects

Multi Mill . Houthavens west

photos: NL architects

Andrés Jaque Architects

FRAY FOAM HOME . Venice architecture biennale 2010

photos: Andrés Jaque . designboom

Homes are arenas in which the political currently finds opportunities to happen. FRAY FOAM HOME is the restitution of the fragmented spaces in which a specific home -with its comforts, supplies and fictions- is constructed. Sweet Homes are no longer apolitical spaces for familiarity, but distant-bubbled-made-foams joined by conflict and fray. Distribution and uses of water, energy exploitation, right for access to fiction, engagement with transgendered individual roles are the arenas in which societies get shaped. What does this home look like? That is what FRAY FOAM HOME aims to approach.

ADEPT . Sou Fujimoto

Dalarna Media Arena . Falun

photos: dezeen

The new library, placed centrally at the Dalarna university campus, is organized
as a ”spiral of knowledge”. The sloping terrain continues in a ramp through the building. Wrapping itself the ramp creates a spiral-shaped space - the heart of the building for information seeking and easy orientation. This organization of program creates a various learning environment where students can take part in the vibrant life of the library as well as retreat into various study niches. The different sound levels and activities create a diverse and eventful library.

AMID (Cero9)

Diagonal 80 . San Agustín de Guadalix

photos: Ignacio Bisbal . Andrea Illan . archdaily

Paul Kaloustian Architect

Y Buildings . Beirut

photos: Paul Kaloustian . archdaily


 Mole . Osaka

photos: Hiroki Kawata . dezeen

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Tree House . Tokyo

photos: dezeen

This house for a couple is built
in a residential area on a gentle hill in the northern Tokyo.
The site is located at the top of a hill connected with a narrow path leading to the actual building lot.
The ground level is gradually climbing higher from edge of the site.

Ensamble studio

Balancing act . Venice architecture biennale 2010

photos: el periódico . la vanguardia

Daniel Libeskind

MGM MIRAGE CityCenter . Las Vegas

photos: ©SFrances . ©Alexander Garvin

Housed within crystalline, metal-clad shapes, high end retail shops will line Las Vegas
Blvd and the Avenue. A dramatic entryway into the retail area from the Strip will draw pedestrians into the public arcade, covered by an expressive, spiraling roof structure. In addition to providing access to retail shops, the public spaces will allow for a variety of urban experiences: a water feature at the entry, cafes and a grand staircase leading to Casino Square at the end of the arcade, animating the whole space.

Charlotte Wilson

Women at War

photos: dezeen

Situated within a unique cliff side location in Bempton
lies the RAF Bempton bunker. Disintegrating and of great historical interest, it is proposed the site will be sensitively renovated and reclaimed.

Bell Phillips

Origami Stair . London

photos: Kilian O’Sullivan . dezeen