Joseph Beuys

I like America and America likes me

Go Hasegawa & Associates

Apartment . Nerima

Go Hasegawa & Associates . photos: Naoya Fujii

Kazuyo Sejima

WUC2 Lecture . 12 October 2010

Kazuyo Sejima . Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

Índex número 1

Primavera 2011


Powerhouse Company

Spiral House . Combertault

Powerhouse Company . photos: Bas Princen . more: archdaily

Commissioned by a young family of wine makers, the new wing to the old Burgundy farm house hosts the visiting guests of the family. With a large living room and a series of guest rooms the extension is not only an invitation into their home, but also to experience the picturesque of the surrounding landscape. Set in the middle of a generous plot of 13.000m2, with a small river and a wide variety of old ornamental trees, the Spiral House enjoys the sweet and pastoral charm of the landscape of Burgundy.

Despite its traditional architecture, the existing house was struggling to inhabit and occupy the large garden. By contrast the Spiral House expands freely in the garden. Both are involved in a gentle swing from the ground floor to the roof level creating a wide variety of spaces, living conditions and domestic moments. It establishes a new set of relationships between the house and the garden allowing the architecture and landscape to interact.





Europan 10 . ctrl+alt+canc_ . Riga .


The primary target of the project is the creation of a new urban settlement linked at the same time to the fabric of the city (both the well-established town and the area of the new master plan) and to the natural environment
Instead of confirming the longitudinal strategy indicated by the masterplan, that steers the urban fabric through monofunctional strips parallel to Daugava River, our project believes in the need to create a break, a discontinuity in comparison with the overall strategy expected for this area.

FRAMA Architects

Schaumagazin . Brauweiler

more: FRAMA

TV2 . Continuará

Flores Prats . edificio 111

Flores Prats . más: conferencia

Jun Igarashi Architects

Rectangle of Light . Sapporo

Jun Igarashi Architects . more: archdaily

The parcel is located in the north of a city named Sapporo, where the housing block is split like a grid. Surrounded by 3 buildings, a tiny parcel that contains about 100 sqm was left over. On the east side of the building, there is a promenade with an old growth poplar forest which acts as a windbreaker. While these trees don’t have a direct influence over the parcel itself, they indirectly contribute to the building standard law, which requieres an inevitable set back distance, reducing the usable space within the parcel to 40 sqm.


Terra Panonica cultural-tourist complex . MOKRIN

Studio AUTORI  . photo: Vladimir Sretenović . more: a10 . archdaily

ksg architekten

Weinhof Synagogue . Ulm

ksg architekten

The old Synagogue has been based at the Weinhof in the City of Ulm up until 1938, when it got destroyed by the Nazis. The new synagogue building will integrate itself into the overall picture without changing the unique character of the site of this highly sensitive location, in close proximity to the Schwoerhaus in Ulm. The detached position of the structure dictates the challenges of the construction task.

NEXT Architects . MASS Studies

The Canopy . Student Pavilion Erasmus University . Rotterdam

NEXT Architects . MASS Studies . more: archdaily

Louise Scannell

New York Theater City Competition

courtesy of ArchMedium

This proposal challenges the iconic buildings and public spaces of Broadway.  The elevated fixed theatres create a landmark in this important riverside location, and create a new public space at this higher level, relating to the adjacent High Line.  At the lower level is a more open and experimental place, inviting members of the public and smaller theatre groups to put on more unconventional or improvised performances.  Once these performances have been rehearsed and polished, they may move up to be performed in the more traditional, fixed theatres.

Sauerbruch Hutton

KfW Westarkade . FRANKFURT 

Sauerbruch Hutton . photos: JAN BITTER

The KfW Westarkade is one of the first high-rise office buildings worldwide that can be run with less than 100 KWh/a/sqm of primary energy. The 15-storey, 39,000 sq m extension to the KfW Bankengruppe’s headquarters is completing an existing, heterogeneous ensemble of office buildings from last three decades. Situated in Frankfurt’s West End, it lies adjacent to the central Palmengarten Park. It houses 700 workplaces and a conference centre.

Estudio Barozzi Veiga

Auditorio Infanta Doña Elena . Águilas

Estudio Barozzi Veiga . foto: Julien Lanoo . más: archdaily

Richard Prince

Untitled (de Kooning). 2009

Gagosian Gallery . video: artreviewTV

Johnston Marklee & Associates

En Sully . lake Geneva

Johnston Marklee & Associates

A collaboration with nine international architects to design a housing development on lake Geneva. Johnston Marklee designed one of nine courtyard buildings within the master plan developed by Christ & Gantenbein Architects and Vogt Landschafts-architekten.


Once upon a time in Paris

DAMDI Publishing Co.

Modostudio . Atenastudio

e_Exterior house . Cherepotevs


The basic concept is of a house within a house, similar to a Russian doll. The approach generates three types of spaces, the interior, the exterior and an intermediary space. The intermediary space can be used as a garden or terrace and acts in a similar way to a greenhouse or double-glazing. It allows the occupants to lengthen the time for outdoor living in spite of the harsh climate. All windows in the internal space open on to the intermediary space, which in turn has windows to the exterior. The typical section is a self-supporting steel structure. The same section acts as a thermal conductor, absorbing the heat from the mass of the house and redistributing it to maintain comfortable temperatures in winter and transferring the heat in the summertime to the outside. The house is open toward the south to take advantage of passive solar gains, while the north buffers the cold with a closed insulated steel tile surface. The outer structure is open to definition by the owner, who is able to choose the use of colours and patterns to personalize the home. The steel sections can be added or subtracted to create additional home variations.

Arata Isozaki & Andrea Maffei Associati

New Headquarters of the Province of Bergamo

more: Arata Isozaki & Andrea Maffei Associati


festival centre steirischer herbst . Graz


Nomadisch wie das Festival ist auch sein Zentrum, das in jedem Jahr einen neuen Ort findet und sich dort auf Zeit heimisch niederlässt – diesmal im Forum Stadtpark und gestaltet vom jungen österreichischen Architekturkollektiv feld72. Aus alltäglichen, recyclebaren Europaletten – einem billigen, standardisierten Massenprodukt, entwickelt für reibungslosen Warenverkehr – wird virtuos ein Anbau aufeinandergestapelt und als neue Achse quer durchs Forum hinein in den Park geschoben. Die so entstehende Freilichttribüne schafft ungeahnte Möglichkeiten und verwandelt das Forum in eine Kulisse hinter und in der das Leben spielt: Kaffeehaus, Club, Lounge, Informations- und Vorverkaufsstelle, Akademie, Casino, Bühne, Konzertraum.

Aires Mateus


more: Aires Mateus

Peter Zumthor

Les thermes de Vals

LeblogArchidesign . vernissagetv

filipe magalhães

library . gaia

courtesy of filipe magalhães

It was intended to occupy a block of complex ge- ometry, in the urban mesh of vila nova de gaia, by a library that would generate approximately 3,800 m2 of indoor areas. the memory of a former gaia, connected to the port wine, is forgotten, only visible at distance, in a marginal different from other times, and, in its place, comes a new reality, a new urban area, marked by the growing importance of the car. between the new expressway and the boiling blocks, the proposal appears as a single movement, attempted to seize the land, managing its complex- ity. demarcating itself from the noise of the environ- ment and with only one floor, the library presents a massive and continuous image, in apparent con- crete, broken by the route of entry, end of the wall of support. this route, physically outside but occa- sionally internalized, summarizes the genesis of the proposal: all the distributions appear through halls, free of program, visually connected. large spaces, of being, and tightness of spaces, passages, flow through winding geometries, following the game be- tween the white of the walls, filled, and the random vain, empty. the definition of this hybrid spaces, common, addresses access to all programs. the vol- ume is based on the cube of granite. legating plastic- ity to coverage, involves itself with natural elements, becoming just another actor in the everyday life.

+ orientation by architect adalberto dias
+ selected for anuária 09 exhibition
+ finalist at secil universidades 09

Atelier Thomas Pucher

Music School, Ballet School and Georg Otsa Music School . Tallinn

more: Atelier Thomas Pucher


Cenote . Ajmakan II . Riyadh


The villa is the ultimate architectural design challenge. We offer individual solutions tailored to your personal wishes and desires. The villa lends itself to architectural experimentation, but also to design for comfort. ORANGE always stands for a high-quality finished product, for carefully chosen architectural detailing, and for sustainable architecture in the broadest sense of the term — architecture that will stand the test of time.

Lucian Freud

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping . 1995

more: Lucian Freud Portraits . tate

Jun Igarashi Architects

House of Trough . Hokkaido

Jun Igarashi Architects . more: archdaily

The site is located east of Hokkaido and the project was designed for a couple. Surroundings this site there is a neighboring house to the east and another house’s garage to the north. Preserving or framing the view was no hight priority since there is an iron factory on the south side. To the west of the house is the neighbors garden; however, there is no way to predict how this area will change over time. I designed with the consideration of climate, environment and surrounding context.

Non-depend view to surroundings

At this site, I decided to set a buffer zone on the north and south side of the house with LDK set at the center of the two buffer zones. Strong light inserts this buffer zones and the floor of south buffer zone reflects the light to ceiling, with diffusion light that enters through the curtains. The 3rd floor slab adjusts insolation as like an eaves.

Mark N° 33

Aug/Sep 2011

Mark . preview


Gösta Serlachius Museum . Mäntta


"Beautiful, elegant, and refined, this entry understands Joenniemi as a whole that forms a meeting place where art, architecture, and nature come together. Expressionless glass volumes accentuate the manor’s entrance square splendidly and assume natural positions within the scale of the existing buildings. The sculpture garden located below ground level that forms the heart of the museum is a charming solution. All galleries have a distinctive character, and the exhibition path works well. The small, pavilion-type buildings of Joenniemi and Taavetinsaari activate all of the manor grounds for the museum visitors in an elegant way."
Competition jury


Venice CityVision Competition

more: Venice CityVision Competition




The new MCBA goal is to offer a maximum permeability with the city, a building which answers to the specific program constraints, but also to the site special features. A very iconic volume from the train but still well integrated in the Lausanne city landscape, hidden by its own streets system and highly marked levels variations. As a will to offer as much public space and direct city connections as possible, the new MCBA offers in a very natural way its own roof to go down to the museum core, through a path where the roof constitutes a belvedere from which the visitor can catch sight and discover the city as well as the lake.

Go Hasegawa & Associates

Harry Gugger Studio

Headquarters PSR (ProSpecieRara) . Münchenstein

Harry Gugger Studio

Knerer Lang Architekten

Neubau Zentrum für Energietechnik der TU . Dresden

Knerer Lang Architekten . photo: Jens Weber . more: baunetz

Alexander Brodsky

Rotunda . Nikolo-Lenivets

photos courtesy of: Yuri Palmin Architectural Photography . Arkh-Stoyaniye fest

Brodsky’s Rotunda is a small building in the field. It is placed in an important viewpoint, from where one has a great panoramic view of the surroundings. It exists for one to be able to enter, set a fire in a small fireplace and enjoy the landscape. The rotunda is oval-shaped. At a lower level its perimeter is made of multiple doors, each of which can be opened. The doors were taken from the old houses, which have been destroyed. The interior of the rotunda is a 6-meter tall open space, belted with a gallery of the narrow windows at the 3-meter height, with a fireplace in the centre. One can enjoy a view of the landscape opening the doors or looking through the windows at the gallery level, as well as one can climb a flat roof by a ladder. Structurally, rotunda is a planked timber carcass. The whole building is painted white.

Gerhard Richter


more: Gerhard Richter

Brandao & Costa Lima . Rui Alves

Central library headquarters . Dublin

Brandao & Costa Lima

Steven Holl

'Urbanisms: Working With Doubt'

The Glasgow School of Art

Kazuyo Sejima

Small House . Tokyo

Kazuyo Sejima . photos: Bissum . fleshmeatdoll 

Bernard Tschumi Architects

Acropolis Museum . Athens

Bernard Tschumi Architects . photos: Nikos Daniilidis . Christian Richters . Peter Mauss/Esto

The challenges of designing the new Acropolis Museum began with the responsibility of housing the most dramatic sculptures of Greek antiquity. The building’s polemical location added further layers of responsibility to the design. Located at the foot of the Acropolis, the site confronted us with sensitive archeological excavations, the presence of the contemporary city and its street grid, and the Parthenon itself, one of the most influential buildings in Western civilization. Combined with a hot climate in an earthquake region, these conditions moved us to design a simple and precise museum with the mathematical and conceptual clarity of ancient Greece.

El Croquis 156

Valerio Olgiati

El Croquis . MUSEO XXI, PERM

Gutiérrez Pulido . Pérez Palacios

De vuelta a La Ribera . Cáceres

Go Hasegawa & Associates

House in a Forest . Nagano

Go Hasegawa & Associates . Shinkenchiku

Jun Igarashi Architects

Shounan House . Kanagawa

Jun Igarashi Architects . photos: iwan baan . more: archdaily

The site is located at an intersection in the Kanagawa prefecture, west of Tokyo. It is a 10-minute walk from the station in an area with many older housing buildings. Across the street on the north side, there is an enormous factory behind a two story wood construction apartment. On the south side there is a three-story housing complex and  on the west side there is an old abandoned house. This project is larger than the surrounding building because there is no gift tax due to the reconstruction of an existing building.

Caruso St John Architects

MCBA . Lausanne

more: Caruso St John Architects

V. Andjelkovic . D. Adzemovic Andjelkovic . A. Bogojevic . R. Pavlovic

Venice CityVision Competition

Venice CityVision Competition

“The problems of Venice are all intertwined (flooding, tourisam, space, environment,population): each aggrivates the others. Because the salvation of Venice is a hotly debated issue, most of the solutions have not yet been put into practice. No one seems to know who to please, the citizen or the tourists. Venice, with its rich historical landscape, attracts thousands of tourists a year. As a result the city is slowly giving in to a phenomenon known as urban tourism. As tourist functions take over more and more space, residents and businesses are forced to move to the mainland causing the population to decline. As a result of these conversions, the culture is slowly becoming purely tourist. Over time, the city has attempted to expand by filling in canals and creating concrete extensions like the Tranchetto. However, these attempts cannot fulfill the demands for space and new and growing corporations move to the mainland, taking jobs and people with them.”

„Upper Town“ allows residents of Venice to form an attachment to the land and they are directly related to the city, to feel his energy and rich heritage that stimulate the new ideas and thinking. „Upper Town“, although designed to be futuristic, is not far from the technological trends and implementation. Conceived as a self-sustaining organism, it uses solar energy to be turned into their daily needs and do not pollute the environment. Parallel “extra” modern city, allows constant observation and study of the city as a sociological phenomenon.

By observing and analyzing the data it would be possible to improve conditions of life in Venice. So the real Venice residents can actively participate in the daily life of the city, with the ability to activate the devastated zones of urban tissue.


The Periscope Project

ENS_Projects . more: The Periscope Project

Avanto Architects

Expo 2010 Sauna Kyly . Shanghai

Avanto Architects 

JKMM Architects invited us to design the sauna department in Finnish pavilion in expo 2010 using Kyly concept. The sauna is built by simply laying logs over each other, resulting in an intimate composition of several spaces. The structure of the logs is hollow to keep the sauna as lightweight as possible and still keeping the feel of the timber. The air pocket inside each log works as insulation. Moreover the structure is easy to dismantle and to put up again for future use.
The sequence of spaces starts by stepping into a dimly lit, wooden sauna lounge from the ballyhoo of the surroundings. You undress in an enclosed dressing room. A shower space is set one step further. The most intimate space is uppermost - the sauna. A rich composition of spaces is created with very simple means. The smell, texture and acoustic properties of wood create a strong atmosphere - a calm wooden nest. Kyly is a modern interpretation of a traditional log sauna. It represents both the timeless qualities and the contemporary concept of wellbeing. 

Elmgreen and Dragset

"When a Coutry Falls in Love with Itself" . 2008

more: Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

Jorge Ruiz Boluda

reserva de la biosfera . lanzarote

Jorge Ruiz Boluda

Nuestra propuesta reflexiona sobre la capacidad de la arquitectura para interactuar y dar respuesta al entorno en el que se inserta, un entorno complejo pero a su vez de gran atractivo y valor.
Con el futuro Edificio Sede y Centro de Interpretación de la Reserva de la Biosfera de Lanzarote proponemos la búsqueda de un nuevo orden espacial de relaciones equilibradas con el medio urbano, al reducir la capacidad formal del objeto arquitectónico a través de la limpieza y esencialización del volumen, por un lado en un claro gesto de integración del edificio en el privilegiado entorno en que se inserta, y por otro como homenaje a la arquitectura tradicional lanzaroteña, caracterizada por volumetrías limpias y blancas.

Awards for Emerging Architecture

The Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Awards

Herzog Architekten . Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten


Herzog Architekten . Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten

Studio Banana TV

XI Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennale

Studio Banana TV


Museum . Jøssingfjord 


SEA and GARK's have proposed a new sustainable building for Jøssingfjord Museum. The new museum is the centre point for visitors coming to experience the sublime landscape and cultural attractions of Jøssingfjorden. The building is gently raised from the ground so the landscape and small mountain lakes flow seamlessly under the building. Furthermore a fresh air courtyard and openings in the facades and roof enables the visitors to be in constant dialogue with nature.

Hal Foster

Modern Art and Mimetic Excess . July 15, 2008

Cornell University

Ferran Vizoso

Casa a Port d’Addaia . Menorca

más: quaderns

Kunihiko Matsuba . Ksuke Fukushima

Sake Brewery . Hirozakari

Kunihiko Matsuba . photos: Tomoki Hirokawa

A glass of water with a single drop of ink:
Neither purely transparent water nor visibly colored water; colored water in the strict sense of the term, which nevertheless has no color that can be perceived by human vision; neither 0 nor 100; somewhere between 0.1 and 1, and infinitesimally close to zero―our design policy may be described as such.

Our plan is to reconstruct the former Hirozakari Sake Brewery site owned by Nakanojo-machi, Gunma Prefecture, as an event facility (first period of this year). As the owner of Shima springs, Nakanojo-machi has recently been taking an active part in promoting cultural and art events, including the Nakanojo Biennale. The former Hirozakari Sake Brewery site has been used as the center for these events. For this plan, we created designs for the construction of facilities to store and exhibit eleven bird-hunting drums, which are designated by Gunma Prefecture as important tangible folk cultural properties, along with designs for the renovation of the existing warehouse and washroom.