architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

Kavel Arbed house . GHENT

architecten de vylder vinck taillieu . photos: © Filip Dujardin . + mies award edition 2015 nominee

The ambitions of AG SOB (Ghent Urban Development Corporation) go further than developing new urban districts and redrawing the existing urban fabric. Their Kavel project is an exercise in the precision implementation of small-scale housing following unconventional principles. The corporation seeks opportunities within the urban fabric to build new homes, either individually or in groups ranging from two or three to seven or eight. They do not manage everything themselves. Instead they offer the site to a young or otherwise suitable family, selected from a number of candidates, as a package complete with a selected architect, on highly advantageous terms. The deal is also bound by stringent conditions for financing and programme requirements: a high grade of sustainability is required on a practically impossible budget.

Pipilotti Rist

Hiplights (or Enlighted Hips) . 2011

Hauser & Wirth

A pioneer of video art, since the mid-eighties, Rist’s film installations take many guises. She has likened them in the past to handbags, ‘because there is room in them for everything: painting, technology, language, music, flowing pictures, poetry, commotion, premonitions of death, sex and friendliness.’ From this versatile, capricious medium, Rist draws inner and outer worlds of kaleidoscopic colourful wonderment.

Lacaton & Vassal

Neppert gardens 59 dwellings . Mulhouse

Lacaton & Vassal . photos: © Philippe Ruault

The project is located between Bulher street and Neppert street in Mulhouse, Neppert gardens ZAC (joint development zone).
It includes 59 social rental dwellings developped by SOMCO, with an approach in the continuity of Cité Manifeste’s dwellings project.

RCR . Coussée & Goris

Crematorio . Hofheide


RCR Arquitectes . Coussée & Goris Architecten . arqa . + infosteel . obra nominada Premio Mies 2015

La planicie flamenca presenta un vasto paisaje, y en este punto de Hofheide se forma una suave cuenca pantanosa. En ella el crematorio aparece y la refuerza, propiciando la formación permanente de un pantano de mayores dimensiones y participando de un paseo por el parque que se extiende por todo el ámbito llevando a ambos extremos dos cementerios (uno en hoyos y el otro en nichos).




The renewal of the AMP tower can be seen as part of a major effort to upgrade Sydney’s downtown area, an effort increase the area’s density and diversity with globally attractive architecture. In addition to this ambition, the renovated tower aims to create a refreshed address for AMP in Australia’s largest city. MVRDV’s tower responds to its context on a human scale, shifting to create views and light both for the tower and public spaces at its base.

E2A eckert eckert architekten

HafenCity Campus Tower . Hamburg

E2A eckert eckert architekten . + baunetz

Competition . 2nd Prize.

Mecanoo architecten

Knowledge and Cultural Centre ‪. ‎Kongsberg‬

Mecanoo architecten . Kongsberg kkp

Under construction.

Elding Oscarson

Courtyard Bldg

elding oscarson

Ateliers O-S architectes

Highschool extension . Coulommiers

Ateliers O-S architectes . photos: © Vincent Baur

The restructuration operation of the school, one of the largest in the Region Ile-de-France, is scheduled in several phases of interventions in an occupied site.
A comprehensive renovation of the obsolete heating system and a replacement of woodwork is implemented. A new maneuver track for heavy weight driving training, a new car park, an extension workshops and classrooms are also created.

Brandlhuber +

LoBe Building . Berlin

Brandlhuber + . renders: PONNIE

Gallery and atelier building.

Jamie Fobert Architects

Levring House . London

Jamie Fobert Architects . photos: © Dennis Gilbert . + the architectural review

Located in the Bloomsbury Conservation area, this bold brick house infills a vacant corner plot to complete an historic mews. The new house was developed around a reinterpretation of the London lightwell. A series of volumes step up from the basement to the top of the house, wrapping around the lightwell and opening the whole house to daylight.

Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Sunnfjord Museum . Sogn og Fjordane

Reiulf Ramstad Architects . Illustrations by RRA

The new facility is located in close relation to the specific elements of the site, amidst the tension between cultural and natural landscape, with a particular connection to Movatnet Lake and the buildings of the open-air museum. The project is resolved in harmony and scale with the dimensions of the museum’s other buildings. The new building and outdoor elements of the project are designed to highlight the museum’s identity and regional character.


De Bijenkorf Room On The Roof . Amsterdam

i29 interior architects . photos: © Ewout Huibers

Room On The Roof is located in the small tower on de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, a unique spot in the historic heart of the city that has been converted into a cultural haven. Together with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, de Bijenkorf has invited national and international artists to work on their projects in the studio, ranging from performances, poetry and light art to dance, music, film and photography.

Thom Mayne

estación AVE Vialia . Vigo

Thom Mayne | Morphosis . + COT & Partners

Proyecto para la estación de AVE en Vigo cuya financiación es dudosa.


LICHTSTRASSE Apartments building . Basel

HHF . photos: © Maris Mezulis . + baunetz

One of the qualities of the residential and industrial area of St. Johann in Basel is the close coexistence of old and new buildings. This coexistence is kept and emphasized in this project, only one of the four existing houses of the corner parcel, Lichtstrasse 9, has been built anew; while others, Lichtstrasse 11 and Kraftstrasse 1, have been renovated and benefit from the newly built infrastructure.

Adjaye Associates

villa . Nanjing

Adjaye Associates . + ikuku

The China International Practical Exhibition of Architecture (CIPEA) in Nanjing features a collection of architectural structures designed by 24 international and Chinese architects, including Steven Holl Architects, Amateur Architecture Studio, Ettore Sottsass, SANAA, Mathias Klotz, Odile Decq and many others.The overall masterplan of the development - conceived as a live architectural exhibition - was carried out by the Canadian architect Paul Rosenau. The brief for each villa specified accommodation for five bedrooms but was otherwise fairly open.


Student residence . Malles


The new student residence is a building serving the Educational Center of Malles. For this reason, its relationship with the existent school, positioned to the to North East and on a higher level, affects it fundamentally.

Cucurell + Virasoro

Casa Cisura . Roldán

Manuel Cucurell + Sebastián Virasoro . photos: © Gustavo Frittegotto . Plataforma Arquitectura

Este proyecto se sitúa en un sector de la incipiente pampa agrícola en proceso de transformación, producto del crecimiento económico que experimentó argentina en los últimos años y de la ilusión de abandonar el caos de la ciudad.


Detached House . Zürichberg



Campus universitario . Vigo

EMBT . fotos: © Duccio Malagamba . + archdaily

Quizás este sea el momento adecuado para preguntarse cuál ha de ser el carácter del Campus... Quizás sea el momento para preparar cuál ha de ser el modo en que la comunidad universitaria se identifica con una organización espacial específica... La vitalidad de las distintas Facultades hace necesaria redefinir las cualidades de este lugar. Y cómo se proyectan en el futuro.

Rita Ponce de León

Con tus propias manos . 2014

Fundació Joan Miró . foto: © PERE PRATDESABA

La propuesta para Espai 13 de Rita Ponce de León (Perú, 1982) se articula a partir de la idea de una exposición-molde que se rellena, se vacía y se vuelve a llenar una y otra vez. Con tus propias manos divide el espacio en dos. El visitante no se adentra a través de un único recorrido ya trazado, sino que tiene la posibilidad de relacionarse de manera libre con la arquitectura y con todos y cada uno de los objetos que la habitan.

Mateo Arquitectura

Museum of the History of Polish Jews . Warsaw

Mateo Arquitectura

The monument to the Ghetto Uprising, which stands in a large void without physical significance, surrounded by anonymous, ghostly buildings, interested us as a presence colonising the site. It stands on a big podium, establishing a new topographical layer and introducing a mark, a new scale of new facts




“Atalaya” aprovecha la necesidad de construir un edifico de usos múltiples en calle Era como oportunidad para poner en valor el paisaje que caracteriza este entorno de Huetor Santillán.
La combinación de una naturaleza espontánea junto a las huertas que van jalonando la topografía desde el valle del río Darro hasta la cornisa, donde el conjunto de las edificaciones construye un telón de fondo con el que contrastan, constituyen un valor patrimonial que no basta con mantener sino que merece la pena subrayar.

Sou Fujimoto

Between Nature and Architecture


David Adjaye

Vanderbilt Studio . New York

David Adjaye . photos: © Nikolas Koenig . video: © Signature Films . + The New York Times

Four-story building in New York for the artists James Casebere and Lorna Simpson.


Jeunes-Rives . Neuchâtel

© frundgallina, author of the project . © Meyer Dudesek, visualization . + earlier version

Le projet, lauréat d’un concours Europan en 2010, requalifie un important territoire de la ville de Neuchâtel par un ensemble de propositions urbanistiques et architecturales. Situé idéalement au bord du lac et à proximité du centre urbain, ce lieu reste depuis la dernière exposition nationale de 2002 en attente d’un aménagement durable.

Takahashi Ippei

Shichigahama Tohyama Nursery . Miyagi

Takahashi Ippei . photos: Iwan Baan © Takahashi Ippei . + archdaily

This is a reconstruction project for a public nursery affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. It was carried out as “a leading project for creative restoration”. Located near the ocean, the school is in a peaceful area full of nature. I wanted the new building to be in harmony with its surrounding environment and not to disturb the atmosphere.

Dosis (de) Arquitectura

new elementary school . Ursy

Dosis (de) Arquitectura

Art & Language



Ruffi . Giandonati

new elementary school . Ursy

Lapo Ruffi / LRA . Vanessa Giandonati

Le site se trouve en limite Ouest d'Ursy, entre la campagne et le village. Le projet ajoute au lieu un bâtiment unitaire qui se pose sur la pente du Pra Mégan en dialogue avec les différentes entités qui l'entourent, et à la manière d'une nouvelle pièce s'inscrit dans la suite des volumes scolaires-sportifs existants.

Marc Camille Chaimowicz

Forty and Forty . 2014

with Klara Lidén and Manfred Pernice . + Galerie Neu . Contemporary Art Daily

Forty glazed ceramic vases were specially produced at Bottega Gatti in Faenza – a historical Majolica atelier founded in 1928, renowned for its collaborations with visual artists since the Italian Futurists.




A Community Under One Roof. Media at its core is about communication between people. The Media Headquarters Building is designed to maximize the interaction between staff, visitors and audience under one common roof. A single tensile canopy spans between the two towers covering a vertical village of newsrooms and broadcast studios.

Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu


Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu . photos: © FILIP DUJARDIN . + mies award edition 2015 nominee

House T is one of four houses in a Kavel ensemble which have to deal with a bizarrely tapering site due to the adjacent party walls, reaching a point at the bottom of the garden. House T is at the right side of the ensemble. A rear wall which retreats on each successive storey and a roof disconnected from the party wall of the house on the right may form the most explicit implementation of designing in the section. This design lets the light penetrate everywhere, so turning the tapering plot shape to advantage.

e2a Eckert Eckert

One Day in the Life of an Architect

e2a Eckert Eckert


Structure and gardens . Brussels

Baukunst . photos: © Maxime Delvaux

The project fit into a broader context which aims to create new public spaces among particularly dense urban environments, taking part of a metropolitan tradition in Brussels composed by a constellation of fractional and informal pocket parks. The bicephalous client – represented both by regional and municipal authorities – illustrate the political ambition to merge into single projects, urban scale intentions and nearby interventions.

Park McArthur

Blue Snowflake Commode

Lars Friedrich . + Contemporary Art Daily

This is an exhibition of loading dock rubber bumpers and old pajama bottoms. These materials offer maximum impact absorption and cushioning--what is called passive vibration isolation. They virtually eliminate vehicular and building damage.

David Chipperfield Architects

Fayland House . Buckinghamshire

David Chipperfield Architects

This family house is located on a large plot in the Chiltern Hills between the villages of Skirmett and Hambleden. The Chilterns are part of the system of chalk downs that run through eastern and southern England with over twenty per cent covered by woodland, making it one of the most heavily wooded areas in the country. It has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1965.

Office KGDVS

temporary pavilion on the Rooseveltplaats . Antwerp

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

OFFICE won some months ago the competition for a temporary information pavilion on the Rooseveltplaats in Antwerp. The proposal is a tower constructed from steel sheet piling, its window openings cut out with blowtorches. Inside visitors will find information on the ongoing construction works on the Operaplein and Rooseveltplaats. The balcony on the central floor gives an overview of the changing city environment.


Prince Bay . Shenzhen

OMA . + pgive

Located in Shenzhen, Shekou was one of the pilot development areas during the first wave of China's economic reform. Since then, Prince Bay has become an entry port into mainland China from Hong Kong, Macao and Zhuhai. Facing the recent developments in the neighboring Shekou Logistics Port, Sea World, Houhai and Qianhai, Prince Bay is seeking to reposition itself as a vibrant and interconnected destination within Shekou.


PFA Headquarters . Copenhagen


PFA's new headquarters will be located at the tip of Redmolen Pier in Copenhagen’s new North Harbor, a unique location on the edge between city and water. Reflecting the history of Copenhagen, the office will take cues from the area’s warehouses as well as the city’s extensive collection of unique spires. These towers define the Copenhagen skyline. Entwined dragons (the Copenhagen Børsen), an internal walkable spiral (the Round Tower), and a spire that winds like a mountain trail (the Church of Our Saviour) are each treasured details that give the Danish capital its very special soul.


Intecs spa headquarters . Roma

modostudio . photos: © JULIEN LANOO

The project is located in a major and well connected industrial area finalized to the advanced research production, located on the east side of town. The building is a clear and compact volume, with an interesting relationship with its context.

Ateliers Jean Nouvel

philharmonie . paris

photos: © Beaucardet . + philharmonie de paris

Fotos de la Filarmónica de Paris, el exterior aún incompleto, de los días 17 y 18 de enero, jornada de puertas abiertas.

Suárez Corchete . Terrados

Casa de la Juventud en La Línea de la Concepción. Cádiz

Fernando Suárez Corchete . Francisco Javier Terrados Cepeda . fotos: © Fernando Alda

Con el proyecto se ha pretendido construir una nueva Casa de la Juventud, así como renovar la imagen deteriorada de este lugar privilegiado dentro del municipio. Se proyectó mantener el prisma primitivo que alberga los vestuarios, la casa del conserje y el hangar de embarcaciones. Para ello se demolieron todas las edificaciones que se encontraban a su alrededor, excepto el foso de entrenamiento de remo. Sobre la base de la preexistencia paralela a la calle Andrés Viñas se han estructurado las nuevas edificaciones: Nuevo edificio cabecera, zona de aulas, talleres y almacén.

Rafael Moneo

new Airbus headquarters

renders: © Prompt Collective

Restricted competiton. Finalists.

Ferrando . Recio. Bernat . Lay . Soto

Reforma del mercat de L'Abaceria . Barcelona

Josep Ferrando . David Recio. Sergi Bernat . Charmaine Lay . Santi Soto

Entenem el mercat com un espai públic cobert, de relació i d’intercanvi com ha estat des de l'origen. Per tant es proposa recuperar el seu aspecte original, on l’estructura és l’element definitori de l’espai. És per això que es suprimeixen totes aquelles construccions afegides que, al llarg dels anys, l’han anat desfigurant.

Bevk Perovic


bevk perovic arhitekti . 3d visualisations: © Urban Petranovič . + bai

Competition entry. Finalist.

Nieto Sobejano arquitectos


Nieto Sobejano arquitectos . + bai

Competition entry. 1st round.

Dominique Perrault


DPA Dominique Perrault . + bai

Competition entry. Finalist.




MVRDV wins tower competition in Vienna, Austria.

Michael Maltzan Architecture

Regen Projects Hollywood . Los Angeles

Michael Maltzan Architecture . photos: © Iwan Baan

The new home of Regen Projects in Los Angeles is a distinctive new arts venue that will highlight the impressive work of prominent local and international artists while serving as an anchor, establishing an eastward shift in the cultural center of the city.

Ignasi Aballí

Premi Joan Miró 2015

+ Fundació Joan Miró

Pablo Magán Uceda


Pablo Magán Uceda . ETSAG PFC

La probabilidad se ha convertido en una reciente estrategia del arquitecto para abordar el problema de la incertidumbre. La gran escala o aquellos proyectos que requieren de una construcción por fases son el campo de oportunidad para el desarrollo de este tipo de aproximaciones proyectuales. En este sentido el arquitecto ha abandonado el control total del proyecto por estructuras más abiertas y auto-organizadas. Ya el proyectista no es aquel que va a controlar todo el proceso urbano sino aquel otro que se transforma en un mero catalizador del mismo.

Heather Guertin

Modern Man . 2014

+ Brennan & Griffin

The invention of characters through storytelling is mirrored by the figures who reside in the abstracted space of Guertin's painting. She employs a minimalist logic to structure her work.

La Ville Rayée

Les Francs Tireurs . La Courneuve

La Ville Rayée . photos: © Stéphane Ruchaud . upholsterer : Damien Carron

The transformation of industrial premises into an artist’s studio and apartment was done through the treatment of the outer wall surfaces. Thanks to the explicit composition of the wall, all the necessary qualities are here, depending on what it is being used for. No more, no less. The project then becomes a superposition and arrangement of insulation, stiffness, waterproof qualities and finishing touches on the existing walls. This work, consisting of optimal qualification of the vertical surfaces, focuses on uses and objects. The space is organized by the peripheral surface, which in turn generates domestic dramas. The furniture created is the same volume as basic household materials.


new University buildings . Hasselt

noAarchitecten . photos: © Kim Zwarts

After the name of the institution changed to Hasselt University, there was also a desire to acquire a more pronounced physical presence in the city centre. When a Faculty of Law was established, this desire took concrete form. The search for a suitable location led to the former prison. Slight panic ensued. Can a small-scale, open university really move into a building conceived as an instrument of power?