Spring Lecture Series 2014

+ IaaC


Monte-House . Los Angeles

SELGASCANO . + Jon Essery Chillida

Peter Dreher

Day by Day, Good Day . 1974–2012

+ Koenig & Clinton

Dreher began his series Tag um Tag Guter Tag (Day by Day, Good Day) after painting his first glass in 1972. Dreher continued rendering a single empty water glass repeatedly, by day and by night, and has continued doing so over the course of several decades.


rehabilitación y reforma de mercado . Roquetas de Mar


Roquetas posee un lugar con un potencial enorme, su antiguo mercado de abastos. Relacionando la estructura recuperada con la luz natural obtendremos un espacio realmente amplio, lleno de vida y atractivo.

Atelier Data

Casa Varatojo . Torres Vedras

Atelier Data . photos: © Richard John Seymour . + wallpaper

The Varatojo House is placed on a Hill, east from the city of Torres Vedras, Portugal.

Peter Zumthor

Michael Govan’s conversation with


LAN Architecture

Office building . Euralille

LAN Architecture . photos: © julien lanoo

In 1990, in his preface titled “Quantum Leap” for the work presenting the Euralille project, Rem Koolhaas wrote: “In our contemporary world, programs become abstract in the sense that they are no longer tied to a specific place or city. They float and gravitate opportunistically around those places that provides them with the most connections.” And then, “All these facts describe a new condition that is at once local and global, as important for the “Japanese” as it is for the “Lillois.”

Llatas . Rojas

Propuesta para la Recuperación del Centro Histórico . Huamanga

Enrique Llatas y Francisco Rojas

Proponemos no actuar sobre los edificios, sólo sobre la el terreno (pacha). Revalorizar la calle, reclamar la ciudad, programarla y habilitar sus futuras actualizaciones. Nuestro proyecto reclama las posibilidades políticas de la ciudad, actuando en la calle, sobre el terreno, no sobre los edificios. No creemos en la conservación del patrimonio sin que conlleve políticas de innovación urbanas en la que los ciudadanos son sus protagonistas.

TEd’A arquitectes


TEd’A arquitectes

Riaz es un pequeño pueblo suizo situado en la región de la Gruyère, al norte del lago Leman. Riaz es un nucleo urbano de pequeñas dimensiones, de edificaciones aisladas de tamaño doméstico. Estas construcciones tradicionales se caracterizan principalmente por su cubierta a dos aguas y su estructura que se muestra en fachada.

Lázaro . Rudolf . López Redondo . Alcántara

Biblioteca municipal Antonio Gala . Guadalcázar

arquitectos: Miguel Lázaro . Gudula Rudolf . Francisco José López Redondo . Rafael Alcántara . fotos: © Fernando Alda . + reportaje completo

Enfrentada directamente al Ayuntamiento, la biblioteca de Guadalcázar se configura como una caja compacta de hormigón de 7 metros de altura que, recostada sobre la medianera trasera, se vuelca sobre el jardín delantero y el edificio consistorial.

Steven Holl

The moment of imagination

+ bbc





Tony Oursler

Cosmiconsanguinal . 2013

+ Tony Oursler . Albert Baronian Gallery

In the new exhibition Glare Schematics, Oursler begins a distinctively new series of work which exist on the wall as well as the floor, encompassing the notion of identity analysis made physical in poetic multimedia schematics.

David Sebastian


david sebastian . fotos: © Adrià Goula

Encontramos un piso pequeño en la primera planta de un pasaje tranquilo. Un interior lleno de subdivisiones, un gran patio y signos evidentes de 100 años de ocupación. Una planta de 5x20m : 50m2 interiores+50m2 exteriores.
Un cliente con algunas cosas claras: ganar espacio, ganar luz, muchos armarios y no hacer un “loft”; Coincidíamos en la atracción por la complejidad acumulada con los años.

Grupo Aranea

Casa Carreret . La Nucía

Grupo Aranea

La oportunidad de hacer una casa para un pintor obsesionado por reflejar el paso del tiempo ha sido todo un regalo para el estudio.Un experto en veladuras, en dejar los trazos de cada una de sus pinceladas, obsesionado en contar los procesos, obsesionado en hacerlo naturalmente sin ser demasiado explícito…
Un pintor de fantasmas que convive en un paisaje de recuerdos…

Grup R

Motor de modernitat


Elding Oscarson

Skissernas Museum . Lund

Elding Oscarson . images: © ArtefactoryLab . + Statens fastighetsverk

Elding Oscarson wins competition to design the extension of Skissernas Museum in Lund.

Lucie Stahl

The Economist_Day . 2013

+ Giò Marconi . Contemporary Art Daily

Lucie Stahl has developed a photographic working process in which she places and arranges everyday objects on a scanner and takes their digital imprint.

Luisa Penha

Houses at Liege Square . Porto

photos: © Armenio Teixeira

Christ & Gantenbein Architects

Refurbishment of Villa Maraini . Roma

Christ & Gantenbein Architects

3rd Prize.

Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Blue Pavilion . London

Pezo von Ellrichshausen . Photos: © Helene Binet . © James Harris . © Pezo von Ellrichshausen . + architizer

As an attempt to capture both the conceptual and the physical weight of the gallery's aerial world, the pavilion is an elevated small room supported by four massive columns. The room is a square and the columns are circular in plan.

Herzog & de Meuron

Extension of Helvetia Head Office South and East Wing . St. Gallen

Herzog & de Meuron . photos: © Stefan Tuchila . + mimoa

The head office of Helvetia insurance is located on top of the Girtannersberg, raised above the town of St. Gallen, and in the vicinity of other large building complexes.

Álvaro Siza



El libro reúne los 154 textos escritos por Álvaro Siza entre 1963 y 2008.

Emilie Halpern

Gold leaf . 2013

+ Pepin Moore

Emilie Halpern (b. 1976, Paris, France) is an artist living and working in Los Angeles...


International Financial Center . Moscow

design team: XDGA . FAA . MDP . BUROHAPPOLD . MORRI . + Strelka

The installation of the new financial centre in the Moscow Region, on virgin land and along a majestic bend of the Moscow River, deserves a degree of excellence. IFC needs splendor in order to distinguish itself from the chaotic periphery, and in order to become an attractive brand of its own.

EM2N Architekten

Toni-Areal . Zurich

EM2N Architekten . photos: © Goran Potkonjak . + Allreal

On the Toni Site a former milk-processing factory is to be transformed into a platform for education, culture and living.

Herzog & de Meuron

West Wing Extension of Helvetia Head Office . St. Gallen

Herzog & de Meuron . Helvetia

Herzog & de Meuron will design the new west wing of the Helvetia Head Office in St. Gallen. The head office is located at the top of the Girtannersberg, rising above the town of St. Gallen in the vicinity of other large building complexes.

NAMELESS Architecture

RW Concrete Church . Byeollae

NAMELESS Architecture . Rohspace . photos: © NAMELESS Architecture . © Rohspace

The RW Concrete Church is located in Byeollae, a newly developed district nearby the north-east region of Seoul. We envision a new landscape situated between nature and the artificial, creation and extinction, rather than a building on a complete urban fabric.

Benedict Esche

The Øya Festival icon . 120 HOURS Competition

Benedict Esche | Technische Universität München . + 120 HOURS

Every year 6 Billionen trees fall for our daily life.

Jiménez . Olivera

CIT Centro Integral Territorial de La Mancomunidad . Olivenza

Daniel Jiménez + Jaime Olivera . fotos: © Jesús Granada

La sierra de Alor, en suroeste peninsular, es una formación volcánica de piedra oscura, esquistos pizarrosos, batolitos graníticos y la dura roca metamórfica local conocida como “mármol quemado”.

García . González . Domínguez . Hernández . Mateo

KON . Europan 12 . KALMAR

Special Mention . design team: Marta García Jiménez . Juan Jacobo González Muñoz . Cristina Domínguez Lucas . Fernando Hernández Ruano . Nadia Mateo Duque . + Europan


Pedestrian Path . Santiago

Alejandro Aravena | ELEMENTAL . + archdaily

Chile’s geography is much stronger than its built environment. The Andes mountains for example are much more relevant in defining Santiago’s identity than any building or its urban skyline. But geography is not only a visual element; one of Santiago’s nicest features is its climate: mild winters, dry summers, crisp mornings and nights throughout the whole year. If anybody pays attention to the paintings and engravings that describe the origin and foundation of the city, one realizes that our most valuable asset is our geography both as a figure and as background.

Johnston & Marklee

Hill House

+ 2i television

Ocampo . Green

International Museum Of Astronomy . Atacama

design team: Julian Ocampo . Chris Green . + arquideas

IMOA, Stretched across half a kilometre, rippling across the barren landscape of the Atacama Desert, unravelling the history of astronomy with lt.

Miren Doiz

Trampantojo . 2014

fotos: © Pedro Albornoz . + mcu

El trampantojo pretende engañar, aunque sea fugazmente, al espectador. Y asombrarle con algún tipo de ilusión óptica. Una trampa para el ojo que dura lo que dura, hasta que nos damos cuenta de la sustitución de lo real, falseado para la ocasión. La traducción directa de esta palabra del francés es engañar al ojo (trompe-l’oeil) en un juego que se aprovecha de la arquitectura del espacio, prolongándose en una irrealidad pintada...

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

Hotel Königshof . München

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos . baunetz . +

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos elegidos ganadores para la construcción del nuevo Hotel Königshof en Munich por la propiedad entre la terna seleccionada en el concurso de octubre de 2013 formada por ellos mismos, Sauerbruch Hutton y Wandel Hoefer Lorch.

Jean Nouvel Ateliers

Renaissance Fira Hotel | façade detail . Barcelona

Jean Nouvel Ateliers . Ribas&Ribas . escofet . photos: © Roland Halbe

Located at the gates of the city of Hospitalet, this twin tower, 358-room hotel tor Catalonia hotels is clad in black and white and bathed in light, shadow and vegetation.


Entrevistado por Luis Fernández-Galiano

+ arquia/maestros

Elding Oscarson

seaside house . Molle

Elding Oscarson . photos: © Åke E:son Lindman . + dezeen

Mölle is an extreme location with regards to topography and landscape, as well as history and aura. Around the turn of the century 1900, Northern Europeans were migrating to "Sinful Mölle" – where men and women were allowed to enjoy each other's company at the same beach – leaving a trace of eccentric and experimental architecture from the first half of the 20th century.

Hiroyuki Arima

8008 residence . Fukuoka

hiroyuki arima

Two volumes are set on a slope. They stand apart from each other and are floating in the air. However the two are partially connected by the stair room and the upper volume is rotated about the stair axis.

Caruso St John

Grosser Burstah . Hamburg

Caruso St John . + baunetz

Caruso St John have won the competition for a new 13,500sq m office building in central Hamburg. The site on Grosser Burstah, adjacent to the Nikolaifleet canal, is part of a master-plan to restructure the area to the north of St Nicholas’s Church in order to re-establish a scale of city blocks more consistent with the older streets in the quarter.


crematorium . Zemst

NU architectuuratelier

Competition proposal for a new crematorium for Zemst, in the periphery of Brussels.
The concept is based on the scenario of the ritual. By including all functions into the interiorized landscape, all the moments, such as parking, the coffee table, the cremation are part of the ritual.

Herzog & De Meuron

Roche Tower . Basel . first window installation

nzz . 20 Minuten . +

Miguel Coutinho

Shelter for Roman Ruins . Troy

When we arrive to the parcel that is located between the Sottomayor Palace and the chapel, we enter in the domain of Venustas. The proposal is based, essentially, in a design principle that, on one hand, meets the requirements of protection of these historical continuities and, on the other hand, is able to consolidate, produce and organize the spaces and footpaths between the various portions of the archaeological field.

Ewa Juszkiewicz

Portret damy . 2013

+ Ewa Juszkiewicz . lokal_30

In her artistic output, Ewa Juszkiewicz takes up a discussion with the tradition of the portrait, reinterpreting the images of women which are well-known in the history of fine arts.


Potlatch! . Madrid

elii . photos: © Miguel de Guzmán

The project for El Ranchito 2014 revolves around an ancient gift-exchanging ceremony that was held by the tribes of the American Pacific coast and was known as potlatch.


PEGE . Strasbourg


There appears to be one constant about academic buildings; they require extensions, often at the cost of their own initial aualities. The existing Management School building in Strasbourg, France, is no exception. The competition asked for a freestanding volume on top of the existing parking, filling completely the only outdoor space of the plot.


Christ & Gantenbein

Ancient Tree Pavilion . Jinhua

Christ & Gantenbein . Photos: © Iwan Baan . + architizer

The upswinging town of Jinhua in the hinterland of Shanghai is situated along a recently embanked river. Within the city lies a park, designed by artist Ai Weiwei and accentuated with 17 different pavilions.

Sigmar Polke

Paganini . 1981-1983

photos: © 2014 The Estate of Sigmar Polke/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany . + MoMA

Widely regarded as one of the most influential artists of the postwar generation, Polke possessed an irreverent wit that, coupled with his exceptional grasp of the properties of his materials, pushed him to experiment freely with the conventions of art and art history.


telus sky . calgary

big . telus . +

Gehry Partners

AGO Staircase . Toronto

© Maris Luksis
Gehry Partners . photos: © Maris Luksis . © Jeff Howard . + Tecmit . ago

Staircase that soars from the second floor, linking Walker Court to the new centre for contemporary art and new event space.

Herzog & de Meuron

Stadt-Casino . Basel

Herzog & de Meuron . Stadt-Casino

Entstehung und städtebauliche Zerstörung der Kulturmeile des 19. Jahrhunderts
Am südlichen Rande der Basler Innenstadt entstand mit der Schleifung der Stadtbefestigung und dem Abbruch der angrenzenden Areale des Barfüsser- und St. Magdalenenklosters im Verlaufe des 19. Jahrhunderts entlang des neu angelegten Steinenbergs eine eigentliche Kulturmeile, die stark von den städtebaulichen und architektonischen Visionen der damaligen Zeit geprägt war.


Spare Bank . Stavanger


The desire to create a new headquarters building for Spare Bank is a chance for the bank to define itself in the best possible way. It raises fundamental questions such as how can the building, despite its size, be human and accessible? A building that fits the scale of the surrounding area and that is inviting to all. How can it create a space in which open space can be combined with intimacy? An office where people feel at home.

Josef Albers

Medios mínimos, efecto máximo

+ Fundación Juan March

Doug Wheeler

rotational horizon work . 2014

+ David Zwirner

An avid flyer since childhood and an eventual pilot himself, Wheeler has long been fascinated by the illusory quality of landscape as glimpsed from the vantage point of an airplane.


Espace Monestie . Plaisance-du-Touch

PPA . photos: © Philippe Ruault

The project is part of a typical suburban area. It is located in the town of Plaisance du Touch in the west of Toulouse, about 15 kilometers from the center of the city.

ECDM architectes

Logement rue de Meaux . Paris XIX

ECDM architectes . photos: © Benoît Fougeirol