Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos

Viaje al Interior de un Huerto . Nigüelas

Serrano + Baquero Arquitectos . fotos: © Serrano + Baquero y Javier Callejas

Se propone la puesta en valor y en uso de un huerto abandonado que ha permanecido intacto en el límite del núcleo urbano y los cultivos agrícolas, haciendo un ejercicio de memoria y ofreciendo al pueblo un nuevo espacio público: un huerto de gestión colectiva, un parque y un espacio escénico usado como cine de verano, escenario para actuaciones y conciertos y plataforma para la conocida banda del pueblo.

Ree Morton

Sin título . 1971-1973

+ Museo Reina Sofía

La obra de Ree Morton (1936, Nueva York-1977, Chicago) se sitúa en el contexto de la escena artística de los Estados Unidos a principios de los 70, caracterizada por una enérgica reacción contra el expresionismo abstracto de posguerra, que se reflejó, por un lado, en el minimalismo y, por otro, en el arte conceptual y el arte pop.

Herzog & de Meuron

Tate Modern extension . London

photos: © stevekeiretsu . © Danny Birchall -mockup-

Coll-Leclerc Arquitectos

Sant Gregori School Remodelling and Extension . Barcelona

Coll-Leclerc Arquitectos . photos: © José Hevia . + archdaily

The comission focussed on the reform, improvement and extension of the existing facilites from 1972. The extention will include, an underground parking, 6 kindergarden classrooms, 6 additional primary level classrooms and a new elementary school of music with its 300 seats auditorium which will also be a gymnasium for the entire school.

RCR Arquitectes

Casa Para Un Carpintero . Olot

RCR Arquitectes . photos: © BG . © Hisao Suzuki . + urbarama

La riqueza espacial en una vivienda en altura para las buenas vistas, en la empinada ladera de un volcán, no puede venir sólo de la fluida relación de la estructura bidimensional del espacio. Gran parte de su riqueza se establece en la estructura tridimensional y en su relación con el panorama o en su contacto con la ladera.

Hiroyuki Shinozaki architects

house S . Saitama

Hiroyuki Shinozaki architects . photos: © Fumihiko Ikemoto

Single house for a family in Saitama.




The in part two-floor balconies, loggias, terraces and winter gardens face east and west. The ground floor to the 4th floor consti­tutes the plinth volume with vertical façade elements, which is crowned by the actual resi­dential tower. The appear­ance of this tower is dominated by cubic structures that are inserted in the western façade with axes that are slightly offset towards the south, giving the building a scale-like structure. The closed surfaces of these exposed concrete cubes serve as solar collectors at the same time.


NOIE . Tokyo

Madoka Aihara & Tomokazu Shimizu / YUUA Architects & Associates . photos: © SOBAJIMA,Toshihiro

A cooperative house with eleven dwelling units located in the suburb of western Tokyo. Firstly, skeleton plan was provided to the potential residents. Infill design was developed based on this skeleton frame. Under such scheme, the challenge was to develop the space dynamically through interactivity of the skeleton and infill design instead of simply adjusting the infill design into the skeleton frame.

Jinman Architects


Jinman Architects . photos: © Kyungsub Shin . + wallpaper

Eight family members layered terrace house in Pangyo-dong.

architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

Woning Scheeplos . Gent

architecten de vylder vinck taillieu . photos: © Filip Dujardin . + VAi

Een kleine arbeiderswoning vroeg om de typische upgrade van keuken en badkamer, en extra leefruimte in de richting van de tuin; de bestaande achterbouw werd door de vylder vinck taillieu simpelweg afgebroken en nagenoeg opnieuw opgebouwd. Zij het met de verborgen agenda van de ontwerper. Achter het huis sluiten twee nieuwe volumes op elkaar aan, in rode baksteen en elk met een zadeldak. Het ene volume leunt tegen de buur aan, het tweede staat in het midden van het perceel.


Guggenheim museum . Helsinki


Regenerating a void.

Herzog & de Meuron

Ciudad BBVA . Madrid

Herzog & de Meuron . BBVA . + vídeo

Entra en funcionamiento la nueva sede de BBVA en Madrid diseñada por Herzog & de Meuron.



AZPML . renders: © SBDA

The Gate building sits at the West entrance to the campus. It includes mostly administration facilities, and some representation spaces, meeting rooms and a few commercial facilities such as post office, info centre, exhibition area… It has an area of approximately 21,000m2 and acts as a security gate into the campus, welcoming visitors and students alike.

Javier de las Heras

Nueva Zubiaur Musika Eskola . Amorebieta-Etxano

Javier de las Heras

Entender el edificio Zeleieta Zentroa como un organismo autónomo.
Convertir su medianera en una fachada más y así completar y resolver todo el perímetro del equipamiento existente.

Aires Mateus Associados

Casa na Rua de São Mamede ao Caldas . Lisbon

Aires Mateus Associados . photos: © Ricardo Oliveira Alves |

A succession of everyday spaces occupied the lower floor of an 18th century building on castle hillside. The estate existed ilustrating a period and an identity that were clouded due to extended neglet. The plan for the house elected spatial values, designed geometric affinities, precision in relation to exterior windows. The garden made ir possible to enhance the depth of the view over the Baixa rooftops and the river. An existing addition was rebuilt to house more private functions. The secular spaces were opened up to incorporate more significant uses. The unexpected discovery of a cistern crosses the depth horizontally and connects with the sky, the most protected space of the house.

Stéphane Beel

Silo Building . Wijnegem

Stéphane Beel . + Kanaalsite

The re-shaping of the Silo Building is a delicate task. On one hand, the massive silos must be preserved as a beacon within the locality. On the other hand, the new interventions must meet contemporary demands for light and view, comfort and safety.


Pabellon de baño Olot

VI Bienal Española de arquitectura

Marie Lund

Torso . 2014

+ Laura Bartlett Gallery

The works in Dip address core concerns in Lund’s practice, interrogating the limits of the object. They lean on the history of photographic processes and techniques, erasure and imprint, as well as sculptural processes of casting and carving, bringing into play contemporary concerns surrounding the precarity of object-hood in a dematerialised world.

Carmody Groarke

White Cube gallery . Glyndebourne

Carmody Groarke . + photos: © Luke Hayes . + dezeen

Construction of the temporary pavilion for White Cube completed.


Promenada - City Center Pedestrian Zone . Velenje

ENOTA . + photos: © Miran Kambič . © branko & nik navršnik -aerial views-

The Velenje "Promenada" is an important city space and a vital city thoroughfare. It is one of the central axes of the centre of Velenje, a young town designed in the 1950s, based on the Modernist ideal of the garden city; as such, it is unique in the Slovene space. The renovation of the Promenada represents the first step towards the gradual revitalisation of the city centre. It's tasks are to supply the city with the missing programmes and to help it reclaim its original character of a town-in-a-park. A successful renovation, informed by the awareness of the excessive surfaces designated for traffic, must bring together two requirements seemingly at odds with each other: "More greenery and more programme."


Art Gallery of New South Wales expansion . Sydney

SANAA . + Art Gallery of New South Wales

Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA has been selected to work with the Art Gallery of New South Wales to design the Sydney Modern Project, following an international architectural competition that commenced in September last year.

Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider

Haus der Zukunft . Berlin

Brandlhuber+ Emde, Schneider . renders: © P O N N I E I m a g e s

Das Haus der Zukunft folgt den Anforderungen nach flexibler Ausstellungsfläche, vielfach differenzierter Öffentlichkeit und einer auf natürlichen Ressourcen beruhenden, kontinuierlich optimierbaren Infrastruktur.

ECDM architectes

Thiers street Housing building . Boulogne-Billancourt


Housing building in Boulogne-Billancourt.

H arquitectes . DataAE

Centre of Scientific Research ICTA-ICP  . Barcelona

H arquitectes . DataAE

Centre of Scientific Research ICTA-ICP  . Barcelona

H ARQUITECTES . dataAE . photos: © Adrià Goula . + dezeen

The new building of the Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA)1 and the Institut Català de Paleontologia (ICP)2, located on the campus of the Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona (UAB) will represent the University two-fold: on the one hand, being part of the facade that shows the University to the highway, and on the other, inside the campus, being an example of sustainable architecture.

Moneo . Moneo Brock

Northwest Corner Building . New York

Rafael Moneo Arquitecto . Moneo Brock Studio . photos: © Michael Moran . + archdaily

With the addition of this building, Columbia University, one of the world’s most prestigious institutions for arts and sciences, greatly expands its capabilities in an interdisciplinary approach to scientific research. The building is located on the Northwest corner of the University’s historic Morningside Heights Campus designed by McKim, Mead and White in 1897. It adds approximately 4.500 m2 of laboratory space and 2.000 m2 of classroom, office and study space. It also includes a 1.300 m2 research library, a 170-seat auditorium, a public café and a new entrance to the University’s Basketball and Volleyball Gymnasium.

Gálvez + Wieczorek Architecture

Collective Visions . Next Helsinki competition

Gálvez + Wieczorek Architecture

La producción de nuevas imágenes colectivas, la expansión de las posibilidades de la realidad a través de la imaginación más radical, y la visualización de nuevos escenarios es una parte fundamental de un ecosistema ideal.
Un ecosistema en el que las relaciones entre organismos- humanos o no- y sus entornos- construidos o no- nacen desde las preocupaciones de las tres ecologías: medioambiental, social y mental (imaginativa).

Christer Strömholm

Gina, Place Blanche, París . 1964

foto: © Christer Strömholm . + Fundació Foto Colectania



Depot Hard . Zurich

Xaveer De Geyter, XDGA . + Stadt Zürich

Selected competition proposal.

Zoka Zola

Pfanner House . Chicago

Zoka Zola . photos: © Roland Halbe . + archinect

The Pfanner House explores an evergreen architectural issue of architectural boundaries and the idea of an open space, and sets itself a task of opening one space to the other space.
Much was said in recent years about the Self and the Other. That would mean that in order to accept another person we do not need to expect them to be like us, not even exaggeratedly different than us, but just accept them as being Other. Other just means that – OTHER – without judgment, comparison, pretenses toward the other, without categorizing the other, (without saying ”he or she is like this or that”), but instead acknowledgement of the Other. There is a certain “COOLNESS” that is involved, in a way when we are glad of the distance and at the same time very aware of the Other.

Günther Förg

Untitled . 1991

+ Greene Naftali

A seminal figure in the generation of post-war German artists including Martin Kippenberger and Albert Oehlen, Förg’s multidisciplinary practice—initiated in the mid 1970s—foregrounds a dialogue between painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture. Always interested in a critical investigation of modernism and its legacy, Förg challenged artistic conventions, equally considering the pictorial field, the frame, and the physical space beyond it.

Morger + Dettli Architekten

hilti art foundation . Vaduz

Morger + Dettli Architekten . photos: © Valentin Jeck

Xavier Monteys

Filharmònica màgica

"Potser la lliçó d’aquest edifici és que l’arquitectura, per formar part de la ciutat, pot també ser escenogràfica i pot, sense complexos, resoldre la seva aparença segons lleis diferents que la resta de l’edifici."

+ article complet: EL PAÍS

Estudio Barozzi Veiga

AD Interviews

+ ArchDaily

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Irónicamente, la vida es a veces como esos reproductores para ordenador recién estrenados. Buscas con impotencia

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Huyendo de lo pintoresco cayeron

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Nadie nos regala con tanta facilidad elogios encendidos como aquellos

Aires Mateus

Sci Nordico Center . Campra

Aires Mateus & associados . + espazium

Competition entry. 2nd prize.

Enric Duch

Schwäbische Alb

fotos: © Enric Duch . + Enric Duch photography

RCR Arquitectes


RCR Arquitectes . photos: : © RCR Arquitectes . + vincent parasie

El proyecto trata de restaurar las ruinas de un antiguo castillo dotándolo de un programa cultural en el tema de la cocina. El proyecto activa el patio del castillo y sitúa el programa a ambos lados del mismo, haciendo revivir este vació, susceptible ahora de utilizarse para realizar eventos festivos del pueblo. El acceso se realiza por el porche. A un lado se localizan la cocina, la sala de exposiciones y la sala de proyecciones, y al otro los talleres para los artistas invitados, los niños y las dependencias administrativas.

Lacaton & Vassal

Campus RTS . Lausanne

Lacaton & Vassal . RTS

Competition entry. 2nd prize.

langarita-navarro arquitectos

Sunflower House . Port de la Selva

langarita-navarro arquitectos . photos: © luis díaz díaz

Moving their home to the outer limits of a small town in the province of Zaragoza is the wish of a newly married couple about to retire. Embodied in their decision lies the conviction that it is possible to both undergo a radical change and still enjoy the comforts of their previous life. To explore this dual situation a project has been designed which attempts to evade its usual position as a solution at the end of a process and to take positions as starting point or state previous to the development.

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Sunflower House . Port de la Selva

Cadaval & Solà-Morales . photos: © Sandra Pereznieto . + wallpaper

Located right in front of the Mediterranean sea, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Spanish coast, the Sunflower House intends to relate directly to the astonishing landscape that surrounds it. The house also deals with the extreme weather conditions of its location: a very windy peninsula of “la Costa Brava” right near to the Cap de Creus National Park.

Carmody Groarke

Maggie's at Clatterbridge . Merseyside

Carmody Groarke . photos: © Luke Hayes . © Richard Davies -model-

Carmody Groarke has designed a new interim Maggie’s Centre with the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in the outstanding natural landscape of the Wirral, Merseyside. The Centre serves residents of Merseyside, Cheshire and the surrounding area offering free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends.

Martín . Moya . Oliver . Reina


A. Martín, J. Moya, C. Oliver, A. Reina . fotos: © S. Martorell . © C. Oliver

Urbanizar como transformación que permite la continuidad del ecosistema existente.
Todo lo que aparece en la imagen estaba allí antes de que llegáramos: libélulas, espigas creciendo en piedras-banco y frenos de tractor convertidos en reposabrazos.


Vivienda unifamiliar . Collado de la Vera

Elii . + Selecta HOME

Propuesta para el concurso organizado por Selecta HOME en Collado de la Vera (Extremadura) con la participación de Héctor Fernández Elorza, Carlos Quintáns, SAMI Arquitectos y Elii, ganado por el primero.

2b architectes

Jolimont Nord Office building . Mont-sur-Rolle

2b architectes . photos: © Roger Frei

Situé sur une parcelle extrêmement étroite prise entre l’autoroute A1 et une ligne à haute tension, le projet utilise ces contraintes par le développement d’une morphologie singulière proposant un bâtiment étroit et long exploitant le maximum du potentiel constructible, tout en respectant les contraintes présentes, et offrant par sa longueur une protection acoustique au quartier de logements existant en contre-bas.
Son implantation semi-enterrée respecte le gabarit maximum autorisé, tout en proposant deux accès différenciés au bâtiment : un accès clientèle côté rue et un accès pour le personnel en aval, au niveau inférieur.

Jean Nouvel

ZAC Saint Just . Marseille

Jean Nouvel

This 65 000 square meter, 15 level housing project consists of 486 apartments in total – 186 public units, 166 student units, 83 units for purchase, 51 units for rent, and 500 parking places in the basement (3 levels).


Kinsbergen . Sports Center . Walchwil

Raumbureau . Jan Kinsbergen Architekt

The municipal competition brief asked for the development of a center for local recreation, sited in the moorlands on a plateau 930 meters above Lake Zug. The design proposes a sequence of artificial platforms—-football ground, practice field, clubhouse, future sports hall—in the gently modulated landscape.


harbour pedestrian bridge . Esbjerg

COBE . Esbjerg

COBE together with Jorton, SM Valmont, MOE and Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson have won the international competition for a new promenade and pedestrian bridge connecting Esbjerg harbour - Denmark's biggest harbour as regards area - with the city center of Esbjerg. The 280 m long bridge takes shape as a branch gradually connecting and growing between the harbor edge and the city. Each turn offers new vantage points with unique views to Esbjerg, the historic surrounding landscape and the water front.

SAMI Arquitectos

Vivienda unifamiliar . Collado de la Vera

SAMI Arquitectos . + Selecta HOME

Propuesta para el concurso organizado por Selecta HOME en Collado de la Vera (Extremadura) con la participación de Héctor Fernández Elorza, Carlos Quintáns, SAMI Arquitectos y Elii, ganado por el primero.

Rosa María Ballester

Casa La Rambla . Cartagena

Rosa María Ballester Espigares . fotos: © Ignacio Espigares Enríquez

El enclave del proyecto se encuentra en un entorno agrícola, área dominante en la planicie del Campo de Cartagena dedicada a un cultivo de nuevo regadío intensivo gracias a la extrema fertilidad de sus terrenos. Por estas particulares características, la normativa vigente establecía que la construcción existente, casi en ruinas, no podía ser derribada para construir una nueva.

Baumschlager Eberle . Bauer

La Maison du Savoir . Esch-sur-Alzette

Baumschlager Eberle . Christian Bauer et Associés Architectes . photos: © Eduard Hueber

The University of Luxembourg is one of the most recent in Europe. 2005 the government decided to locate a new “Cité des sciences” in the urban district of Belval in Esch-sur-Alzette.

Carlos Bunga

Herzog & de Meuron

nouveau stade . Bordeaux

© Iwan Baan

Herzog & de Meuron . Ville de Bordeaux . photos: © Francis Vigouroux . + archdaily

Our project for the new Bordeaux stadium is an expression of fundamentally new architecture. The pure shape of the volume, by contrast to its light and open structure, creates an at once monumental and graceful architectural piece elegantly suited to the grand landscape of Bordeaux.


400sqm library . Briosco


Capriano di Briosco is a small settlement of 2,500 inhabitants located 49km far from Milan. A new public library, in such a small context, should be able to stimulate a dialogue with the community, becoming a strong centrality, a space that people can enjoy.

Gonçalo Sena

Nada cresce . 2015

+ Galería Heinrich Ehrhardt

La obra de Gonçalo Sena (Cascais, Portugal, 1984) propone la conversión de la pura energía en la materialización de un acto. Sus proyectos siempre se sitúan al filo de la navaja; construye dualidades en un contexto a medio camino entre la escultura y la arquitectura, entre los procesos físicos y los mentales.

Jean Nouvel

53W53 residential tower . The New York

Jean Nouvel . + Bloomberg

The skyscraper at 53 W. 53rd St., designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and rising next to the Museum of Modern Art, will start marketing its 139 apartments next week.