David Chipperfield

Sticks and Stones, an Intervention

David Chipperfield . + Neue Nationalgalerie . photos: David von Becker

Using 144 imposing tree trunks, British architect David Chipperfield (b. in 1953) transforms the open glass hall of the museum into a densely filled hall of columns for a three-month period. The installation Sticks and Stones engages with the architecture of the Neue Nationalgalerie and simultaneously serves as a prologue to the upcoming overall renovation of the museum that David Chipperfield Architects will undertake starting in 2015.


Cronotopia . EUROPAN 12 . Kuopio

Special Mention . NEOSTUDIO . HC2M

Trying to answer to the living issues of the contemporary cities, where adaptability seems to be one of the strongest reactions to the phenomena of scattered cities and outskirts uncontrolled urbanisation, Cronotopia claims to be a profound reflection on the relationship between the traces of the urban forms and the need of an architectural programme able to be adapted to various urban scenarios.

Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider

Neue Weserburg . Bremen

Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider . renders: © ponnie

Planung für einen Neubau des Bremer Sammlermuseums Weserburg.

Transsolar & Tetsuo Kondo

A Path in The Forest | Kadriorg Park . Tallinn

Transsolar & Tetsuo Kondo Architects . + archdaily

The installation was planned for Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

PKMN architectures

Campo de Cebada Transformer-Bench . Madrid

PKMN architectures

Transformable urban bench for Campo de Cebada. A place and object to watch, to work, to eat in, to play, to rest, to change. Build through personal identities from La Latina quartier in Madrid.

Monika Sosnowska

e2a eckert eckert architekten

EUROPAALLEE Baufeld H . Zürich

e2a eckert eckert architekten . europaallee . gruner

An der Nahtstelle zur Langstrasse entsteht ein Projekt mit einem Schwerpunkt in urbaner Nachhaltigkeit. Hauptkriterien sind Energieeffizienz, Integration ins bestehende Quartier und die Förderung einer umweltfreundlichen Mobilität. Den Wettbewerb gewonnen haben e2a eckert eckert architekten ag, Zürich im Team mit Basler & Hofmann, Ingenieure und Planer AG, Zürich.

Mark Manders

Staged Android (Reduced to 88%) . 2002 - 2014

+ Zeno X Gallery

Mark Manders' work resembles a fictional building, divided into separate rooms and levels, of which the size and shape can never exactly be determined.




En ocasiones la materia con la que trabaja el arquitecto es la memoria de las cosas que encuentra.
No es difícil remitirse a actuaciones donde se aplican ciertas lógicas relacionadas con la memoria de los lugares u objetos, normalmente asociadas a la noción de patrimonio y casi siempre hablando en torno a la ciudad y sus cambios a lo largo del tiempo. Como por ejemplo, los trabajos en edificios públicos tras una catástrofe o el tratamiento de vacíos urbanos consolidados.


T's House . Nishinomiya

Tonoma . photos: © Tsuyoshi Kawata

LAN architecture

15 min for Euralille

LAN architecture

John Pawson

Klenzesteg Competition . Munich

John Pawson

Designing a bridge is always about more than making a new physical connection between two points.

Paul Graham

Lilly's Gold Exchange, Brownsville, New York . 2013

+ Pace Gallery

For over three decades, Graham has been one of the foremost photographers working at the heart of photographic practice—engaging with the observable world.

Office KGDVS . Smets

PEARL TRAIL . Muharraq

Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen . Bureau Bas Smets . + abitare

A net of eighteen public spaces in Muharraq, Bahrain.

Kazuyo Sejima

Yoshida Printing headquarters . Tokyo

kazuyo sejima & associates . photos: © Yanai Takahiro

estudio Herreros

Communication Hut . Gwangju

© Kyunsub Sin

estudio Herreros . fotos: © Park Joohyun

Desde siempre, la historia se ha interesado por imaginar cómo habría sido la manifestación primigenia de la arquitectura. Esta búsqueda frecuentemente se centró en la idea de protección para las personas y se resumió en la acción física de “cubrir” un espacio. Desde hace algunas décadas, otros ingredientes menos físicos han venido a dar carta de naturaleza arquitectónica a otras acciones como calentar, iluminar, acumular información o convocar a las personas.

Akihisa Hirata

Ochoquebradas House . Los Vilos

Akihisa Hirata . Ochoalcubo

The third stage of Ochoalcubo, led by Japanese architects will develop along 800 meters of coastline, occupying the cliffs, bays and rock formations of a place known as Ochoquebradas. The architects received instructions to follow guidelines that include the directive to use concrete as a primary material (over a surface area of 250 m2 per each house). The dialogue between the individual projects is most important, considering the harmony of the whole and the relationship Ochoquebradas geographic attributes.


Rødovre SkyVillage . Copenhagen


The demand for a new tower in Rødovre, the periphery of Copenhagen, raises the issue of what kind of tower should be added to the skyline of the capital. Should it be a sphere, a spire, a cube? And is it only form that counts? Can we imagine a tower that is more than merely form-driven? What content can be given to such a tower? Can it be critical and improve the somewhat commercial and hollow architectural icon of the previous decade?

Rintala Eggertsson Architects

MoVE | Museo Verticale della Città . Lissone

Design Team: Archem, Massimiliano Spadoni Architetto, Paolo Mestriner - studioazero, Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Iride Velia Cesati, Federica Testori, Silvia Fusi . Photos: © Fabio Boari

Lissoni Gateway Tower, a joint venture by Archem, Massimiliano Spadoni, Paolo Mestriner, Studioazero, Federica Testori and Rintala-Eggertsson.


refectory karl wolf school . Merano


Analyzing the project area appear dominant two axes parallel connection that pass through the area from north to south and, thanks to two important sets of stairs, they connect with the level of Karl Wolf, a true lower limit of the site.


Cultural Center . Zhanjiang


The Zhanjiang Cultural Center is envisioned as a series of separate buildings, each with a distinct design consistent with its function and providing its own identity, connected by a unifying element, a lattice. In this way, the design provides benefits of both separateness and consolidation.

Sergison Bates Architects

Studio house . Hackney

Sergison Bates Architects . photos: © Ioana Marinescu

Located in a previously semi-industrial area of East London which is now dense and fragmented in character, the site occupies a piece of derelict land on a street of light industrial buildings and large pre-war housing blocks. The project proposes a form that is ambiguous, in that it can be read both as an urban house and a simple industrial shed. The concept was generated by the complex requirements of the brief with four different programmes (two apartments, a studio for an artist and space for a therapy practice), by the extraordinary site footprint (4.5×20m) and planning constraints on massing and sightlines.




Three-dimensional slender shape : we define a square section across three l-shaped pieces that work together as branches of the house, instead creating a compact disposition of spaces.


Wynwood Gateway Park . Miami


The Wynwood Gateway Park ' Imagine, Design and Build' Competition is situated in the heart of the burgeoning Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida. Wynwood is a place that has been made famous in recent years by it’s incredible and omnipresent street art murals, art galleries, boutique independent retailers, celebrity sightings, and Art Basel.

João Filipe Pereira Veríssimo

A market between presents . Lisbon

+ isarch

The urban intervention consists on the introduction of three distinct equipments: a market, a hostel and a housing building.

BailoRull ADD+

CASA ZINSGANSHINA . Sant Cugat del Vallès

BailoRull ADD+ . fotos: © José Hevia

Se trata de una casa a la que le gustaría estar más pegada en el suelo. Una casa que busca sus raíces de forma contundente, casi excesiva, y se muestra así. Radicalmente desprovista de cualquier acto que pueda entorpecer su verdadero interés: los pies en el suelo y la cubierta en el cielo. La estructura de hormigón, sus pantallas, acaban definiendo el espacio casi prematuramente; y la cerámica de la cubierta recoge los reflejos del sol y las nubes. En esta casa, el espacio doméstico queda entre la estructura y el paisaje.


harbor promenade . ÅRHUS

BIG . + stiften

The Mayor of Århus Jacob Bundsgaard and Bjarke Ingels have unveiled the plans for a new promenade at the harbor of Denmark´s second largest city, offering a series of public spaces, recreational activities and different types of housing which adapt to the surrounding context.

Kara Walker

A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby . 2014

+ Creative Time

Miguel Ubarrechena

polideportivo en el barrio industrial de Altza . San Sebastián

Miguel Ubarrechena

La propuesta para el nuevo Polideportivo de Altza alude sutilmente a diversas referencias. La propuesta no es ajena al enclave, límite entre lo urbano y lo rural.

Kazuyo Sejima & Associates

Nishinoyama House . Kyoto

© Iwan Baan
Kazuyo Sejima & Associates . Nishinoyama House . Photos: © Kazuyo Sejima & Associates . + world-architects

The Nishinoyama House is a ten-unit housing complex located in a quiet residential area in Omiya Nishinoyama, Kyoto.The complex is built on a gently sloping site directly adjacent to a large vegetable garden that lends it a free and expansive atmosphere. In the summer, the location also offers a distant view of the giant Daimonji bonfire on Nyoigatake to the east.

Helen Frankenthaler

Cool Summer . 1962

+ Gagosian Gallery . images: © 2014 Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, Inc./Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York . Video: © Gagosian Gallery

During 1962–63 Frankenthaler “composed with color” rather than with line, resulting in the freer compositions that came to exemplify her long and prolific career.

2b Architectes

Passerelle de la Sallaz . Lausanne

2b . photos: © Roger Frei . + full set of pictures

The pedestrian bridge between the Metro station and the Bois de Sauvabelin creates a connection between the urban plateau and the artificial natural landscape of le Vallon.

Inês Lobo Arquitectos

Row-Houses in Bom Sucesso . Óbidos

Inês Lobo Arquitectos . photos: © Leonardo Finotti . + archdaily

This project involves the building of a block of 18 premises for habitation purposes next to the Óbidos Lake in the future site of the Golf and Country Club – Quinta do Bom Sucesso.


at Tate Modern

+ Tate Modern

Herzog & de Meuron

215 Chrystie . New York

Herzog & de Meuron . Ian Schrager

215 Chrystie is located in the Bowery, the rapidly evolving cultural and artistic district in the center of Lower Manhattan. The site sits at the core of the block framed by Houston Street, Stanton Street and the Bowery, deeply recessed from Chrystie Street. A heterogenic mix of buildings that vary significantly in age, use, architectural quality, as well as scale and proportion surround it. Across the road lays Roosevelt Park, a long and narrow stretch of green that is gaining back its recreational use.

Borja Izaskun

Hyberus, la casa del río . Zaragoza

2014/PFC/ETSAUN . PROFESOR: Júlio Clúa

UN PROYECTO · Según la RAE, un parque es un terreno destinado en el interior de una población a prados, jardines y arbolado para recreo y ornato. Se trata de una resolución de un parque de especiales características, debido a su situación con respecto la ciudad como al papel desempeñado en contacto con su entorno inmediato.

Pascal Flammer

Architecture of fice with two stairs

Pascal Flammer . + lecture

The building has four floors, each with a specific function, space and relationship with the surrounding park. At first sight the building might seem simple, a ‘Maison Domino’ of floors and columns. But in reality the building is complex.

Hiroshi Nakamura

Ribbon Chapel . Hiroshima

Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP . photos: © Koji Fujii / Nacasa & Partners Inc . + archdaily

This wedding chapel is located on the grounds of a resort hotel overlooking the Inland Sea of Japan. While the hotel enjoys picturesque scenery of ocean and islands, the chapel site was surrounded by trees over 10m high and did not afford ocean views.

Carlos Cachón

Copia, homenaje.

Carlos Cachón

Nos gustaría creer que hay algo erróneo en la copia, algo dañino que la hace inadmisible siempre. Algo lesivo, corrupto, que usurpa y falsea la realidad. Y eso nos empuja a considerarla, en cierto modo como un objeto, algo que se toca, se palpa, se observa, está ante nosotros en todo momento, algo que tiene cuerpo y a lo que, por tanto, podemos dirigir nuestro odio y señalar con el dedo y considerar fallido. Un ente autónomo.

David Chipperfield Architects

Amorepacific Headquarters . Seoul

David Chipperfield Architects . Amorepacific

Groundbreaking ceremony in Seoul for the Amorepacific headquarters.

Nancy Rubins

Our Friend Fluid Metal . 2014

+ Gagosian . photos: Rob McKeever . Video: Trebuchet Interactive

Rubins' awe-inspiring sculptures are predicated on synthesis, radically articulated mass, and explosive ideas in three dimensions.

Alejandro Aravena + ELEMENTAL

Centro Angelini . Santiago de Chile

Alejandro Aravena + ELEMENTAL . fotos: © Nico Saieh . + archdaily

In Santiago, buildings that want to look “contemporary” have glass facades, but due to the local weather the pay-off is a huge green house effect. This building had to respond to the client’s expectation of having an innovation center with a “contemporary look”. This uncritical search for contemporariness has populated Santiago with glass towers that due to the desert climatic local condition have serious greenhouse effect in interiors.

Marte.Marte Architekten

Horse Veterinary Clinic

Marte.Marte Architekten . photos: © Marte.Marte Architects

Building nearing completion.

Jacques Herzog & Peter Eisenman

A conversation moderated by Carson Chan

Cornell University

David Chipperfield Architects

Moganshan Road Office building . Hangzhou

David Chipperfield Architects . photos: © Simon Menges

The ten-storey office building is located in a diversely built area on Moganshan Road near Hangzhou’s tranquil Shuyhan Park. Within this dense context the new building asserts its object-like presence with a clear geometric form.

Alessandro Raho

Michael Craig-Martin . 2012

+ Alison Jacques Gallery

Since the mid-1990s, Alessandro Raho has been advancing and refining a manner of figurative painting in which the sentience of human presences synonymous with a profound, existential and spiritual sense of being…

Serrano + Baquero


Serrano + Baquero

En Diciembre de 2012 parte de la sede de la empresa ATHISA MEDIOAMBIENTE, situada en el polígono industrial de Asegra, sufrió un incendio. La zona de oficinas quedó intacta mientras que el área industrial quedó reducida a escombros.
El proyecto de nueva planta se realiza a partir de lo hallado tras el incendio, con el fin de permitir la lectura de la historia de este lugar tras la intervención.

Rafael Moneo

Complejo Aragonia | detalle fachada . Zaragoza

Arquitecturas cerámicas . fotos: © Duccio Malagamba

En el Proyecto Aragonia juega un papel clave la elección de los materiales y en concreto de la cerámica. Ya no solo por su origen local, ya que se trata de un material fabricado en Alcañíz, sino también por su capacidad de dotar a los distintos usos de la continuidad necesaria para formar parte de un mismo conjunto.

E2A Eckert Eckert Architekten

Neubau Schulhaus Zehntenhof . Wettingen

E2A Eckert Eckert Architekten . + competitionline

Competition entry. 2nd prize.


Ochoquebradas House . Los Vilos

SANAA . Ochoalcubo

The third stage of Ochoalcubo, led by Japanese architects will develop along 800 meters of coastline, occupying the cliffs, bays and rock formations of a place known as Ochoquebradas. The architects received instructions to follow guidelines that include the directive to use concrete as a primary material (over a surface area of 250 m2 per each house). The dialogue between the individual projects is most important, considering the harmony of the whole and the relationship Ochoquebradas geographic attributes.

Atelier Kempe Thill

town hall transformation . borsele

Atelier Kempe Thill . photos: © Ulrich Schwarz . + archello

The municipality of Borsele in the Dutch province of Zeeland was founded in 1970 by the merging of 13 villages. Heinkenszand was assigned centre of this newly formed administrative unit and a new town hall was built for the 25.000 inhabitants. More then 30 years after the opening, the building was in need of rehabilitation. On the one hand, the façade as well as the roof weren’t fully waterproof anymore. Furthermore, the building had to undergo an asbestos abatement to adapt to modern building standards.

Vázquez Consuegra . BAKPAK

Bundestag office building . Berlin

Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra . BAKPAK ARCHITECTS . model photo: © Winfried Mateyka . BBR

Competition entry. 3rd prize.


Gurten Pavillon . Köniz

:mlzd . + Gurten Park . photos: © Alexander Jaquemet . archdaily

The Gurten Pavilion is a festive and functional venue available throughout the year for large public events. The pavilion is located on the site of the old Belvedere, offering the most exquisite view of Bern and The Alps since the construction of the first Gurten restaurant in the mid 19th century. The building , the winning entry of a design competition, captures this motif with its exceptional transparency and its unique, uninterrupted magnificent view.

Brandlhuber + Emde

Taz headquarters . Berlin

Brandlhuber + Emde . renders: © ponnie . + baunetz

"Inklusiv - zugänglich und öffentlich": Der Vorschlag öffnet sich zum Park mit taz.cafe und taz.auditorium und direkter Verbindung an die Redaktionskonferenz und die taz.genossenschaft;