KSG 3 maisonette + 1 house . Setagaya

BE-FUN DESIGN . photos: © Hiroyuki Hirai

The site is located in a quiet residential area of Setagaya, Tokyo Japan.

Gerry Bibby

Candy Says Big Decision Endless Revisions . 2008

+ silberkuppe

The artistic production of Gerry Bibby is intentionally difficult to pinpoint, but thereby plants its foot in yet unchartered territory.

ricardo bak gordon

riverfront bar in belém . lisbon

ricardo bak gordon


South Beach ACE Convention Center . Miami

BIG . ACE . + Miami Curbed

Nuno Brandao Costa . rüst & gerle

krematorium hörnli . basel

Nuno Brandao Costa . rüst & gerle

3rd Prize

Albert Oehlen

Moderne Farbkonzepte [Conceptos modernos del color]

+ La Casa Encendida

Josep Cisquella

Moving staircase

+ El Quatre


South Beach ACE Convention Center . Miami

OMA . ACE . + Miami Curbed

Miami Beach Convention Center master plan with fully reconfigured convention center, a new hotel, the renovated Jackie Gleason Theater at center; low-rise residential on the west side and a new-look 17th St. garage.

Atelier Loidl

Archäologisches Besucherzentrum Petriplatz . Berlin

Atelier Loidl

The open space at the former Petriplatz combines two decisive aspects, which enhance this location to a magnet for visitors by an effectful interplay of the new Archeologic Visitor Center and the Bet- und Lehrhaus.

Bakker & Blanc

Refurbishment of Villa Maraini . Roma

Bakker & Blanc

De fait, la „Barbabietola“ est à l’origine de la croissance de tout ce qui a affaire à la villa Maraini, au sens propre comme au sens figuré.

Sixto Marin Gavin

Tanatorio . Almudévar

Sixto Marin Gavin . photos: © Pedro Pegenaute . + archdaily

The town of Almudévar is in the region of Huesca, 18 km SW from the capital, and is settled on top of an isolated hill.

Enric Jardí

Women & men

+ Enric Jardí


SYNAPSITY . Europan 11 . Norrköping


The design in a low-density area, divided by the physical and mental barrier represented by the main road, tries to create a generative method of transformation.

Eulalia Grau

Rich and Famous (Ethnography) .1972

+ huffington post

Carmen Izquierdo

Domkyrkoforum . Domkyrkoplan

Carmen Izquierdo . photos: © Åke E:son Lindman . + archdaily

The site of the new cathedral forum is central Lund, in direct connectionto the cathedral itself.

Naruse Inokuma Architects . Hiroko Caribe

Flat . Setagaya

Naruse Inokuma Architects .photos: © Masao Nishikawa


eme3 2013

call for projects

+ eme3




Se pretende conseguir la continuidad en los planos horizontales y verticales que conforman el espacio público.

Jan Kotik

Die Fläche versucht nach Luft zu schnappen

+ Jiri Svestka Berlin

Jan Kotik is an important figure of the 20th century Czech art and belongs to the few artists, whose work has a distinct place in the international context.


Housing Neufrankengasse . Zurich

EM2N . photos: © Simon Menges . + baunetz

The project develops from the exciting location between two extremes: the inner city Kreis 5 (District 5) and an expansive area of railway tracks.

bogevischs buero architekten

Mixed use hall . Munich

bogevischs buero architekten . photos: © Michael Heinrich . © Margreth Berdychowski . + detail

Der Gewerbehof wird in München-Laim mit ca. 14.000 qm Bruttogeschossfläche errichtet und bietet optimale Räumlichkeiten für kleine und mittelständische Betriebe.

Cláudio Vilarinho

engineering research institute . guimarães

cláudio vilarinho . render: VÖSA studio

David Chipperfield Architects

HEC School of Management . Jouy-en-Josas

David Chipperfield Architects . photos: © Yohan Zerdoun

A new emblem for the HEC family, this project serves as the main entrance to the campus, as well as a liaison between the existing and future buildings that will comprise the school.

Josep Miás

Iaac Lectures Series MAA 2011-2012



concurso San Francisco Fire Department Headquarters (SFFDH)

+ ARCHmedium

BIG . Spacescape .Testbed . Topotek 1

new city vision . Kiruna

BIG . Spacescape . Testbed studio . Topotek 1 & Man Made Land . Resource Vision

Kiruna är en plats full av intressanta fenomen och situationer som ofta står i motsats till varandra. Malmnäringen har spelat en starkt bidragande roll i stadens framväxt, samtidigt så är det just brytningen av malm som nu skapar sprickbildningar i landskapet och tvingar staden att återskapa sig själv. Även definitionen av malm bär på en paradox.


RABBIT HOLE . Gaasbeek

LENS°ASS ARCHITECTS . photos: © PHILIPPE VAN GELOOVEN . © ANDRI HAFLIDASON . Mies Arch Award 13 NOMINEE . International Brick Award

A farm, including five buildings, located on a unique site in close proximity to the Gaasbeek Castle, becomes a private family home and veterinary practise.

Daniel Canogar

Silvia Gmür Reto Gmür Architekten

Neubau Zweifamilienhaus . Tessin

Silvia Gmür Reto Gmür Architekten . photos: © Hélène Binet/ Air-Lux Schiebefenster-Fassadensysteme . + Casa ai Pozzi . baunetz

Das Projekt wird bestimmt von Einheit und Dualität, Mathematik und Harmonie, Regel und Freiheit, Haus und Landschaft. Die Themen sind komplex.

Despina Stokou

Conversations on the Dirty Dozen Series . 2012

+ Derek Eller Gallery

Despina Stokou is a Greek artist who has lived in Berlin since 2002

BAKPAK Architects

URBAN PLAN . Sancti-Petri


The village of Sancti Petri owes its importance to the past tuna industry and seafarers.

Ecosistema Urbano . Jensen . 70N . ljusarkitektur . Atkins

new city vision . Kiruna

Ecosistema Urbano . Kristine Jensen Tegnestue . Architect:70N . Ljusarkitektur . Atkins

Ljusarkitektur was part of one of the ten selected teams to participate in the competition for a vision for the new Kiruna.

Conferencia ETSA USJ

José María Sánchez García . las reglas del juego

Sou Fujimoto Architects

Helen Marten

Peanuts . 2012

Helen Marten . + Sadie Coles

Entwining real surfaces with implied linguistic scenarios, Marten pokes humorously at questions of ownership and dishonesty in materials, the relationship of object to artefact, and of package to product.

noname 29

32 Viviendas protegidas . San Vicente del Raspeig

noname 29 (Alfredo Payá Benedito) . fotos: © David Frutos

Hace ahora algo más de 10 años fui al Instituto Valenciano de Vivienda para iniciar el proceso de construcción de 32 viviendas.

AL1 ArchitektInnen . bauchplan . grundstein. Kneidinger

Low-Energy House Gemini+ . Niederösterreich

AL1 ArchitektInnen . bauchplan . grundstein. Peter Kneidinger . photos: © Clemens Franke . + detail

The idea of developing a wood-concrete composite construction, which can be used both as ceiling and closed wall, was a direct result of the specification to build in a simple and resource-saving manner.

Robert Janson

Art Center . Kivik

Robert Janson

10 living units composed into a village, oriented in this way for uninterrupted views from the loft and livingroom window.

Dora García

La Puerta Verde (The Green Door) . 2013

+ projectesd

The title of this exhibition series refers to a strangely shaped and often overlooked corner at the entrance zone of the gallery, an irregular indentation of a wall that is measuring only 60 x 60 cm in surface and that has been so far occupied by a glass stand for umbrellas.

Thomas Phifer and Partners

Private House . Madison

Thomas Phifer and Partners

Jean-Maxime Labrecque

Inhabitable Sculpture . Montréal

Jean-Maxime Labrecque . photos: © Frédéric Bouchard . + archilovers

L'espace a été évidé de ce qu'avaient prévu les promoteurs immobiliers dont fait partie cette petite unité d'habitation.

Alfredo Payá Benedito


noname 29

Hace ahora algo más de 10 años fui al Instituto Valenciano de Vivienda para iniciar el proceso de construcción de 32 viviendas.

Müller Verdan Architekten

Turnhallen und Aula Hagen . Altdorf

Müller Verdan Architekten . renders: © architron

5. Preis

Manuel Ocaña

Casa Mediterráneo . Benalúa

Manuel Ocaña . photos: @ David Frutos . + archdaily

Casa Mediterráneo is a diplomatic institution committed to foster the Mediterranean Villages’ common identity. Its new Headquarters are to be set within the old Benalua railway station, in Alicante, for the institution demanded new spaces where to develop a wide range of events, including exhibitions, concerts, shows or parties.

Ito . Inui . Fujimoto . Hirata

Miroslaw Balka

The Order of Things . 2013

+ Gladstone Gallery

Over the course of the past thirty years, Balka has created a diverse body of work that engages notions of historical memory, the limits of representation, and the power and veracity of language.

Adamo-Faiden . Estudio Silberfaden

Industrial Pavilion Hydro Aluminium . Pilar

Adamo-Faiden . Estudio Silberfaden . photos: © Gustavo Sosa Pinilla . + dezeen

This pavilion is constructed as a sort of appendix of the existing instal.lations with the objective of giving response to two punctual needs.

MVRDV . Alzua+

The Beam . Villeneuve d'Ascq

MVRDV . Alzua+

MVRDV win Competition with ‘The Beam’, Marking the Urban Renewal of Villeneuve d’Ascq, France.

Camp Design


Camp Design . photos: © HATTA


Federico Herrero . Andrés Jaque

La terraza de Hänsel y Gretel

+ La Casa Encendida

kit | architects

Werkstattgebäude . Schönengrund

kit | architects . + hochparterre

Kit architects gewinnen den selektiven projektwettbewerb für den neubau der behinderten werkstatt landscheide in schönengrund, st.gallen.

Arruabarrena Arkitektura

Neuchatel 2020

+ Arruabarrena Arkitektura

Neuchatel -dividida en dos mitades por la infraestructura del ferrocarril- se ha desarrollado a partir del puerto y su centro histórico de forma longitudinal y en pendiente como una maraña de viviendas de baja densidad, convirtiéndose en una ciudad con evidente escasez de espacio público y mal conectada con sus dos áreas naturales más importantes: una zona LLANA frente al LAGO y un BOSQUE TUPIDO EN PENDIENTE.

Eric Tabuchi

Alphabet Truck . 2008

+ Eric Tabuchi . THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Eric Tabuchi no persigue números sino letras.


zsclv stadium . zurich

EM2N . + baunetz

EM2N’s design for the new ice hockey and volleyball arena in Zürich-Altstetten won fourth prize.