Herzog & de Meuron

Musée Unterlinden Expansion . Colmar

Herzog & de Meuron . Musée Unterlinden

The Unterlinden Museum Expansion to be completed at the beginning of 2016.

Olga Felip

entrevistada por MARTA RODRÍGUEZ BOSCH

+ artículo completo en La Vanguardia > >

“La gran dificultad en arquitectura es no saber nunca quién ejecutará la obra. Aquí nuestra estrategia es ser contundentes con el detalle para que aguante la ejecución”.


Cliff House . Moher Retreat


Somewhere on the southwest coast of Ireland, on the steep, rough cliffs of Moher, the house is conceived as a void in the steep face. As an unoccupied site with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. Very little is necessary: A stairway as access, a cistern to collect rainwater, cold storage rooms for provisions, a bathroom and a large space as a balcony overlooking the ocean.

Tony Fretton Architects

towers 5 & 6 . Westkaai

Tony Fretton Architects . Westkaai

As part of the extensive redevelopment of the Antwerp Docks six residential towers will be ranged along the waterfront of the Westkaai. The two towers closest to the city have already been completed by Basel practice Diener and Diener.

Arhitektura Krušec

Multimedia Center . Matulji

Arhitektura Krušec . + DAR

Competition entry. 2nd prize.

Federico Soriano

Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

Federico Soriano . + Malcolm Reading

It is a building in motion. The wooden structures fold and couple among them modifying its whole size. It is capable of adapting to different inside necessities and outside conditions. A wooden museum integrated in the surrounding park. The arboreal shapes of its flexible inte- riors recall the character of the woods.

Raphaël Nussbaumer Architectes

Housing building. Sécheron

Raphaël Nussbaumer Architectes . Photos © Joël Tettamanti . + arc award

La surélévation d'un immeuble de logements vient achever la silhouette discontinue d'un îlot datant du début du XXe siècle et redonne ainsi un second souffle à une construction plutôt banale des années 50.

Fischer Visini Architekten

Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

Fischer Visini Architekten . + Malcolm Reading

The building stands on a large platform of natural stone. Appearing to be an erratic boulder, the cube has an obvious orientation towards the historically grown city and will also give distinction to the South Harbour's waterfront site: An authentic urban space is thus created and will develop into the iconic Guggenheim Museum Helsinki.

Sou Fujimoto

Kimura Matsumoto

tsutsuji house . fukuoka

Kimura Matsumoto . photos: © Hiroshi Mizusaki

Detached house in Fukuoka.

Magali Reus

Leaves (Amber Line, May) . 2015

+ The Hepworth Wakefield

In recent works Reus has used recognisable everyday objects as frameworks for exploring the languages of material and colour. In this new series of works, Reus focuses on the curb as an architectural motif, using elements such as manhole covers, pavement cracks and graffiti as starting points for new sculptural forms.

Fernandez & Serres

Offices . Nantes

Atelier Fernandez & Serres . renders: © artefactorylab

Office building part of the urban planning project that is currently transforming the Ile de Nantes.


Serpentine Pavilion 2015: Construction timelapse

Serpentine Pavilion

Fujimoto . Hiroto

Design Space R installation

Sou Fujimoto . Tozune Hiroto -Lighting Design- . + world-architects

"Cloudy paper chairs forest" installation by Sou Fujimoto at OKAMURA Design Space R.

Maldina . Tonnarelli


Designers: Sara Maldina, Francesco Tonnarelli . Università degli Studi di Ferrara . Tutors: Daniele Pini, Romeo Farinella, Mario Benedetto Assisi.

The historic city of Cairo is an exceptional testimony to the evolution of Islamic civilization and to mankind’s urban experience. Its uniqueness lies not only in its monuments and historical districts’ architectural wealth, but also in the human and social heritage, which reveals itself in a vernacular living dimension.


Level up

AA Diploma . teachers: Cristina Díaz Moreno . Efrén García Grinda

‘Level up’ as reality is reconstructed into an immersive, augmented video gaming experience; where both the audio-visual language and the interaction processes associated with them connect players and their bodies to the physical plane even if their minds are overwhelmingly allured during playtime in virtual space. With the spread of online role-playing games, this hybrid space transcends traditional gaming experiences; allowing the players to live out new dimensions and alternate characters without limits. The project is situated at the beginning of spaces that emerge from the superimposition of the physical and the virtual, which constitute themselves through the convergence of ‘technology’, ‘space’, and ‘community’

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos


Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos . + competitionline

The design for the new quarter Hildegardstraße is understood as a response to the surrounding urban context to whom it reacts. Its prominent location where former fortifications where placed is determined by a very heterogeneous environment, which shows the transition between densely populated small-scale old city buildings and larger public constructions of the studio theater and the elementary school. The new quarter Hildegardstraße therefore requires not only a functional and volumetric implementation of the required spatial program, but most importantly a deliberate architectural response to the surrounding buildings.


galeries lafayette foundation building . paris

lafayette foundation

Hatakenaka . Mizobe . SUPER PIXEL

Koremasa Fragment . Tokyo

Keisuke Hatakenaka Architects . Studio Reiji Mizobe Architects . SUPER PIXEL . photos: © Takumi Ota Photography

House for a young couple and child built near the Tama River, the suburbs of Tokyo.

Socas . Martínez

School . Gletterens

Juan Socas . Gonzalo Martínez

International Competition.

Alejandro Cesarco

‘Index (a reading)’ . 2008

+ Tanya Leighton

Index of a book I haven't yet written and most probably never will. A container that becomes its own content. The index is half way biographical and half way theory text; it is extremely personal, at times even hermetic, yet full of clichés.

Carole Iselin Architektur

Detached house . Lü

Carole Iselin Architektur . Photos © Georg Aerni . + arc award

Auf der Sonnenterrasse des Bergdorfes Lü im Val Müstair, 1920 m über Meer, steht der Baukörper. Mit dem geneigten Dach und dem polygonalen Grundriss wirkt das Gebäude wie ein Bergkristall in der Landschaft. Sein hohes Bauvolumen erinnert an die mittelalterlichen Wohntürme in Graubünden.

Ábalos & Herreros

Landscapes of the Hyperreal . selected by SO – IL

+ cca

Peter Kunz Architektur

Casa da Pign . Flims

Peter Kunz Architektur . photos: © Claudia Luperto . + arc award

Mit dem Wunsch nach einem geräumigen Haus im büdnerischen Bergdorf Flims ermöglichte uns eine private Bauherrschaft eine reizvolle Bauaufgabe. Entstanden ist ein Zufluchtsort für die gesamte Grossfamilie (4 Familien, 3 Generationen unter einem Dach) mit einem gemeinsamen Bereich zum Kochen und Essen einerseits und andererseits mit privaten Rückzugsmöglichkeiten für jede Familie.

Sara Moiola

Concrete Memory

photos: © Sara Moiola . + domusweb

Gibellina was a small town south Palermo. Founded in the 14th century, the town was completely destroyed 15th January 1968 by a disastrous earthquake. Instead of rebuilding the town, Gibellina Nuova was founded 18km west form the destroyed town.

Carmody Groarke

Underground Spa . Limerick

Carmody Groarke . photos: © Christian Richters

As part of an extensive renovation of a nineteenth-century mansion, the client requested a place for exercise and relaxation beneath their new, private family home. Their brief was straightforward: a space to be discovered underground and of entirely different character than the house above. The space is excavated from the bedrock of the site and seeks sources of daylight from openings at ground level.


Grace Farms . new canaan

SANAA . photos: © Dean Kaufman . + Architectural Record

Building progress.


Himmelrich | Co-operative Housing . Luzern

e2a Eckert Eckert

Restricted Competition from 2012. 3rd prize.

Izaskun Chinchilla Architects

cycling bus stops . LONDON

Izaskun Chinchilla Architects

During the last week we have been producing the prototypes for 'cycling bus stops'.
We are working with recycled materials such as kite surf kites (thanks Javier Peña for your donation).

David Chipperfield Architects

Villa Eden . Gardone

David Chipperfield Architects . Villa Eden . photos: © David Chipperfield Architects . + wallpaper

The west bank of Lake Garda is characterised by its mild climate and richly cultivated landscape. David Chipperfield Architects has built two villas on the hillside looking over the resort town of Gardone Riviera. Both buildings are carefully inserted into the landscape with its olive groves and cypress trees. Their volumes are divided into individual one or two storey structures, which are offset to one another following the topography of the hillside.

Campo Baeza . Gabrion

nuevo edificio para el Museo del Louvre . Lievin

Alberto Campo Baeza . Raphael Gabrion

Richard Rogers y Alberto Campo Baeza con Raphael Gabrion, han ganado ex aequo el concurso público convocado en Francia para hacer el nuevo edificio para el Museo del Louvre en Lievin. El jurado primero seleccionó 5 entre los más de 200 arquitectos presentados. Luego eligió 2 proyectos de entre esos 5, el de Campo Baeza-Gabrion y el de Rogers-StirkHarbour + Partners. Y finalmente, tras premiar ex equo los dos proyectos, han tomado la decisión de construir el de Rogers.


BC Design Sport and Sciences Building . Brighton


The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) has been chosen by Brighton College to design a new building that will accommodate its Sport and Sciences departments. Emerging as a winner of an invited competition in 2013, the project was further developed and submitted for planning approval in July 2015.

Adrian Streich

Zinzikon school . Winterthur

Adrian Streich Architekten . photos: © Roland Bernath

School in Winterthur composed by a cluster of classrooms placed around a central gymnasium.

Mies van der Rohe

Villa Tugendhat . Brno

renders: © xoio

Mies van der Rohe's Villa Tugendhat 3d recreation.


house R . Marly

ACARCHITECTES Alexandre Clerc architectes . photos: © Yves Eigenmann

The family house is on a steeply sloping landscape in Marly. It turns to the edge of the forest, while the neighborhood on the back side is very heterogeneous. The building is deliberately build in the top of the land, only the entrance connects to the context of the neighborhood.
The project has two floors, both aligned to the forest. All rooms opening are either on the south or the west façade and oriented to the forest.


FA house . Dalat

atelier.tho.A . + WAF

The house has been abandoned for over 20 year. One day, the owner wants to return to the old place, built by passed away father, back to the memories that become the most beautiful part of her, and away from crowded city. However, it would be a big concern to revivify the house which has been en­dured sun and rain for that amount of time.

Juan Socas


Juan Socas

L'extension se compose de deux parties distinctes, le rez-de-chaussée avec l'espace rencontre, et le volume réservé aux unités de soins. Le rez-de-chaussée a pour vocation de devenir l'espace rencontre de l'édifice, lieu de vie et d'activité orienté autour de son patio.

Souto de Moura

Cantareira Building . Porto

photos: © Luis Ferreira Alves . + archdaily

The building highlights throughout its exterior design the usual overlap of the different plans that compose it.
This superposition of different levels is marked on the south and east elevations through an alternative and independent rotation of the four facade planes.

Ensamble studio

Urban Shelve . Cambridge

Ensamble studio

Urban Shelve recycles linear infrastructure and builds new urban land on top of it, enabling vertical growth as an alternative to horizontal land consumption. A primary framework defines the structure and the infrastructure needed for multiple architectures to happen within, and is able to decide its composition based on specific site conditions and program needs.

Le Corbusier

Mesures de l'homme

+ Centre Pompidou


Villa ONE . Copenhagen

EFFEKT . photos: © EFFEKT

Villa ONE is designed as a flexible home for a young couple with 1-2 children. The floor plan maximizes the social functions in a large open family space with views to the surrounding landscapes, courtyard and secret garden.
Planning restrictions on the site called for a careful and minimal approach positioning the house close to the residential street. In most cases this would be the most ideal location, as you would have a large private garden behind the house. In this case however, it was not.

Anna-Bella Papp

untitled . 2014

+ Modern Art

Characteristic of Anna-Bella Papp’s work, these are tablet-like forms of comparable scale, hand-sculpted from unfired clay. They are exhibited flat on a table-like surface, with no specific orientation for viewing.


FKŻ Quarter . Krakow

BudCud . photos: © BudCud

This year’s anniversary 25th Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow celebrates Kazimierz – Jewish quarter of Cracow, as well as other Jewish districts from around the world. Following the theme, BudCud designed a temporary public space in one of a few empty squares in the district. Noticing the fact that the squares of Kazimierz are its most characteristic features, unfortunately all occupied by cars, monuments or commercial activities, with the festival architects decided to create the FKŻ Quarter – an architectural device for bringing social life to the site. It is a temporary public urban situation created by multiple objects organised around a central elevated square.


Local Disposal Center . Feldkirch

Marte.Marte . photos: © Marc Lins . + baunetz

Recycling Center in Austria.

Aitor Frías

Vivir en una Cometa . ARQUIA 2015

Aitor Frías

“Leer bajo un árbol plantado en el cielo. Vivir en una cometa, surcando las nubes a la sombra de un naranjo que ha crecido en ella. Una hermosa cometa blanca anclada a mi ventana, a la que solo pudieran subir aquellas personas que yo invitara. Así sería mi espacio soñado.

AxA | Cicle de tertúlies

aq4 . dataAE .Peris+Toral . vora arquitectura . ZFC
Jordi Adell . NUA . Ted’A . LAGULA

Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura

Komatsu Architects

House in Ayameike . Nara

Komatsu Architects

Detached house.

Adjaye Associates

Eugene Gasana Jr. Foundation Paediatric Cancer Centre . Kigali

Adjaye Associates . + archdaily

Located in the Gahanga District, Kigali, Rwanda, on a 4 Hectare site, the paediatric cancer centre will provide a hospital and lodging facility for outpatients who need to reside close to the hospital, as well as residential housing for physicians and nurses.

Steven Holl Architects

“Ex of In" House . Rhinebeck

Steven Holl Architects . + archdaily

Experimental guest house and artist studio in Rhinebeck, New York.

THINK Architecture

Monolith . Meilen

THINK Architecture . photos: © Radek Brunecky

Monolith housing complex in Meilen.

architecten de vylder vinck taillieu


+ architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

Last summer in the frame the presence of architecten de vylder vinck taillieu at the summer school at the Porto Academy a visit was brought to Quinta Da Conceiçao park in which Tavora interfered in many ways.


Blitz Sandwich Bar . Barcelona

FLEXOARQUITECTURA . photos: © José Hevia

In the ground floor of a XX century building situated in a square between the old city center and the Barcelona grid (Eixample), we are asked to refurbish an establishment of 80m2 and two floors. The new establishment will run as a sandwich bar opened from 9h to 24h where to have breakfasts, fast meals or even cocktails, linking its fast-food character to the dynamism that surround the area; several office buildings, two metro stations, main avenues, etc.

Max Kesteloot


+ Max Kesteloot


Maison de l'Enfance . Briis-sous-Forges

Mu-Architecture . archicop . photos: © David Foessel . + dezeen

Depuis de nombreuses années les enfants de Briis-sous-Forges ont la chance d’avoir leur école installée en plein bois. Dès leur plus jeune âge ils apprennent à observer les saisons, à sentir l’humus des sous-bois, à profiter de la lumière des clairières ou à lire la danse des arbres autour de leur classe.

Diener & Diener architects

Kattendijkdok-Westkaai Towers . Antwerp

Diener & Diener architects . vai

The development of the Kattendijkdok, consisting of new residential buildings, business, culture and leisure centres in the midst of old dock buildings and the harbour basin, is a recent urban extension project instigated by the city of Antwerp. The two areas comprising the harbour are connected along the Falconplein - Nassaustraat axis, and the outlines of the multi-storey buildings are visible form the city centre. A total of three pairs of towers are planned for the Westkaai. Diener & Diener were commissioned for the first pair, along the southern section of the harbour basin, close by Amsterdamstraat. The guidelines stated that the towers should be similar but not identical.