House in Nipponbashi . Osaka

WARO KISHI+K.ASSOCIATES/Architects . photos: © Hiroyuki Hirai

This house was built on an extremely small plot of land in downtown Osaka. Measuring 2.5m, the facade of the building fills the entire front of the site. The house is 13m deep, and as for the lower three floors ceiling heights were kept as low as possible.


Le Grand Palais . Paris


To our contemporary eyes, the Grand Palais is both an idea and a symbol of modernity. It is a hybrid building in terms of its architecture, its usage and its history. Neither a museum nor a simple monument, its architecture has an identity all its own, centered around the notion of a “culture machine,” a spatial means for hosting a vast diversity of events and audiences that exponentially exalts the site’s “universal” and “republican” vocation.

Sophie Calle

Voir la mer . 2013

photos: © Damien Bailly . + Galerie Perrotin

Valloire is an alpine ski resort at an altitude of 1.430 meters. The church Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption is a 17th Century Baroque church in regional style.

LAN Architecture

Industrial Center . Salle d'Angles

LAN Architecture

One of the major challenges of the operation is given by its size: the building represents approximately one tenth of the parcel, the rest remains empty, consisting of a field of possibilities to transform.

Batlle i Roig Arquitectes

Rete ferroviaria diffusa . Trento

Batlle i Roig Arquitectes . Vincenzo Cribari . Marco Malossini . APIA XXI

Il Trentino sud occidentale a oggi risulta deficitario d’infrastrutture per la mobilità sostenibile e collettiva. La parte Sud-Occidentale della Provincia in particolare presenta una serie di criticità anche nelle connessioni viabilistiche.


Rete ferroviaria diffusa . Trento


La sfida lanciata dalla PAT per questo progetto ha trovato fin da subito il gruppo di progettazione aperto ad ogni soluzione che risultasse congruente con gli input dell’ente banditore, ma soprattutto sostenibile, sia sotto il profilo tecnico-economico sia secondo quello ambientale.

José Miguel de Prada Poole


José Miguel de Prada Poole . + cyan mag

Dominique Perrault Architecture

DC Tower I . Vienna

Dominique Perrault Architecture . photos: © DC Towers / Michael Nagl

When an architect delivers a building it is always an extremely emotional moment, marked by the end of a long process of mediation, from absolute potentiality of early sketches to fine tuning in situ of final details. An actor, for a time, in the endless development of territories, the architect exits the scene. He hands over the controls to those he has been working for. This is the moment when architecture transitions from the intellectual, conceptual state to the fundamentally physical and real.

Bernardo Bader

Sauna . Koblach

Bernardo Bader . photos: © Marc Lins

Die bestehende Situation in Koblach am Ausläufer des Kummenberges auf einer Restfläche von dreieckigen Zuschnitt ist schwierig.

6a architects

Dom Hotel Redesign . Cologne

6a architects . + baunetz

Redesign of the roofscape and ground-floor facade of the Dom Hotel. Restricted competition. Recognition.

Ratio Arkitekter 

city hall . bodø

Ratio Arkitekter . bodø

Competition entry. Finalist.

Thomas Heatherwick

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa . Cape Town

Thomas Heatherwick . Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

Zeitz MOCAA, a new not-for-profit institution, will be housed in the historic Grain Silo at the V&A Waterfront, with the V&A committing over R500-million to the development required for the establishment of the Museum.

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Stamps with Paintings

photos: © Roberto Ruíz . © Francesc Daniel . + Projecte SD

Widely recognised for his conceptual approach to books, photography and other material, Hans-Peter Feldmann bases his work on the collection and re-arrangement of pictures and all sort of objects emanating from our daily lives, in a mixture of ready-made and artistic intervention.

Hugh Strange Architects

Architecture Archive . Somerset

Hugh Strange Architects . photos: © David Grandorge

Located within the context of a working Somerset farmyard, the new building provides an office and store that houses the client’s architectural and family archives.

Zoomfactor Architectes

11 housing BBC . FIRMINY

Zoomfactor Architectes . photos: © sa2t grand-angle-photographie

Located in Firminy, known as one of Le Cor­busier’s «Cité radieuse» location, our building benefits from its central situation. Facing the street in the north, the 4-storey unit responds to the necessity for urban integration.



+ AR full interview

The Anglo-Saxon version of branding means you try to reduce something to its essence and then ram that essence down everyone’s throat.

Valero . Martínez Cañadas . Mengual

Sensorial Hug . Europan 12 . Helsinki

Special Mention . design team: Lorena Valero Miñano . Jose Ramón Martínez Cañadas . Enrique Víctor Mengual

The aim of the proposal is getting a hybrid and self-sufficient territory in the city of Helsinki to complement the Laakson and Aurora areas. We understand the district as an activity center where private and community life are mixed and connected, defining new lifestyles and investing in community life.

Laure Prouvost

For Forgetting"

+ New Museum

Selldorf Architects


Selldorf Architects . photos: © Jason Schmidt

For David Zwirner’s second location in Chelsea, Selldorf Architects designed a 30,000 sf building that will be the first LEED certified commercial gallery in the U.S. The neighborhood’s industrial-aesthetic is the inspiration for the exposed concrete façade.

DIAZ DONCEL arquitectos

concurso ASIENTO 4SOL . Madrid

DIAZ DONCEL arquitectos . coam

Primer premio.

Linazasoro & Sánchez Arquitectura

concurso PIENSA SOL . Madrid

Linazasoro & Sánchez Arquitectura . coam

Propuesta ganadora del concurso PIENSA SOL, “El sol del membrillo” de José Ignacio Linazasoro y Ricardo Sánchez (Linazasoro & Sánchez Arquitectura), que propone recuperar el espacio y eliminar los elementos que contribuyen a su degradación.

Friis & Moltke . Wienberg

Villa Wienberg . Aarhus

Friis & Moltke . Wienberg Architects . photos: © Mikkel Rahr Mortensen & Gitte Kjær . + archdaily

Both outside and inside, the atmosphere is cooling and calming. As soon as the foot touches the ground of this protected corner-plot, a special feeling wraps itself around you like a soft shawl: A feeling of being pleasantly, mysteriously alone in one of the great forests of Finland – or perhaps of stepping into a universe, where Yin and Yang finally found their perfect balance and harmony. It is quite difficult to believe that actually you are in a very traditional residential neighborhood, Højbjerg, situated in suburban Aarhus.

Monica Bonvicini

Straps&Mirror . 2010

+ Galleria Massimo Minini

Monica Bonvicini’s practice combines a meticulous attention to form with an equally pressing examination of the social aspect of architecture and public space, as well as how it can be used to construct sexual identity.


Oast . KENT


Kent is characterised by rolling landscapes, apple orchards and oast houses, used to dry hops as part of the beer-brewing process.

Juan Socas

ReEvolution in Mannheim . EUROPAN 12 . MANNHEIM

Runner Up . Juan Socas

Hauser & Wirth

Re-View: Onnasch Collection

+ Hauser & Wirth

Mansilla + Tuñón . Albornoz

Cúpula de la Energía . Soria

mansilla + tuñón arquitectos . Carlos Martínez De Albornoz . fotos: © DESPACIOFOTOGRAFIA | Tomás Miñambres . Luis Argüelles

Como en el inicio del actual ciclo del universo, se propone un big bang. Una intervención energética y optimista capaz de cualificar el conjunto de espacios naturales y artificiales que rodean al Edificio Institucional de la Ciudad del Medio Ambiente en Soria, la Cúpula de la Energía, dotándola con una poderosa condición representativa y energéticamente eficaz.

Thomas Eggerer

Giro . 2013

+ Petzel Gallery

While drawing has always been a key component in Eggerer's painting, sumptuous color now plays a central role in relation to his drawing: the newly-enlarged figures are now embedded in expansive fields of color that have been poured, brushed, and scrubbed, effectively reversing the artist’s usual hierarchy of figure and ground.

Mendes da Rocha . Bak Gordon . mmbb

new Carriage Museum . Lisbon

Paulo Mendes da Rocha . BAK GORDON ARQUITECTOS . mmbb . photos: © Arménio Teixeira

Um projeto para as novas instalações do Museu dos Coches levanta, primordialmente para a arquitetura, duas questões básicas.
Do lado da Museologia, um critério básico para a exposição do notável patrimônio; do lado do Urbanismo, a implantação no recinto monumental, amparada no projeto governamental “Belém Redescoberta”.

Ravetllat-Ribas . Josep Ferrando


Ravetllat-Ribas . Josep Ferrando . fotos: © Pedro Pegenaute

El nuevo edificio del Campus de las “Terres del l’Ebre” se encuentra en la zona del Parque Ferial de Tortosa, al norte de la ciudad, en un ámbito emplazado entre el río Ebro y el barrio de Remolins.

Dellekamp Arquitectos

Casas Mestre . Valle de Bravo

Dellekamp Arquitectos . fotos: © Sandra Pereznieto . + domus

Casas Mestre es un conjunto de tres viviendas agrupadas/adosadas ubicado en un terreno inclinado en las afueras de Valle de Bravo. Fue diseñado con un sistema de terrazas para minimizar la excavación y maximizar las vistas al lago y con orientación Sur.


art depot of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen . Rotterdam


+ Museum Boijmans . baunetz

MVRDV was chosen winner of the competition for a 14.000m2 public-private art depot of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Rotterdam city council will decide at the end of 2014 whether to realize the building. After winning MVRDV was disqualified from the competition for a breach of the tender regulation but won a preliminary injunction at the court of justice of Rotterdam.

del Río . Bhatia

EN POINTE . Europan 12 . Kagran

runner-up . Lorena del Río . Neeraj Bhatia

The site of Kagran is unique in that it is characterized by complete infrastructural separation, forming an island of building types that operate at a scale closer to urbanism than of architecture.

Juan Baraja

Nº9 5ºDCHA . 2011

fotos: © Juan Baraja . + Juan Baraja

…Se trataba de representar un lugar que desaparecería varios días después para convertirse en otra cosa.
Transitar por la casa, vacía y deshabitada durante años, con las ventanas cerradas y la luz entrando por los huecos de los cerramientos antiguos, fue el esquema de este proyecto. Intenté alejarme de la idea de ruina y del sentimiento de nostalgia que ofrecen estos lugares para fotografiar mi percepción de la casa.

Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects

Lakeside Center . Prospect Park

Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects . photos: © Michael Moran / OTTO . + interior design . archdaily

The current ice skating rink in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park serves fewer than 2% of the annual visitors to the Park – all concentrated in the coldest winter months. During the rest of the year, the rink is unusable. The new Lakeside Center at Prospect Park will replace the existing rink with a parking lot and the existing parking lot will be transformed into a place for recreational skating and hockey. This will be a destination that works as a sports facility and as a place for pleasure, where proficiency and poetry meet.

Johnston Marklee

Menil Drawing . Houston

Johnston Marklee . + culture map

The Menil Drawing Institute is the first freestanding facility in the United States created especially for the exhibition, study, storage, and conservation of modern and contemporary drawings.

Tato Architects

House . Kawanishi

Tato Architects . photos: © Shinkenchiku-sha . + dezeen

The project presented an unusual challenge: A public walkway ran adjacent to the western boundary of the house. It narrowed awkwardly from a three metre-wide road on approach from the north to a mere seventy centimetres on the eastern border to the southern corner of the site.


Paradise Lost

PKMN [pacman] Architectures . photos: © Javier de Paz

The “Universal Grid” suggested by Superstudio in the early seventies, it wasn’t able to give us back to the Paradise Lost praised by John Milton, where an idyllic naked Adam and Eve took a walk below treetops. An energetic and informative orthogonal grid in competition with the multidirectional cloud protecting the jewish people pilgrimage through the desert and turning their tents into useless devices, a new “life without objects”.

Herzog & de Meuron

MKM Museum Küppersmühle Extension . Duisburg

Herzog & de Meuron . + baunetz

Extension of MKM Museum Küppersmühle already remodeled by the architects in the nineties.


Duca D’Aosta New hotel . Milan


Onsitestudio won a restricted competition for a new hotel in Milan with 170 rooms in the center of the City. The project proposes a new building substituting an exsisting one and representing a strong urban element of the Central Station square, just opposite to the Pirelli skyscraper. The object of intervention is only a portion of a 1953’s building originally designed by arch. M.Baciocchi. The hotel will open April 2015.

Bevk Perović arhitekti . B-Architecten

Social housing project Luchtbal - Luca fase 2 . Antwerp

Bevk Perović arhitekti . B-Architecten

Competition. 1st prize

A cop d’ull

Cultura visual fotogràfica recent a Barcelona

+ La Virreina Centre de la Imatge

Iñaqui Carnicero

Nature Interpretation Center . Ithaca

Iñaqui Carnicero-Alonso . Lorena del Río

The nature interpretation center will be located within the limits of Ithaca, where there’s barely any sign of small constructions on the horizon. This is our focus point. We try to capture distance with our view because it allows us to contemplate the attractive geometry of the ploughed fields, the olive and vine tree plantations and the random encounters with nature. For this reason, our building gets distorted, it turns, it gets fragmented and i trises, as if it were imitating the vine branches, capturing the best shots of the immediate surroundings.

Michelangelo Pistoletto

Quadro da pranzo (Lunch Painting) . 1965

+ Luhring Augustine

Exhibited for the first time in 1966, in the artist’s studio in Turin, the Minus Objects comprise a group of disparate sculptural objects, striking for their individuality as well as their sheer diversity of form, media and means of production.

Alberto Campo Baeza

The Olnick Spanu House . Garrison

Alberto Campo Baeza . photos: © Javier Callejas . + archdaily

The place is of profound tranquility where after a day of rain and fog an intense light reflects in the stilled mirror of the majestic Hudson River´s deep waters.
A place where twilights are a thousand colors as the water breaks into a thousand reflections. A place where the air is clean and calm, and mild. One could say a place that is very close to heaven.

Adam Bresnick arquitectos


Adam Bresnick arquitectos . fotos: © Eugeni Pons . © Adam Bresnick arquitectos -estado previo-

La iglesia del Convento de las Jerónimas de Brihuega fue construida en 1596. Fue hospital durante una batalla de la Guerra de Sucesión Española en 1710 y posteriormente saqueada en la Guerra de la Independencia. Sobrevivió las vicisitudes de los años y finalmente fue abandonada por las monjas en 1969, debido a su estado ruinoso.

Andrés Jaque

Congreso Arquine No.14


Estudio Carme Pinós

Caixaforum . Zaragoza

Estudio Carme Pinós . renders: Canografías . Caixaforum

We started the Project considering two challenges:
First: a building capable of “making the city”, by its singularity as well as by the public spaces generated.
Second: a building that connects with the city and the new park through remote perspectives as one goes through it, but at the same time it should provide introspection in the exhibition halls.



+ art in berlin . kw-berlin

Jacob García . José Jaraíz

casa con tres patios Mies van der Rohe

imágenes: © Jacob García . José Jaraíz

Imágenes en 3d como resultado de un trabajo de investigación realizado por Jacob García y José Jaraíz.


The New Market Square Cover . Renens

Localarchitecture . photos: © Matthieu Gafsou Photographie

The market square’s new cover represents a sensitive approach to urban planning that is as much an engineering feat as a challenge for the town planners. The aim has been to combine nature and novel architecture to create a harmonious and symbolic whole that is adapted to all the activities associated with Renens's town centre


ArtA | The Arts Cluster . Arnhem

BIG . Allard Architecture . + archdaily . rijnboog

ArtA will house the Museum Arnhem and the Focus Film Theater in a new cultural facility - bringing together creative professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and visitors locally and regionally. Attractively located at the waterfront, the axis of the site forms a symbolic connection between the historic city center and the Rhine River. We propose a simple building volume with two poles: The Film Theater facing the city and the Art Museum facing the river.


ArtA | The Arts Cluster . Arnhem

SO – IL . Architecture Studio HH . ABT . + archdaily . rijnboog

Competition . shortlisted proposal

Patricia Treib

Accoutrements . 2013

+ Wallspace

Treib’s paintings are composed around sensuous details, absences, and shifts in perspective.

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Peter Kunz Architektur

Joëlle Tuerlinckx


photos: © Stuart Whipps . © Filip Vanzieleghem . + Arnolfini . Galerie Christian Nagel . wiels

Tuerlinckx's site-specific practice often focuses on the formal properties of gallery spaces, the role of museums, and the museums’ relationship to their communities.