medusa group

Schronisko . Kowarach

medusa group

tsabikos petras

Tempus Fugit . Piraeus Tower

tsabikos petras

The competition concerns the redesign of the façade of an imposing modernist edifice, located in the port city of Pireaus, erected during the period of the military dictatorship.

Thomas De Monchaux

Why Less Isn’t Always More

full text nytimes

As in architecture, so in public life — and, one has to suspect, public policy. Those who, consciously or not, exploit the aesthetics of austerity as a way of framing a debate on public ethics may discover, too, a hidden cost.

Smiljan Radic

Restaurant Mestizo . Vitacura

vídeo: ADHEMAR ORELLANA RIOJA . + plataforma arquitectura



OAB . photos © Alejo Bagué . + CHANNELBETA

Azahar is a group of companies related to Sustainability and Environment, devoted to topics such as waste recycling, landscaping, plant cover, among others.


Mies van der Rohe Gas Station Refurbishment . Nuns Island

fabg . photos: Steve Montpetit . + e-architect

Nun’s Island is part of the Hochelaga archipelago located immediately southwest of Montreal.

MAA Winter Lecture Series



ecoLogic studio

Regional Algae Farm

Photos: © Sue Barr . + ecoLogic studio

A decaying fishing industry in the Baltic sea and an ageing local polupation call for the introduction of a new type of economic and urban system; the farming of algae has been adopted by ecoLogicStudio as a medium to propose and incubate such new model.

Liu Xiaodong

Fat Grandson . 1996


Liu Xiaodong is regarded as one of China’s finest painters. His canvases are known for having rich colors, strong brush strokes, unusual framing (including cut off heads and limbs) and near perfect technique. Many of his portraits are drawn from snapshots of friends or family members, doing ordinary things, like eating, laughing or playing games. An early, defining moment for Liu was when he was given a picture of a Lucien Freud painting. Intrigued by Freud's ability to capture a person's inner power, Liu decided to concentrate on figurative painting. In 1993, he and his wife, also a painter, played themselves in a friend's "neo-realist" film, and Liu was attracted to neo-realism's focus on common people rather than on metaphysical shapes and ideas. In later years, Liu has put aside his earlier emphasis on meticulously chosen scenery and composition with careful brushwork, and instead he began to try to paint more boldly and spontaneously.

Sancho Madridejos


Sancho Madridejos . + CAT . arqzone

El Círculo de las Artes y la Tecnología (CAT) se plantea como un elemento dinamizador de la vida cultural y económica esencial en la propuesta de Segovia como capital cultural europea en 2016.

Lacaton & Vassal

Transformation of Housing Block . Paris

photos: © Frédéric Druot . + Lacaton & Vassal . baunetz

Built in the early sixties along the ring road of Paris, this high rise block of 16 storeys includes 96 apartments.

EMBT | Enric Miralles - Benedetta Tagliabue

Meditation Pavillon . Unazuki

EMBT | Enric Miralles - Benedetta Tagliabue


Museo Regional Aysén . Coyhaique

gracias a BBATS+TIRADO

En un contexto marcado por la reciente colonización del territorio se emplaza el nuevo museo de Aysén, como el nuevo hito de una abandonada estancia declarada monumento nacional.

Wiel Arets Architects

Regiocentrale Zuid Levee Control Center . Maasbracht

Wiel Arets Architects . + archinect . archdaily

Regiocentrale Zuid is a levee and water coordination centre for a large section of the river Meuse that will bring formerly scattered water management locations under one roof

Wang Shu - Amateur Architecture Studio

interviewed by Hans Ulrich Obrist (NOW Interviews)

Architecture Biennale


BRS | Konverzia panelového domu . Rimavská Sobota


Komfort, dostatok priestoru, služžby, šport, ihriská, parkovisko... Nové bývanie v atraktívnej tichej lokalite...

Bosch Capdeferro

Collage House

+ Studiobanana TV


Jeff Wall. 'El sendero sinuoso'

+ tve

Nuno Graça Moura

Stand Amorim Isolamentos S.A. . Matosinhos

Nuno Graça Moura

Neste stand seguimos a mesma estratégia dos anteriores executados para o mesmo cliente.

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter


+ Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Peter Zumthor

Atelier . Haldenstein

video: corrbu . photos: © filipe magalhães . © Walter Mair, Fotografie . plans Marco Masetti

Jack Whitten

9.11.01 . 2005

+ alexander gray associates

New York-based artist Jack Whitten's (b. 1939) earliest experiments with painting date back to the 1960s, a period during which he created dynamic works inspired by abstract expressionism. Noted for their raucous colors and density of gesture combined with topical content, these artworks manifest emotionally complex meditations on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.
Experimentation turned to abstraction for Whitten in the 1970s; a new method of painting developed, one that resonates more closely with photography. Gesture is removed from the making of the work; the paint and canvas are "processed”, produced from large troughs of paint, which is dragged across the canvas with tools including squeegees, rakes, and Afro combs. This process yields palpable surface texture, line and void.
alexander gray associates

Holdrinet . Boidot . Robin . Ledu . Stillwell


courtesy of Mathieu Holdrinet architect . Julien Boidot, Emilien Robin architects . Arnaud Ledu architect . Isaac Stillwell, photographer

Before drafting any project, our team, composed of architects, town planners, surveyors and one photograph, decided to discover the built-up area of Sambreville and the studied site through its inhabitants.

Souto de Moura

Novartis . Basel

photos: aepli . models: Attilio Fiumarella . Atelier Alvaro Negrello

Art Talk with

Richard Prince



microclimas, microcosmos

Foros ESARQ 2012

Suppose Design Office

Hall in Ebisu . Tokyo



En memoria de Luis M. Mansilla

+ artículo en el país

Javier de las Heras . Bosch Tarrús arquitectes

Ampliación IES Cap Norfeu . Roses

gracias a Javier de las Heras Solé . Bosch Tarrús arquitectes . fotos: © Adrià Goula

El objeto del proyecto es la reforma y ampliación de l'IES Cap Norfeu de Roses.

Go Hasegawa

Study in real


John Pawson

The Martyrs Pavilion . St Edward's School . Oxford

+ John Pawson . plain space . photos:  © Gilbert McCarragher

This project creates a new cricket pavilion for St Edward’s School, Oxford – a distinctive landmark in the heart of the campus, which is also dynamic in use.

a+t 38


+ a+t

architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

zanderroth architekten

Baugruppenprojekt BIGyard Zelterstraße 5-11 . Berlin

zanderroth architekten . © Fotos: Christoph Rokitta . + heinze

Eine Wohnanlage in der Stadt - einzelne Häuser, großer Garten, grüne Dächer, weiter Blick, Eingangstüren hinter‘m Haus - das Baugruppenprojekt Zelterstraße ist die verdichtete Umsetzung des Traumes vom Einfamilienhaus mitten in der Großstadt Berlin.


Europan 11 . Rødovre

courtesy of SLETH

Rødovre is situated right on the edge of the uninterrupted urban fabric of Copenhagen in the ring of dense suburbs surrounding the city.

Ai Weiwei

Ordos 100



Kullen Housing . Stockholm


Located on the edge of Gärdet, a treasured national park, Kullen makes conscious decisions to provide a sensitive, respectful form while allowing the same choices to simultaneously manifest as exceptional residences with spectacular views.


Entrevista Emilio Tuñón y Luis Moreno Mansilla

Gomes . Viula

NEST- Sustainable Neighbourhood . Europan 11 . Allerod

courtesy of Jennifer Gomes (OPENLAB architects) + Raquel Viula

The Nest is a place for nature and nurture. It creates the conditions for a future-proof and sustainable neighbourhood by creating a diverse, accessible and energy-efficient environment for its future inhabitants.
The 600-home project is intended to extend the existing town of Blovstrød and act as a connecting link between Blovstrød and Lillerød, the municipality’s town centre. The main challenge to achieve that is the presence of a regional road between the project site and the old town, with a profile that is not in line with its connector role between the two parts. The project site is also surrounded by an impressive countryside, with a rich variety of large natural areas and paths.

Regina José Galindo

Caparazón . 2010

+ Regina José Galindo

Galindo perturba y emociona al observador al someter a su cuerpo a situaciones extremas.

martín lejarraga arquitecto

Museo San Esteban . Murcia

gracias a martín lejarraga arquitecto . + proyecto completo

El proyecto Integra el yacimiento arqueológico de San Esteban en la ciudad, mediante una cubierta protectora del conjunto que caracteriza el lugar a través de sus condiciones morfológicas, espaciales y constructivas, haciendo da él un nuevo espacio público emblemático e identitario de Murcia.

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Oslofjord Conference Center (OCC) . Brunstad

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

The project for Oslofjord Conference Center (OCC) consist of the best of what Nordic culture and environment has to offer; a high quality mix of natural -and cultural landscapes and cityscapes.

Adjaye Associates

Museum of African American History and Culture . Washington

Adjaye Associates . NMAAHC . + baunetz

The National Museum of African American History and Culture will be a place where all Americans can learn about the richness and diversity of the African American experience, what it means to their lives and how it helped us shape this nation. A place that transcends the boundaries of race and culture that divide us, and becomes a lens into a story that unites us all.

Jeffrey Kipnis and Reinhold Martin

"What Good Can Architecture Do?"



Commonwealt Institute redevelopment . London


There is probably no other period to which contemporary architecture is more indebted than the 1960s – a period of structural invention that finally allowed modern architecture to break free from the formalist geometries through which it had manifested itself.

junya ishigami + associates . MAKS I marieke kums

Park Groot Vijversburg . Tytsjerk

courtesy of junya ishigami + associates . MAKS I marieke kums

junya.ishigami + associates and maks / marieke kums have been selected for a set of architectural interventions for Park Groot Vijversburg in Tytsjerk, The Netherlands.

Maya Lin

Systematic Landscapes

Maya Lin

In her large-scale environmental artworks, Maya Lin has consistently explored how we experience and relate to the landscape. From her recent works such as Where the Land Meets the Sea (2008, a drawing in space based upon the topology of the San Francisco Bay) Eleven Minute Line (2004, an earthen line 1600 feet long by 12 feet high, traversing a meadow in Sweden) and Flutter (2005, a 20,000 square foot sculpted earthwork commissioned for a federal courthouse in Miami) back to her very first—the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, where she cut open the land and polished its edges to create a history embedded in the earth—she has made works that merge completely with the terrain, blurring the boundaries between two- and three-dimensional space and setting up a systematic ordering of the land that is tied to history, time, and language.
Corcoran Gallery of Art

amann cánovas maruri

Museo San Esteban . Murcia

gracias a amann cánovas maruri

El yacimiento de San Esteban, es una parte más de la ciudad. No debe entenderse como un objeto desligado, aislado u oculto.

Ortner + Ortner Baukunst

solar pavilion . Potsdam

Ortner + Ortner Baukunst . photos: © 2010 schnepp • renou . + odersun

A social space with solar external skin designed by architects Ortner + Ortner Baukunst has been erected on the campus of Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. Designed as a “live gallery”, a PV pavilion has been created with 4-metre-high break-proof solar modules from Odersun AG.

Gálvez & Algeciras

2 Viviendas de Protección Pública . Torre de Miguel Sesmero

gracias a Gálvez & Algeciras . fotos: © Fernando Alda . © Gálvez & Algeciras

En la comarca de Llanos de Olivenza, al oeste de la provincia de Badajoz, limitando al oeste con Portugal, se sitúa la parcela de referencia.

Jordi Bernadó

atelier_06 collectif d'étudiants en architecture

projet urbain . Bordeaux

atelier_06 collectif d'étudiants en architecture . design team: Michel Hardoin . Roberto de Uña Gómez

Notre réflexion se construit autour d’un regard posé sur un territoire urbain, de ses qualités et de son potentiel humain.

Catie Newell . Alibi Studio

Architectural League Prize 2011 . Recorded: June 15, 2011

Architectural League

José Antonio Coderch


+ arxiu coderch

Una ordenació prefixada pel planejament urbanístic i un programa d'usos molt convencional ofereix per primera vegada a l'autor l'ocasió de construir un conjunt d'oficines d'alt nivell.

Cathy Wilkes

I give you all my money . 2008

+ kunstverein muenchen

Wilkes’ work is characterised by the creation of a slowly emerging, distinctively personal vocabulary of sculptures and paintings which she makes and re-makes in evolving assemblages and environments. Her processes are measured and refined, drawing on the most intimate of personal experiences to create a compelling autobiographical thread, coupled with a precise and liberated formal language. Wilkes confidently and unapologetically selects the most abject and awkward of domestic, everyday objects; a widescreen Sony television, a Maclaren’s push chair or a jar of Bonne Mamam apricot preserve have all been incorporated in Wilkes’ expansive installations.
art tattler

Erwin Heerich

Museum Insel Hombroich . Neuss


Just minutes from Düsseldorf, Germany, Museum Insel Hombroich fuses architecture, art and nature on over 62 acres of meadowland.


EUROPAN 11 . Infrastructural Arqueology . OSLO

gracias a MAP13

Creemos en los basureros como espacios de gran potencial en el s.XXI, lugares residuales que nos permiten evidenciar el consumo desaforado de esta sociedad enloquecida.
Entendemos que la basura debe aislarse y enterrarse, pero no por ello pensamos que los vertederos deban olvidarse y perder su historia.
Este es el punto de partida, pensar en un proyecto que reconozca su lugar y permita crear una conciencia ecológica.

Suppose Design Office

House . Kokubunji

Suppose Design Office  . + dezeen

Foucault y Chomsky

Sobre naturaleza humana en la sociedad coercitiva

+ canal cultur@

Amann Cánovas Maruri


gracias a Amann . Cánovas . Maruri . fotos: © David Frutos

No es sólo objeto de esta cubierta fragmentada y quebrada el de la razonable protección de los restos arqueológicos excavados en la ladera de mediodía del cerro del Molinete.

Rael San Fratello ARCHITECTS



As John Carl Flugel observed in his book The Psychology of Clothes “ Clothes, like the house, are protective; but, being nearer the body and actually supported on it, they are (unlike the house) portable.

onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects

double helix house . yanaka

onishimaki+hyakudayuki architects . photos : kai nakamura

This is a small house in Yanaka area in Tokyo.

Slavoj Zizek


+ full lecture EnginKurtay's channel


73 viviendas en un acantalido. Santa Pola


El objetivo. proyectar una piscina y el mayor número de viviendas posible con la condición de que todas ellas miren al mar en una parcela con una pendiente pronunciada y con unas vistas extraordinarias.

Lacaton & Vassal

Escuela de Arquitectura . Nantes

+ GG . 0300TV