marte.marte architects

Diocesan Museum . Fresach

© Gerhard Maurer

marte.marte architects . photos: © marc lins photography . + austria-architects

Where the village starts to cross over into nature, there is an intact ensemble of Protestant church, old meeting house, rectory and cemetery.

Henry Flynt

Esthetics of Eerieness . 1992

+ Audio Visual Arts . Contemporary Art Daily

Henry Flynt’s Esthetics of Eerieness (1992) consists of 68 formatted declarations that seem to aim at something pithy but miss. (They are cracked.) The installation invites the visitor to sit and contemplate them.

Lacaton & Vassal

insectarium metamorphosis . Montreal

design team: Lacaton & Vassal / Frédéric Druot / FABG / SNC Lavalin|Paris

Breivik . Sundal . Vestergaard

Cityclips . Europan 12 . Bærum

L. A. Breivik . K. Sundal . L. S. Vestergaard . Europan 12

Competition entry. Preselection.

oeuvres de la collection Antoine de Galbert

Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Threefold house . Oita

Takao Shiotsuka Atelier . photos: © Toshiyuki YANO

The site exists in the high density residential section where many thin passages cross. The house can receive comfortable sunlight only from few southeast-ward spaces. The six persons family reside in such an environment. We planned the building which can gain each abundance of theirs.

Avenier Cornejo Architectes

Maison 2G . Orsay

Avenier Cornejo Architectes . photos: © Cristobal Palma . © Stephane Chalmeau . + archdaily

Before becoming a family home the land near the University of South Paris, Orsay, was better known by students for a take away bus that served English fast food.
Located at the end of the Rue Georges Clemenceau, at the intersection with the entrance to the university grounds, this site has a triple orientation, including a view of the park.

Guggenheim Helsinki

Design Competition proposal

+ Malcolm Reading

One of six finalist entries.

Steven Vandenborre Architects

Poolhouse . Kortrijk

Steven Vandenborre Architects . photos: © Tim van de Velde

Souto de Moura

EL CROQUIS N. 176 . 2009-2014


Moos Giuliani Herrmann Architekten

Einfamilienhaus Dättlikon . Zürich

Moos Giuliani Herrmann Architekten . Photos: © Beat Bühler . + architizer

Like a rock, the monolithic building digs in the hillside creating an impressive contrast to the preexisting walnut tree.

Klara Liden

It's Complicated . 2014

photos: © Joerg Lohse/Reena Spaulings Fine Art . + purple


The Leaf . Europan 12 . ASKER


Asker’s environment is made of four different ecologies that coexists in a surface of 101 square kilometers: the forest, the clearing, the water and the cultivated land.
Dikemark, is one of the four main centres of the city and has the great value in containing all these ambients.

Meier Hug

Housing project . Zurich

Meier Hug . renders: © nightnurse

Alday Jover . Camps + Felip . Marín

Edificios . Centros de interpretación

+ Edificios


Visitor center for the Garden Expo . Wuhan

OMA . VS-A Façade Engineering . + archello

Creative life center for the China International Garden Expo in Wuhan, China. The building complex is composed of Garden Hall, Expo Visitor Centre, Conference Centre, Multi-function Hall and Performance Hall.

Dennis Oppenheim

Launching Structure #3. An Armature for Projection. (From The Fireworks Series) . 1982

Photos: © Jerry Hardman-James . The Henry Moore Foundation . + artsy

Oppenheim initiated sculptural events that made ideas material. He was a pioneer of new thinking in sculpture, and over five decades produced sculptures that took the form of actions, performances, installations, film and architecture.

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

Olivier Debré Contemporary art Center . Tours

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos . renders: play-time . + competitionline

Competition entry.


Central Library . Helsinki


Contemporary, yet classic in its proportions and materialization, the new Helsinki library is envisioned as a bold and expressive volume that interacts directly with the urban surroundings through a series of L-shaped exterior terraces and canopies.

Fala Atelier

altis gymnasium . yverdon

Fala Atelier

Le nouveau bâtiment sportif scolaire est caractérisé par sa position au coeur de la vieille ville d’Yverdon, à proximité immédiate du château. Les grands espaces requis par la fonction sportive devront donc s’insérer harmonieusement dans ce tissu urbain à la monumentalité délicate.

Un saber realmente util

Entrevista con Ana Dević (WHW)

+ Museo Reina Sofía


BOMBELEK . Europan 12 . Kalmar

runner-up . BOMP. Europan

The main idea is an adaptation in its spatial and social aspects, including the existing natural conditions and probable scenarios adjustment. Each topic is specified at regional or local level. Voronoi diagram is a method of spatial subdivision.

Studio hANd . Aires Mateus . PROAP

Mapo Oil Depot . Seoul

Architecture Studio hANd . Manuel Aires Mateus . PROAP . + Mapo Oil Depot

Competition. Honorable Mention

DAT Pangea

Spatial plan and agricultural restructure . Almería

DAT Pangea

The spatial plan for 600 square kilometers of land used for intensive agriculture in plastic greenhouses in Pujaire, in the region of Almería, Spain, remediates a destroyed natural habitat and declining economy that lacks social infrastructure. The project proposes the rearrangement of water supplies, introduction of wildlife corridors, development of model cities, and enhancement of the greenhouse architecture – all focused on a natural environmental restoration of agro-industrial territories and improvement of social conditions for the region’s inhabitants.

Go Hasegawa & Associates

House in a Forest . Nagano

Go Hasegawa & Associates . photos: © Go Hasegawa & Associates . + Abitare

Private House.


CBS campus . Frederiksberg


Competition entry. Finalist.

Arroyo . Cavallo . Giardino . Marchisio . Zuberbuhler

Central Square . Plovdiv

design team: Julio Arroyo . Cavallo Nicolas . Giardino Franco . Marchisio Francisco . Zuberbuhler Enzo . Plovdiv Central Square

Why a prism? It is one of the basic regular forms of human intelligence. In a city which is almost a palimpsest, the several levels of its history must be always present. But the basic shape of the prism is just the support for its meanings as a sign of time: it is an URBAN INTENSIFIER device. That is, a prism whose goal is to accelerate, improve, enhance the conscious of living in such a city.

Andrea Pelati

Villa Bolliger . Cortaillod

Andrea Pelati . photos: © Thomas Jantscher

Settled in the coastline village of Cortaillod, Switzerland, the Villa Bolliger comes around the given urban restrictions by playing in and out with curves.

Avanto Architects

CONFETTI . Europan 12 . Helsinki

Avanto Architects . Europan

The hospital areas were isolated from the surroundings because of the infectious diseases. The future of the area starts by tearing down the massive walls. Better traffic connections and mixing various functions attracts users to the new pilot lohas (lifestyle of health and sustainability) city hospital. Lowering the border between hospital and outside world enables social contacts between patients and other people. We did the competition together with Sasu Hälikkä, specialist of healthcare design.


Museum of Ethnography . Városliget

BFarchitecture . liget budapest

Competition entry. 2nd prize

nbundm* Architekten

Kinderhaus . Freising

nbundm* Architekten . photos: © Florian Schreiber . + baunetz

Am östlichen Rand des Areals General-von-Stein-Kaserne in einem Grünstreifen gelegen, wird das zukünftige Kinderhaus zum Drehpunkt zwischen zwei Wohnquartieren: der 1960er-Jahre-Siedlung im Osten und der geplanten Neubebauung auf dem Kasernengelände selbst. Der polygonale Zuschnitt des Grundstücks gibt im Hinblick auf das avisierte Raumprogramm und im Zusammenspiel mit erhaltenswertem Baumbestand verbindlichere Fluchten vor als die in gebührendem Abstand stehenden Bauten. Das Kinderhaus wird so zum freistehenden Pavillon hinter und zwischen den Bäumen.

Jason Rhoades


+ David Zwirner


Private house . Tomigusuku

RYUICHI ASHIZAWA ARCHITECTS & associates . photos: © Kaori Ichikawa

Okinawa is a beautiful Japanese southern island where it’s possible to appreciate many beautiful natural scenes. The strong solar radiation and typhoons are the only phenomena that makes it unpleasant. Through the ages, people have found ways of living together with nature and generate environments which makes their life richer.

Moran + Tardieu

Ulfarsardalur Center . Reykjavik

Berenice Moran + Manon Tardieu

Hemos elegido colocarnos al Este de nuestro solar.
Esta decisión nos permite que el Polideportivo sea la primera pieza visual que se percibe de nuestro proyecto. Resaltando su importancia.

Frank Gehry

on Cones, Domes and Messiness

+ The New York Times

Jaume Terés

“Pavelló de l'Oli” . Les Borges Blanques

Jaume Terés Armillas . Fotos: © Jaume Terés . © Oriol Rosell

La recalificación urbanística del interior de la manzana posibilita la construcción de un pabellón adjunto al pabellón existente Francesc Macià.
El proyecto propone complementar el edificio existente considerando la oportunidad de obtener una nueva área de equipamiento de uso polivalente (actividades de tipo lúdico, de exhibición escénica, deportivas y feriales) y plantea la necesidad de establecer un nuevo equilibrio entre el conjunto construido, el nuevo espacio público y la ciudad.

López Varona . González . Represa

GRUTA MÁGICA . house of fairy tales . odense

Adrián López Varona . Javier González González . Ignacio Represa Bermejo . house of fairy tales

El proyecto nace de la idea de convertir el museo de Hans Christian Andersen y el jardín de Lodge en el corazón de la ciudad de Odense, por medio del juego de cuatro elementos: el parque, el lago, la gruta enterrada y las cajas de programa del museo.

Andrés Jaque Arquitectos

Casa en Never Never Land

Video: Jorge Lopez Conde

Wiel Arets Architects

A' House . Tokyo

Wiel Arets Architects . photos: © Jan Bitter . + dezeen

Located in the heart of Tokyo, A' House was designed for a couple with two children, and is sited in a high density, rapidly gentrifying neighborhood characterized by low-rise residential houses and narrow streets nearby a large park.

Kury Staehelin Architekten

New school . Pfeffingen

Kury Staehelin Architekten

Competition entry.

Plan Común

Museum of architecture . Városliget

Plan Común . liget budapest

Competition entry. Awarded without ranking.



Office for Strategic Spaces (OSS) . photos: © Simona Rota . + archilovers

At the end of the 90’s, the family Abad Asensio started conversations with us to design a beach house they would use mainly for summer holidays and short weekends, which they would spend there with kids and friends.

Gelabert . Juanes . del Val . Londoño

COSA (Contingency Office for Strategic Architecture)

Toni Gelabert . Blanca Juanes . Gonzalo del Val . Alejandro Londoño . fotos: © David Diez . + solvia

Finalista del Premio Solvia a la innovación en el diseño de la vivienda, 2014.

Recogida de firmas

Le Monitor: sí, hay que construir la torre Triángulo

+ Le Monitor

Lee Mingwei

The Mending Project . 2009

Lee Mingwei . + Lombard Freid Gallery

The Mending Project was an interactive conceptual installation in which I used very simple elements—thread, color, sewing—as points of departure for gaining insights into the relationships among self, other and immediate surroundings. It also constituted an act of sharing between myself and a stranger...

MOS . Workshop-HI

Barack Obama Presidential Center . Honolulu

MOS . Workshop-HI . + Hawaii Presidential Center

MOS and Workshop-HI proposal for a Barack Obama Presidential Center in Hawaii. Hawaii is competing with bids from Chicago, Illinois. and New York to host the Barack Obama Presidential Library. Hawaii teams selected are Allied Works Architecture, Snohetta/WCIT Architecture and MOS/Workshop-HI.

Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Guna House . San Pedro de la Paz

Pezo von Ellrichshausen . + wallpaper

Hemmed in between a steeply sloping hillside and a wood of eucalyptus trees, the narrow plot of land compels one to cross the garden to arrive, descending, at the small bay of a lagoon. Overlooking the landscape, a monolithic prism of concrete attempts to articulate the contradictions of the topography with a square top floor measuring 20m on each side balanced on top of a compact bottom floor measuring 8.5m on each side.


Wasserwerkstrasse Swiss Dance and Textile College . Zurich


Competition entry. 2nd prize.

Vallet de Martinis . DIID


Vallet de Martinis . DIID architectes . liget budapest

Competition entry. 1st prize.

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Querríamos tener razón cuando seguramente lo único importante es no engañarse. Que nos engañen los demás

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

La cuestión no es, probablemente, qué no hacer sino por qué

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

¿Por qué será que la crítica a la cultura del espectáculo, con una visión que ha transformado lo que era una teoría radical en otra absurdamente mansa, viene casi siempre de medios de derechas? ¿Cuánto tardarán

Sou Fujimoto Architects

House of Hungarian Music . Városliget

Sou Fujimoto Architects . liget budapest

Competition entry. 1st prize.

Giovanni Anselmo

Il panorama verso oltremare intorno dove le stelle si avvicinano di una spanna in più . 2001

Photos: Rebecca Fanuele © Giovanni Anselmo . + Marian Goodman Gallery

In Il panorama verso oltremare intorno dove le stelle si avvicinano di una spanna in più Anselmo explores the possibilities of «humanizing making the vertiginous distance» that separates us from the stars and our positioning within the universe.

Luscher Architectes

"Grand-Pré" Neighbourhood . Crans-près-Céligny

Luscher Architectes . photos: © pierreboss[at]

The urban plan (made in 2004-2006), suggests a differentiated structure, with a regular decrease in density starting from the town, all the way to farmland "emptiness". The green urban transition, expansion or extension of the low density area, is a gradual conversion from a built to a planted environment.

GSMM architetti

Museum of architecture . Városliget

GSMM architetti . liget budapest

Competition entry. 2nd prize.

David Adjaye

Sugar Hill affordable housing . NYC

David Adjaye . photos: Robert Wright © The New York Times . + The New York Times

The development in Sugar Hill, Harlem, includes 124 new homes along with educational, cultural and arts spaces.
The building, which overlooks the Harlem River, provides a base for the new Faith Ringgold Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling.
The 18,000 sq ft museum will house a permanent exhibition of Ringgold’s quilt art –which is shown in museums around the world– as well as spaces for temporary exhibitions and children’s artwork.


MNBAQ . Québec

OMA . MNBAQ . photos: © MNBAQ, Idra Labrie

Building progress.

Christian Kerez

Roman-Germanic Museum . Cologne

Christian Kerez . + baunetz

Competition entry.