Dominic Leong

The Game of Architecture

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If one is to take Francois Lyotard’s report
on postmodernity seriously, the value
of knowledge in today’s advanced societies is not evaluated on the basis of ideological
criteria but on criteria of “performativity,” or how useful it is.

Herzog & De Meuron

Elbphilharmonie . Philharmonic Hall extension . Hamburg

photos: elbphilharmonie-bau . webcam


Detention Center for Minors . Palézieux


When two entities meet, there can occur
a place or a non-place ; sympathy or antipathy ; an affirmation or a denial ; sensibility or brutality. Finally, an edge or a limit. But, what is the difference between an edge and a limit? The limit is in the space, the edge is in an interstice of the space. The limit is absolute, the edge is relative. A limit is a denial, an edge is the affirmation. The limit is physical, the edge is psychological. Two entities which meet, inevitably refer to one of these concepts, no matter the level of consciousness of this interaction.


Lofthaus . Basel

photos: BUCHNER BRUNDLER AG . video

Das Lofthaus ist ein sechsgeschossiges Wohnhaus 
mit  je  einer Wohnung pro Etage, im Erdgeschoss sind es zwei. Von der Eingangshalle fährt man mit dem Lift  direkt in die Wohnungen.



photos: POLYFORM



photos: © iwan baan

By introducing a thick curving wall within the existing
5000 s.f. building envelope, one large main space unfolds into four smaller nooks. Mirrors along the walls enhance the spatiality of the store and create visual continuity between adjacent spaces. The curving geometry and thickness of the wall allows for the conventional methods of lighting and display to be rethought through the logic of the “niche,” while a single, continuous light-diffusing membrane floats above the space, giving a sense of depthlessness.

MGM Arquitectos

Sede Fundación Arquitectura Contemporánea . Córdoba

photos: arquitecturacontemporanea

El símbolo más preciado que representa a la arquitectura es
El Espacio.
Dado el carácter simbólico como representación y fomento de la propia arquitectura que tendrá este futuro edificio, proponemos que el concepto fundamental del proyecto sea el espacio.

Made in

Wettbewerb Erweiterung Kunstmuseum . Basel

photos: Walter Mair

Jojko . Nawrocki architekci

domy jednorodzinne . Rybniku

photos: Michał Jędrzejowski

Christensen & Co Architects

research building . Technical University of Denmark

photos: Christensen & Co Architects

Cross disciplinary collaboration is an essential
ambition of this new 4.500m² building at the Technical University of Denmark. Both research and education are accommodated within the lush and playful interior which is due for completion in 2012

Andrés Jaque

Construire Avec la Société at L’Architecture D’Aujour D’Hui

more: Andres Jaque

L’Architecture D’Aujour D’Hui  presents
a c
account of the work the office Andrés Jaque Arquitectos has developed innovating in the way architecture intervenes in the making of societies. Including some of the most debate-producer recent architectural constructions, like Casa Sacerdotal Diocesana in Plasencia, Tupper Home, Rolling House for the Rolling Society and House in Never Never Land, Ibiza.omic 

Frank Gehry

Lou Ruvo center for brain health . Cleveland 

photos: AP photo / isaac brekken .  designboom . etslee



photos: BIG

KRYDSET is a culture and activity centre
in Frederiksberg that consists of individual functions intersecting in a number of overlapping spaces with a central hub. At the crossing of the arms, a range of wedge-shaped spaces are created which allow the inner life of KRYDSET to merge with the public space.


Spinning wardrobe between two kids bedrooms . London

kawamura . ganjavian

Intervention in a loft . Madrid

photos: kawamura-ganjavian

A young couple who live in an open floor loft needs to install
their audiovisual production studio in the space but would like to keep office and flat clearly divided. Trying no to compromise the spatial generosity of the loft as it is, but defining functional transitions as well as giving a practical solution to the working space requirements, we propose a piece of furniture-architecture that integrates in one element several functions: storage of material, working platform, office shelves, dining room cabinet, bedroom cupboard, entrance to flat, staircase to mezzanine and toilet.



photos: Masao Nishikawa

C18 Architekten

St. Laurentius

photos: C18 Architekten

Herzog & de Meuron

Konzertsaal . Schweiz

photos: baunetz . on Cristoph Vogl advice

We architecture

A walking city . Master plan competition . Drammen

photos: We architecture

In The future the streets of Stromso will be green.
We will create a district that is 100% on the pedestrians premises. And these green areas in Stromso should be for everyone.There should be public space for sports, cultural, relaxation, play. lnstead of refining the green areas, we propose to let them spread out through the streets in the northwestern part of town and continue up to and Tollbugata Stromso square.

Point Supreme Architects

Europan 10 . Trondheim

photos: Point Supreme Architects

Adam Khan Architects

New Horizon Youth Centre

photos: Adam Khan Architects

The refurbishment and extension of an established day centre
for young homeless people.
Centred on the concept of Home, and how to invest an institutional building with the nurturing qualities, the flexibility, ease and generosity of a welcoming, settled house.

Yushi Uehara . Zerodegree Architecture

Elementary School Complex . Techum

photos: Christian Richters . archdaily

Benedetta Tagliabue

entrevista  Benedetta Tagliabue . EMBT

vídeo: Studio Banana TV 


Church . San Antonio de Chépica

photos: courtesy of Cheungvogl

US Geological Survey recorded six earthquakes of above 7.0 magnitude in the
first quarter of 2010 which claimed over 200,000 lives.

Josep Llinàs

Teatro-Auditorio Atlàntida . Vic

photos: dezeen

Atelier do Cardoso

Castle competition . Arraiolos

photos: Atelier do Cardoso

Quem conta um conto acrescenta
um ponto. Com um programa específico que define três tipologias de utilização totalmente distintas, na nossa proposta de intervenção prevalece uma perspectiva de unidade projectual que, por si só, responda a questões como modo de uso e circulações.

Ecosistema urbano

Temporary urban extension in a former landfill . Maribor

photos: holcimfoundation

The area in the district of Pobrezje
[Maribor] is occupied by the municipal landfill, presently in a phase of renaturalization and ecological rehabilitation, a process that will take an unknown amount of time. We took this temporary circumstance as a leit motif of the project, understanding that the temporary processes are highly related to the architecture. A new landscape is built artificially, above the existing flat land, a temporary landscape, that creates a new level where it is possible to construct light structures.

Sergison Bates architects

Cultural history museum . Ronne

photos: Sergison Bates architects

The architecture of the re-organised museum
is intended to provide an intense and abstract representation of the character of the town with its clusters of buildings around open courtyards. Strong and simple forms, reminiscent of 'smokehouses' and 'rundkirkes' present on the island, are proposed which are adjusted in accordance with the scale of streets and houses close to it to make a new, but reconcilatory, architecture.


Town Hall . Tonsberg

photos: a-lab

Urban Concept
The given site is a controversial location for the new City hall. The site is in fact a leftover of the urban fabric; it has no clear identity and definition. In front is Farmand market, a square that is crying out for something that provides a clear character and dynamism, both locally and in relation to the city.

Freelandbuck . Rob Henderson . Studio Lynn

Technicolor Bloom

photos: Technicolor Bloom

Can construction enhance the sensuality
of digitally-designed architecture rather than compromise it? A kaleidoscopic installation built from 1400 uniquely cut, flat plywood panels, Technicolor Bloom was first installed at Sliver Gallery, Vienna and shown at the Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna and the Beijing Biennale in 2008.


Music theater `Fartein Valen'


Tegnestuen vandkunsten

Bernadotteskolen . Hellerup

photos: Tegnestuen vandkunsten

Vandkunsten is extending
the small, alternative bernadotte school in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen.
the new L-shaped wing embraces the exsisting villa and offers new classrooms, a hall and a roof terrace.

DUB studios

upto35 . Student housing. Athens

photos: upto35

Slice and dice
is a design logic suited to piecemeal, little by little, development. Recognizing that these sites will never be completed as a single, connected object, we developed a system for building fragmented pieces. The design articulates the fragmentation of the developement process and seeks to maximize its aesthetic potential. The idea is take a mass, cut it and pull apart at the cut allowing open space to flow through the site and the buildings that make it up.


Geschaeftshaus Neuhauser Strasse . Munich



TUEV SUED Testing Facility Prototype . Merin

photos: Terrain

Ryue Nishizawa

Art project museum . Teshima

DHV Architects

Sustainability Centre Foundation . Afsluitdijk

photos: DHV

The sustainability centre is projected on the Afsluitdijk as an
infrastructural instrument for realising sustainability. The design addresses the unique qualities of the dike, improves them and makes them visible and accessible. The design consists of a floating structure which adjoins the infrastructure at Breezanddijk. The entire programme has been incorporated into the fully flexible floating structure.

Family architects


photos: Family . mb

The central typology of the historic city of Maribor
is the courtyard block, an inward facing plan that
encloses a privately shared garden at its center.

Zaha Hadid Architecs

Dance and Music Center . The Hague

photos: denhaag

Architectural Design Concept
Zaha Hadid architects initlal approach for the design of the new Dance and Music Centre in The Hague originates from an understandig of the urban dynamics and relationship of the site with its immedíate surroundings, the Spuiplein and its relation with the Nieu-wekerk.

Zaluski . Piankowski


photos: Europan 10

What we call foam? The most general definition of foam is a substance that is formed by trapping many bubbles in a liquid or solid .Real life foams are typically disordered and nave a variety of sizes...So,what if those bubbles became a model of understanding relations in modern society?!

Arkkitehtitoimisto K2S


photos: K2S

This proposal for the Finnish pavilion
at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai is a minimalist wooden sculpture, housing a rich and diverse sequence of spaces within a compact volume.It forms a response to the fashion competition of the pavilions of neighbouring countries: by its calm and clear character it represents the durable and harmonious life in Finnish cities.

L3P Architekten

Sekundarschule Niederhasli Niederglatt . Hofstetten

photos: L3P

Chartier . Dalix Architectes

 Extension d'une école primaire . Beaumont du Gâtinais

photos: Chartier . Darlix Architectes

L'extension est envisagée comme le prolongement
de la toiture de l'école existante, et le retournement du jardin en façade. Les ouvertures forment des alcôves qui accueillent différentes activités pédagogiques: lire, écouter, travailler... Ce mur à programme, travaillé dans la masse, oriente la lumière dans la salle de classe et encadre des ouvertures noyées dans la végétation.

Brisac Gonzalez

Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire (BCU) . Fribourg

photos: courtesy of Brisac Gonzalez

Mulders Vandenberk Architecten

Villa Vista

photos: Mulders Vandenberk Architecten

Peris + Toral Arquitectes

60 viviendas públicas . Melilla

photos: ocam

La propuesta tapiz se organiza en esvástica
en torno a un núcleo central que aglutina escalera y ascensores, alrededor de un patio provisto de vegetación que genera un microclima que favorece la ventilación cruzada del edificio. Cuatro pasarelas se despliegan desde el centro para servir a cada uno de los cuatro brazos, iguales dos a dos. Se trata de calles elevadas exteriores donde los contrastes de luz, corrientes de aire y fugas visuales hacen permeable el edificio.

Xaveer De Geyter Architects b.v.b.a.

Havenhuis . Belgium

photos: xdga

Valerio Olgiati

National Park Centre . Zernez

photos: Javier Miguel Verme . archdaily

Pinto Gabriela . Ramalho Diogo

Instant House

photos: madeexpo


Teatro . Estepona


El proyecto plantea una relación vertical
y cambiante entre el espectador y el paisaje de Estepona a través del nuevo teatro.
Concentramos la edificación en el norte-este de la parcela y generamos una gran plaza en el sur. Desde la plaza, dos grandes estratos se separan y crean, en los intersticios horizontales, tres niveles para las personas: la plaza de acceso (con el vestíbulo y la sala de exposiciones), el foyer elevado (abierto a las vistas y que nos conduce a la sala principal, de 600 espectadores) y el jardín mirador de la cubierta (con capacidad para acoger espectáculos al aire libre). Los tres niveles sitúan al espectador como protagonista de la fachada.

Martínez Lapeña . Torres Arquitectos

Edifici Judicial . Barcelona

photos: Martínez Lapeña . Torres Arquitectos