Frundgallina architectes

Établissement médico-social . Croy

source: Frundgallina architectes . Canton de Vaud

Un vaste terrain situé en bordure de village a permis la réalisation d’un nouvel EMS pour la région du Nord-Vaudois.
Le parti architectural est d’implanter un volume compact situé au centre de la parcelle, à la manière d’une ancienne demeure sise au milieu de ses terres, comme il en existe encore dans cette région. L'établissement offre 36 lits de longs séjours et 4 unités d'accueil temporaire.


Shinjuku Gardens . Tokyo

source: courtesy of cheungvogl

In the feudal eras, the creation of parks and gardens [not necessarily intended as public spaces] was out ruled by the authoritarian master and urban planning of the imperial leadership [as in many long-time historical developed nowadays metropolises, such as Paris, London and Berlin]. Today’s democratic systems, respecting private property and development, are literally incapable to create further green spaces [green lungs] in the inner city’s boundaries, regarding land ownership and cost.

campos costa arquitectos . PROAP estudos .

mercado e zona costeira de quarteira . vilamoura

source: courtesy of campos costa arquitectos

O conceito para o mercado municipal de quarteira é recuperar a importância do mercado no tecido urbano, como rótula de fluxos e dinamizador estruturante da cidade. Centralizando-o e colocando-o como bomba de fluxos, tanto para as praias e cidade de quarteira como para as praias de vilamoura. Nestes termos, queremos recuperar o papel do mercado como valência  essencial na construção, estruturação e desenvolvimento da frente marítima de quarteira e vilamoura, sobretudo na sua grande capacidade de articular, canalizar , reabilitar, criar fluxos, e conferir qualidade ao espaço público.


International Centre for Competitive and Popular Sports . IZLB . Winterthur

source: sport.winterthur . em2n

Das Internationale Zentrum für Leistungs- und Breitensport am Sportpark Deutweg
soll weit über die Stadt Winterthur hinaus ausstrahlen. Dementsprechend wurde eine
Architektur gesucht, die den nationalen und internationalen Anspruch des IZLB in eine
moderne und einprägsame Sprache übersetzt.

Hayakawa . Kowalczyk

Private sky

João Luís Carrilho da Graça

Lisbon cruise terminal . Lisbon

source: João Luís Carrilho da Graça . portodelisboa

The first prize in International Competition for the Cruise Terminal in Lisbon,
launched by the Lisbon’s Port Administration (APL), was attributed to the architect
João Luís Carrilho da Graça. The jury also distinguished the proposals by other

Gigon Guyer Architekten

Museum Folkwang . Essen

source: Gigon Guyer Architekten . phase 1

Reportaje: (pre)parados / 10

"Ante la explotación y los abusos, hemos decidido crear un sindicato"

El sindicato, que no revela su número de afiliados, calcula que el 60% de los arquitectos que ejercen en España lo hacen como falsos autónomos. "Contra lo que más estamos luchando es contra arquitectos de otra generación que fomentan un sistema ilegal", explica Ramón Durántez (35 años), portavoz de SAE.

artículo completo: El País

Steven Holl Architects

V&A centre for design . Dundee

source: V&A at Dundee . Steven Holl Architects

At night the building casts a white shadow on the Tay. A floating image, it measures time by how the building body shimmers with the passing river's rushing water. Transformed by the river, it is a gossamer architecture in rivery air... Suspended in ripples of sparkling light.

MVRDV . Mole Architects

The Balancing Barn . Suffolk

gutiérrez-delafuente arquitectos . tallerde2

Centro de día para niños . Selb

origen: gracias a gutiérrez-delafuente arquitectos . Autores del proyecto: gutiérrez-delafuente arquitectos (Natalia Gutiérrez y Julio de la Fuente) + tallerde2 ( Álavaro Martín y Arantza Ozaeta) . fotos: gutiérrez-delafuente, tallerDe2, SelbWERK GmbH, Feigfotodesign.

Experiencias y proyectos en Selb: una acupuntura curativa a una acupuntura preventiva en una ciudad menguante (shrinking city).

Experiencias y proyectos en Selb, Baviera, Alemania, tiene su origen en el Concurso Internacional de Jóvenes Arquitectos Europan 9. En el año 2007 los dos jóvenes estudios madrileños, gutiérrez-delafuente arquitectos y tallerDe2, se presentan formando equipo a Europan 9, Selb, obteniendo el primer premio.

Studio Banana TV

entrevista Nieto Sobejano

vídeo: Studio Banana TV 

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Villa Voka .  Flanders Chamber of Commerce . Kortrijk

source: courtesy of OFFICE KGDVS . photos and plans:  © Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen . more

The office building housing the Chamber of Commerce in West Flanders stands like a villa in the landscape of the urbanised edge of Kortrijk. The building is conceived as having two faces, like the Roman god Janus, showing distinctly different aspects to the street and the garden. The representative façade on the street side, completely of glass, displays the organisation’s operations like a billboard in a giant concrete cabinet.


Flockr . Get It Louder Pavilion . Shanghai

source: SO-IL . GIL . archdaily

For the first time, Get It Louder will feature a specially-commissioned outdoor structure serving as focal point, event hall and gathering space. Called “Flockr,” the first-ever Get It Louder Pavilion has been designed by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu of New York-based SO-IL. The designers, who received this year’s prestigious Young Architects Award from New York’s Museum of Modern Art/PS1, have brought their practice of destabilizing architecture to an experimental pavilion covered in thousands of ever-shifting reflective panels.

JDS architects

Julien De Smedt’s lecture at Columbia University

source: JDS architects

Julien De Smedt’s lecture at Columbia University on the subject of Performative Projects, given on the 13th of September, 2010.  Captured by Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. 

Mateo Arquitectura

New Headquarters of PGGM Insurance Company . Zeist

source: Mateo Arquitectura . video: Tiago Camara . more photos

Located nearby the city of Zeist, close to Utrecht,
the tender put forward the requirement for increasing the offices in the current building by 25.000 m2, and at the same time recover a park by means of the construction of a 25.000 m2 underground car park.
The project takes into consideration the relationship with the enviroment and the surrounding neighbourhood buildings in order to maintain compactness which recovers the logic of the increase in size of the inicial building.

alcolea+tárrago arquitectos

Pista deportiva La Figuerassa . Palafolls

alcolea+tárrago arquitectos . fotos: Pedro Pegenaute

Las bases del concurso proponían cubrir una pista existente de hormigón de 40 x 20 metros mediante una solución que permitiera, en hipotéticas fases sucesivas, el cerramiento parcial del espacio. A la dificultad de solucionar estructuralmente una cubierta y con medios bastante limitados, se añade el hecho de insertar la pieza en un medio natural de gran calidad paisajística: el Complex Esportiu de La Figuerassa. Resolver estas solicitaciones desde la economía de medios y gestos es el principal reto de la propuesta.

Bettini + Studio Des

Polo Scolastico Sportivo . San Pietro Viminario

source: courtesy of Nicola Tommaso Bettini

The Urban project
The principal finality of the intervention is becoming ideal completion of the existing fabric and to constitute a new zipper among the two inhabited nucleuses of S.Pietro and Vanzo.  The scholastic building is thought as part of an ample territorial system, considered according to relationships to provincial and regional dimension.  They also delineate to the outside open spaces to which we have attributed a variety of functions. The project of the green is built departing from the matrixes of the local territory, also in the consideration of the landscape that continually comes to rotate trought different epochs: the building of the school, to its  way, overwrites and moltiplicates the landscape of this area.

Formo design

Kolo competition

source: formodesign

Axis Mundi

Whitney Downtown Museum . NYC

source: Axis Mundi

New York architects Axis Mundi  have re-imagined the Whitney Downtown Museum with a self-initiated proposal that is raw and provocative, and as bold in spirit as the original Breuer building on Madison Avenue.



LOOP - BIG's LOOP CITY from BIG on Vimeo.
source: BIG

Dias . Matos . Santos Silva

Europan 10 . Entroncamento

source: archdaily

The railway complex served as a structuring element for
development of the city,
having been a source of employment and
had, for decades, a strategic importance in terms of accessibility and
trade. Over the years, with economic and social changes, the complex
lost functions, and the revitalization of the area is imperative.

LAN Architecture

40 housing units . Paris

source: LAN Architecture

The major urban interest of Ilot 4.2 lies in its position: it will act as a fulcrum between Boulevard Pereire and the new ZAC (Urban Development Zone), creating a kind of transition between ‘black and white photograph’ Paris and the three-dimensional "Grand Paris" project.
Ensuring this transition was the core concern underlying our strategy, which involved trying to understand the fundaments of the Haussmanian typology. 

Néstor Marcos

Centro Cívico de la Ajerquia Norte . Córdoba

origen: gracias a Néstor Marcos

El proyecto se plantea desde el análisis en sección del lugar y del grano de vacío con el que estamos trabajando, que responde a un carácter tipológico de este ámbito de la ciudad de Córdoba.
La zona de actuación está oxigenada por dos grandes vacíos, la Plaza  San  Agustín  y  los jardines  adosados  a   la  Iglesia  de  San Agustín. No menos importante es el paisaje de cubiertas al que nos enfrentamos y en el que se pretende actuar manteniendo una estructura tipológica y cosiendo con una serie de faldones que darán continuidad e identidad al lugar, sabiendo dialogar con esa referencia del barrio como es el campananario de la iglesia, que estará presente en todos nuestros puntos de vista.

Foster + Partners

Sperone Westwater gallery . NYC

source: Foster + Partners . archdaily . photos: Nigel Young

Sperone Westwater celebrates the opening of its new gallery on the Bowery in New York with an inaugural exhibition by Argentinean artist, Guillermo Kuitca. Nearly 35 years after its conception, Sperone Westwater continues to exhibit an international roster of prominent artists working in a wide variety of media. Its new building, designed by Foster + Partners, doubles the exhibition area and pioneers an innovative approach to vertical movement within a gallery setting.

Aires Mateus e Associados

interviewed by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Eduardo Souto de Moura

M9 Museum . Venice

source: m9museum . Eduardo Souto de Moura  . model photos: Fondazione di Venezia . ORCH/orsenigo_chemollo

The M9 project and the reconversion of the former convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie into a commercial centre conserves the facades and the most important parts of the structure of the existing buildings and envisages the demolition of only a few divisor walls. The strategy adopted is to insert the access points (stairs and lifts) into the narrower body, maintaining free that of the wider one for the shops. In order that the commercial centre doesn’t have blind corridors and that conditions are optimum for sales, the escalators are positioned in a way to oblige the public to walk through the entire length of the floor to go up or down.

Brito.Rodriguez arquitectura

Casa M.B . Óbidos

source: courtesy of Brito.Rodriguez arquitectura

The intervention provides a silent dialogue with the surroundings, a simple expression in a
landscape characterized by continuous and steady pastoral hills. There are spaces of
intimacy, reflection and contemplation directing the view outwards and beyond its limits
to experience the subtle sensory impressions of the place.

Estudio Nieto-Sobejano

Ampliación del museo San Telmo . San Sebastián

source: museo santelmo Nieto-Sobejano . video . fotos obra. más: dezeen

La ampliación de un edificio sugiere inevitablemente una reflexión en torno a las transformaciones que experimenta en el espacio y en el tiempo. El propio Museo de San Telmo, en su condición actual, no es sino el resultado de un largo proceso de modificaciones sucesivas que han alterado parcialmente su carácter físico y funcional a lo largo de los años. Su ubicación en la franja de encuentro entre la estructura urbana y la topografía del monte Urgull es reflejo -por otra parte- de un problema urbano muy característico de San Sebastián: la solución de un límite nunca completamente resuelto entre paisaje natural y artificial.

Rael . San Fratello

Sukkah of the Signs . Sukkah City competition . NYC

source: sukkahcity . Ronald Rael . Virginia San Fratello

Just as the sukkah commemorates shelter provided during the forty desert-wandering years of Exodus, the design for our sukkah brings attention to the contemporary state of homelessness and wandering within the United States and is clad with signs made by the homeless and destitute. By purchasing homeless signs from the individuals who made them, we are also contributing to a meal for someone who might not otherwise be able to eat today in honor of the primary and traditional role of sukkah, which is a feast of bounty, of hospitality, and of welcoming strangers.

Iodice architetti

Campus UIMP . Santander

source: courtesy of iodicearchitetti

The idea was that of a natural extension of the existing downstream, toward the Parque de Las Llamas.
The project is set in the sense orthogonal to the contour lines, to facilitate this requirement, as well as to intercept and take over the park Las Llamas is located downstream.
The project lies on the contour lines without making any kind artificial operation on the ground, then the result is a system that seems to arise from the existence, where one puts the same altitude, until it became independent with a great identity is spatial and functional.

Concurso: Viena House of Music (VHOM)


origen: ArchMedium

El House of Music es un nuevo tipo de escuela de música que supondrá para Viena un importante lazo de unión entre la historia y el presente de la ciudad.  El edificio tendrá que resolver dos programas diferenciados; una escuela de música/conservatorio y un nuevo espacio público de  que se relacione con el parque y la ciudad.
El proyecto busca relacionar la música y la naturaleza a través de la arquitectura.  El Stadtpark es el sitio elegido, su importancia en Viena y por ubicarse en la famosa Ringstrasse.  El ejercicio tiene la dificultad de estar cercano al casco histórico y en medio de un parque, a la vez que se ubica junto a un pequeño canal y dos grandes avenidas.

La convocatoria es pública y está abierta a todos los estudiantes de grado, que puedan acreditar mediante algún documento oficial (matricula, carnet de estudiante, etc.) su condición de estudiante en el momento en que se abre el periodo de inscripción.
También pueden participar aquellos estudiantes de postgrado cuyo título de grado no tenga más de 3 años de antigüedad (de ese modo se considera una formación continuada).
La participación puede ser individual o en grupo, siendo seis el máximo número de integrantes por equipo permitido. Se permiten equipos con integrantes de distinta nacionalidad y universidades. Cada equipo participante debe pagar una cuota de inscripción.

Anttinen Oiva Architects Ltd

Townhouse . Helsinki

source: ksv . Anttinen Oiva Architects Ltd

Pep Avilés

Reproducir y repetir . Breve reflexión sobre las fachadas de los años 50

texto completo en: circo

una muerte metafórica que nos remite a los últimos halos de vida de un movimiento moderno que estaba atrapado en sus propios dogmas, y que pronto vería su
reformulación. Sin embargo, esta reformulación no fue nunca completa, pues estaba inevitablemente vinculada a la repetición del modelo original, perpetuándose una vez más. La presencia de la retórica industrial en la crisis de la modernidad ocupa uno de los estratos más significativos en la arqueología de la postmodernidad y nos ayuda a entender la recalibración discursiva de las superficies arquitectónicas en los últimos años.

Vaíllo & Irigaray + Galar

CRRSU . Central de recogida de residuos sólidos urbanos . Ripagaina

origen: gracias a VAILLO + IRIGARAY . fotos: Jose M. Cutillas . fachada

arquitectura bio-morfica
Una CRRU es un edificio limpio: es una edificación capaz de convivir con el resto de usos de una ciudad: no es un edificio que haya que esconder: sin embargo la mayoría de ellos resultan edificios fabriles, industriales, “ciegos”, insensibles al entorno,...
En este sentido se ha querido dotar a esta central  de ciertos rasgos bio-mórficos, capaces de acentuar su personalidad para la convivencia: es un edificio que mira y huele: posee nariz y ojo.


Science City North Campus . Copenhagen

source: COBE

Under the leadership of the Copenhagen/Berlin based office COBE, an international, interdisciplinary team of architects, planners, landscape architects, engineers and economists wins the competition for the extension of Copenhagen University and other knowledge institutions at Copenhagen’s North Campus.
The architect/planner and COBE partner Vanessa Miriam Carlow says: “As a former student of Copenhagen University, I am very proud to be involved in the future development of this Science City of Copenhagen”.

Ensamble Studio

La Trufa (truffle) . Holiday house

photos: Roland Halbe . abitare . archdaily

The Truffle is a piece of nature built with earth,
full of air. A space within a stone that sits on the ground and blends with the territory. It camouflages, by emulating the processes of mineral formation in its structure, and integrates with the natural environment, complying with its laws.

Buchner Bründler AG Architekten

Wohnungsbauten . Köniz

photos: courtesy of BBARC

Juan Ignacio Mera

Hospedería . Villafranca de los Barros

origen: gracias a Juan Ignacio Mera

Es interesante observar en términos de modernidad las acciones que se produjeron en dos lugares míticos. La Alhambra de Granada y la Mezquita de Córdoba. Mucho se ha escrito a propósito de la barbarie del cristianismo en la intervención de estos dos lugares. Defiendo desde un punto de vista arquitectónico, que estas acciones son todo menos bárbaras.

Iñaqui Carnicero

Hospedería . Herrera del Duque

origen: Iñaqui Carnicero . planos en europaconcorsi

Busmann . Haberer

AIP . Astrophysikalisches Institut . Potsdam

photos: Busmann Haberer

Cheungvogl . Bernardo B Crespo

CDM . 26 Houses . Manta

source: courtesy of cheungvogl

CDM is a residentiale development overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the coastline of Manta, Ecuador. The design enhances the existing waterfront by creating a modern living community. The project consists of 26 + 2 houses with a private rooftop swimming pool in a common lounge area. SiteThe site covers 2360 square metres and has an easy connection with the Capital Quito, Guayaquil and other major cities.

García . Laliena . Herreruela . Fernandez


photos: Europan 10

Frundgallina architectes

Maison familiale . Neuchâtel

source: Frundgallina architectes . vitrocsa

Ce projet a permis de poursuivre notre réflexion sur l'insertion d'un objet dans un contexte urbain existant. Cette problématique a été abordée en confrontant, dès le début du processus de conception, les paramètres définissant le lieu et ceux caractérisant l'affectation de l'objet. En résumé, "quel est le lieu" et "quelle est la définition de l'objet dans ce lieu".

Pont12 architectes

Reconstruction du Parlement vaudois

source: courtesy of Pont12 architectes

Laura Alvarez Architecture

4D LIFE . Space and Time . Groningen

photos: Laura Alvarez . archdaily

Frank Gehry

Beekman Tower . New York

source: Frank Gehry . photos unless quoted: Alex (Darth Vader) more  

Diller Scofidio + Renfro

The Creative Arts Center . Brown university .  Providence

source: Diller Scofidio + Renfro . Brown university . photo: Iwan Baan . more: archdaily

The Creative Arts Center is intended to advance new directions
in teaching and research, and cross boundaries between the arts, sciences and the humanities. The 36,000-square-foot building includes a 200-seat recital hall and 35mm screening facility, a recording studio, multimedia lab, gallery space, and large multi-purpose production studios. Next in the species of the loft typology, the building is made up of large uninterrupted floor plates with interior surfaces ranging from raw to refined. The building program utilizes three floor plates that fill the site envelope.

Rem Koolhaas


Preservation’s continuing emphasis on the exceptional – that which deserves preservation – creates its own distortion. The exceptional becomes the norm. There are no ideas for preserving the mediocre, the generic.


Sports Park . Velenje

source: courtesy of Enota  

The area of the new Velenje sports park lies on a very important location between the City Park and the lake. Lake area is already a popular recreation point of citizens and it also offers great scenery with lake, extensive greenery and beautiful hills behind. Velenje Sports Park is therefore designed as an open uniform surface, accessible as much as possible to the townspeople and other visitors.

Flores & Prats Arquitectes

Plaza en el Besos . Barcelona

origen: planos . Flores & Prats . fotos: Álex García . Adrià Goula . gracias Ricardo Flores y Eva Prats

El proyecto elimina una antigua calle que pasaba por delante del edificio de viviendas y trae todo el espacio público contra él. La relación de las porterías con la plaza pasa a ser muy directa, en continuidad. Una extensión de los vestíbulos de las viviendas y de los bares, que colocan sus terrazas junto a los juegos.

Foreign Office Architects

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication . London

source: Foreign Office Architects . dezeen . façade pictures courtesy of George Rex Photography . more info: arqa

The new building for the Ravensborne in Greenwich will be located facing the Millennium Dome building. By moving to this extraordinary location, the colleague aims to update its facilities, engaging with digital technologies and becoming a hub for the design and media industry expected to flourish in this new sector of London.


In Tension . Sukkah City competition . NYC

source: sukkahcity . SO-IL

The sukkah is conceived as a simple kit-of-parts easily transported by a single person. Using the principles of tensegrity allows for a light weight structure that offers adequate space for rest, feast and contemplation. The net that wraps the structure creates a soft veil, transparent enough to be inclusive, but dense enough to create a sense of being. One enters the sukkah by lifting one corner of the net. At the top, the net dips down to become the carrier of branches and leafs offering shade and a natural touch. The seemingly magic organization of forces in space gives the sukkah a cosmic atmosphere.

Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos

M9 Museum . Venice

source: m9museum . Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos . model photos: Fondazione di Venezia . ORCH/orsenigo_chemollo

M9 is situated in the heart of Mestre. Its strategic position requires an intervention which will act as a catalyst, optimize, and give life back to the whole area in order to transform Mestre into a modern city capable of reinventing itself as the capital of a vast metropolitan area.
Just as master perfume makers create their scents combining plant and flower essences so that by opening the bottles their fragrance is diffused and invades the area around it, projecting Acqua Veneta we have composed sixteen “bottles” to contain the exhibitions which will display in a fresh way and with transparency the radical changes which the residents of the Veneto have made possible both socially, culturally and economically in the last century. The “bottles”, with their necks open to the ground allow exchange, the entrance of people and ideas.


Semi-detached house. Kraków

photos: NArchitekTURA

Javier F Contreras . Dingting Chen

Europan 10 . The curious incident of the flower towers . Bottrop

origen: gracias a Javier Fernández Contreras


1. New equipments. Bottrop ground floor plan will resemble the one Nolli made for Rome a few centuries ago. And precisely that is the spirit of the whole intervention: a city that can be walked lineally -following the street pattern – or crossed transversally -going through the equipments – .