Brut Deluxe

Kiosk m.poli . Madrid

origen: Brut Deluxe . más: archdaily . fotos: miguel de guzman

El kiosco está ideado para mercadillos y ferias temporales. No será un objeto aislado en la configuración urbana sino que formará un conjunto creando un pequeño pueblo insertado en la ciudad, un pequeño mundo aparte. El diseño está inspirado en imagenes arquetípicas: pueblo, casa, chimenea... Cerrado, el kiosco es un volumen con una cubierta a dos aguas, una casa en su mínima expresión. La escala y configuración son tan reducidas que parece de juguete, una “casa de monopoli“.


Synergy Building . Viikki

source: MVRDV . Senaatti


architectural fanzine

more: P.E.A.R.

Izaskun Chinchilla + Plan B

Museo arte moderno . Medellín

origen: Izaskun Chinchilla 

Esta memoria trata de ser breve y completa, comprensible y técnicamente precisa. Es mucho lo pensado y son grandes los retos que enfrentamos y, sin embargo, breves los tiempos para tomar decisiones. En aras de lograr que la claridad y la concisión no eludan las aspiraciones integrales que perseguimos, hemos dividido esta memoria en tres apartados, tratando de que cada uno de ellos explique la propuesta desde un punto de vista distinto. En cada apartado hemos redactado un pequeño preámbulo al que, después, hemos acompañado de una serie de lemas: frases o párrafos sintéticos que trazan argumentos de desarrollo para la trasformación de estos dibujos en una mágica realidad y para su explicación, a quien pueda interesar.

Tony Fretton Architects

The new British Embassy . Warsaw

source: Tony Fretton Architects . photos: Peter Cook . more: wallpaper

FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol

LJK House

source:  FRPO

Christ & Gantenbein architects

Museum der Weltkulturen . Frankfurt am Main

Kristian Winther


Herzog & de Meuron

56 Leonard Street . New York

source: Herzog & de Meuron

56 Leonard is a vertical glass expression of sculpted surfaces, cantilevers and sparkling glass. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, 56 Leonard offers 145 unique residences all with private outdoor space  which together create a cascading 60-story iconic tower in the New York skyline. United at its base with a monumental commissioned work by sculptor Anish Kapoor.


mercado m_ART

source: courtesy of opengap . atelierarchitects . Team members: Zsuzsanna Kiss-Gal . Gergely Kiss-Gal .Peter Debreczeni . Margo Petro
The Artist's Colony market proposal analyzes the characteristics of markets, how they behave in urban environment, how they adopt to any circumstances, how they reflect. The design uses the already existing, it generates development, evolution in zones and areas of the urban net. We created a raster, that is more like the base of the modular system, and distorted this raster, as the net of the city is distorted as well. We designed 5 "trunks", or modules, they have different heights and areas, they create the mood of a re-scaled urban street silhouette. Each trunk can be used as desired, can be rotated, revolved, mirrored, according to the raster, therefore can be adopted to any site. Our aim was to create a highly adaptable market system, that complies with any city, any structure.
To scale our design, we chose a site surrounded by firewalls of adjoining residential and industrial buildings in Hungary, the 7th district of Budapest. After the intervention, the Artist's Colony leaves the site, and leaves behind its cast. This market gently imprints its qualities on the site and real permanent urban character remains.


LEE apartment building . Wien

more: querkraft . photos: margherita spiluttini . hertha hurnaus . rupert steiner . manfred seidl

Manuel Gausa

Open . Arquitectura y ciudad contemporánea
Teoría e historia de un cambio

más: actar

Herzog & de Meuron

Central police station . Hong Kong

source: Hong Kong Jockey Club . Hong Kong CPS . design team:Herzog & de Meuron . Purcell Miller Tritton . Rocco Design Architects Limited

The CPS project is supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and is intended to transform a collection of historically significant buildings into a centre of heritage, arts and leisure facilities for the local community and overseas visitors.

AC architecture

A Room for London

source: courtesy of AC architecture

A Room For London competition was the occasion for me to develop a kind of plan I have had in mind for some time.

vora arquitectura

Consultorio local . Paüls


“Club Bosco” Holiday Apartments .  Statiunile Neptun

source: courtesy of SYAA

Holiday apartments have been for a long time a rarity in the Romanian architectural space, which has been divided in this sector between big hotels and small individual villas. In the context of scarce accommodation and increasingly financially and socially powerful categories able to own their private space on the Black Sea shore, a new type of architecture is emerging, aiming to break down the barriers of Romanian urban living (characterized by visual, phonic and thermo isolation, economical efficiency seen as high density, and a lack of respect for natural vegetation).

NORD Architects

Healthcare Center For Cancer Patients . Copenhagen

source: NORD Architects 

The Architectural League

Alejandro Zaera-Polo lecture

Studio Kalamar

Cvetkova Apartments . Murska Sobota

more: Studio Kalamar . photos: Miran Kambič and Studio Kalamar

Apartment buildings are located in a redeveloped downtown area that has recently been converted from derelict industrial to public and residential use. Despite its central position in the city, the site is removed from main roads and downtown bustle. Next to the new music school on the north of the city block, three apartment buildings rise from a green surface. Their positions reflect the heterogeneous surroundings; variety of directions influences the varying orientations of the volumes. As there are no parallel facades, each apartment can establish an individual character without obstruction. Lower floors comprise four apartments each, top floor is divided into three apartment units, all with flexible floor plans. As a result, long facade surfaces ensure each apartment abundant natural light. The smooth facades with enclosed loggias enfold the volumes into a shimmering ceramic coat, varying in colour tone and reflectivity. Transparent fence around the complex prevents exclusion from surrounding city life while allowing unsupervised children's play. Gently sloped green areas provide various opportunities for that, and a small playground for the youngest children is located in the eastern corner of the site. Parking and storage spaces are arranged below ground, serving as a base for all three volumes. Special attention was accorded to energy use of the complex. Each building has a separate boiler room, cooling is arranged individually, the compact facade and energy supply scheme both stimulate economical consumption and thus reduced energy use.


Centro de Recursos para el Deporte . Leganés

origen: ETB studio

Frente a un contexto privado de referencias que lo caracterizan, el Centro de Recursos para el deporte de Leganés se configura como una gran esponja urbana, capaz de absorber  las  energías del lugar conformando su presencia icónica de volumen perforado.
La propuesta pretende hacer propia la dimensión dinámica y optimista asociada al deporte como punto de partida para el desarrollo conceptual del edificio, un faro urbano que observa el mundo y la sociedad y es mirado por ella. La doble dimensión en la que se sitúa la parcela, tanto marcadamente urbana como estrictamente conectada con la naturaleza del centro deportivo, lleva a configurar un edificio de doble carácter.

Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed

Frédéric Chaubin. CCCP


Concurso New York Theater City


new Waste Energy Plant . Copenhagen

more: BIG . project team: BIG + realities:united + AKT + Topotek 1 & Man Made Land

Amagerforbrænding is in many ways situated on an edge condition. It is a place in the outskirts of Copenhagen, but also the centre for new recreational activities. It divides the local area in two, with factories on one side and housing on the other.

Enric Ruiz-Geli

elBulli Foundation . Cap de Creus

origen: ruiz-geli . más: elBulli Foundation

1. Al igual que en elBulli Ferran hace unas AUDITORÍAS CREATIVAS de elBulli
2. nuestra especial visión de la EVOLUCIÓN DE LA ARQUITECTURA tiene su MAPA DE CREATIVIDAD. Hoy estamos aquí:
3. nuestro camino hacia una ARQUITECTURA DE PARTÍCULAS
4. PROYECTO PILOTO en arquitectura. VANGUARDIA en el trabajo de PARTÍCULAS.
5. elBulliFoundation será una arquitectura de partículas

Thomas Raynaud Architectes

MAGIC MROOM maison de retraite . Baja California

Gallina . Lemouzy . Pinard . Combelle . di Bacco . Birman . Jolivet

Europan 10 . Variazioni tra le linee . Cáceres 

source: Europan . arquitects: Andrea Gallina . Hélène Lemouzy . Julien Pinard . Cécile Combelle . Antonio di Bacco . Delphine Birman . Claire Jolivet

Se trata, en un ambiente caracterizado por la necesidad de los desplazamientos automóviles de densificar los desolazamientos a pie y/o en bicicleta con el fin de crear una ciudad que pide una movilidad suave.

La Ciudad Viva

Por Una Ciudad “Destrumanizada”

conviene también tener presente la frase de Walter Benjamin ”la calle es el refugio de lo colectivo”

más: La Ciudad Viva

Miller & Maranta

Mineral Bath and Spa . Samedan

more: Miller & Maranta . contractworld . MineralBath and Spa

Das historische Bebauungsmuster von Samedan reiht die massigen Baukörper der Häuser beidseitig entlang der alten Verbindungsstrasse zum Berninapass auf, wobei die mächtigen, giebelständigen Fassaden direkt an der Strasse stehen und enge Gassenräume bilden.


A101 Block City . Moscow

source: SVESMI . bustler


Centre for Innovation masterplan . Skolkovo

more: OMA


Sehnsucht nach der Wahrhaftigkeit in der Architektur

more: KIT

Andrés Jaque (NOW Interviews)

Architecture Biennale

source: Architecture Biennale

Andrés Jaque during the NOW Interviews at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010. Produced by the Institute of the 21st Century with support from ForYourArt, The Kayne Foundation, Brenda R. Potter, Catharine and Jeffrey Soros


Renovación del Parque Moon Bay . Jinhua

origen: gracias a RTA-OFFICE


Cube twister . Nationalmuseum . Oslo

source: Caramel

A vertical addition of exhibition halls guide the visitors from the port area over the surrounding historical buildings of the former railway station to several overview terraces above whole oslo. on their way up the escalators and staircases are located on the outside of the hall blocks and open the possibility of open overview during moving from one hall to the other. the exhibition halls itself are right in the wished size and offer introverted neutral rooms for all kinds of exhibitions.

the new museum building starts in his dramaturgy with a flat staple of public interest halls from west to east. this part of the museum forms together with the historical buildings a public place for recreation and non commercial activities in front of the museum. following the movement from west to east the exhibition halls get stapled more vertical and form together with the railway station the main access place. this area is right beside of the existing courtyard in front of the city hall and in this case directly connected to the centre of oslo.

in the north part of the area are the government – office buildings located. At the south- west corner there is space for future development opportunities beside the former railway office.

the historical buildings of the railway station form together with the vertical addition of the exhibition halls the new main access place at the corner to the old city hall.

Gehry Partners, LLP

New World Symphony . Miami Beach


tertúlia d'Inexperiències

Baumschlager Eberle

Offices building . Padua

Manuel Gausa

Un debat entre generacions

origen: COAC

Pablo Gallego Picard

Centro del Neandertal . Piloña

origen: gracias a Pablo Gallego Picard

Se nos habla de karst, sedimentaciones y estratos, de lugares de gran atractivo espacial como cuevas, grietas y bosques frondosos; espacios ocultos, oscuros, de topografía compleja, donde la gravedad y la luz se cuestionan. Se nos da, sin embargo, un lugar amplio y generoso, en el suave Valle de Piloña con vistas de gran amplitud hacia la cordillera del Sueve, el pico Ordiyón y las inmediaciones de la misma cueva del Sidrón al Noroeste.

Herzog & de Meuron . DeA architectes

Unterlinden Museum expansion . Colmar

source: Herzog & de Meuron . DeA architectes . Musée d’Unterlinden . pdf

The City of Colmar has launched an ambitious expansion project that will allow the Musée d'Unterlinden to annex the premises of Colmar’s former municipal baths, a magnificent Art Nouveau edifice built in 1906 and located opposite the museum.

Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu (SO – IL)

Open Fort . Amsterdam

source: SO – IL

Open Fort is a strong but pliable structure. Its sheer scale and brawny meandering shape allows for flexibility and generosity on other levels, such as the way it operates and in the typologies it houses. More than a building, it is an expressive framework that can be occupied depending on needs and occasions, a structure that can adapt over time without losing its presence and character. It is a base for the borough, a place where people can develop their dreams, can try and fail and try again. It will have lavish areas on the higher floors, with mesmerizing views over the city center, and more intimate ground related places where people can explore, discover and produce. The fort finds its strength and purpose through the participation of those it attracts

Frank Gehry

Beekman Tower . New York

Atelier Bugio

Igreja e complexo paroquial Porto Salvo . Oeiras

source: Atelier Bugio

Instrumento de luz

“Diz-se que uma das cois¬as mais impressionantes na música de Johann Sebastian Bach é a sua “arquitectura”. A sua construção dá-nos a impressão de algo claro e
transparente. É possível seguir, um a um, os elementos melódicos, harmónicos e rítmicos desta música, sem perder com isso a percepção da composição como um todo,
onde toda a particularidade encontra o seu sentido. A clara estrutura parece subverter-se nesta obra e se um de nós segue cada uma das linhas do tecido musical, poderá
também modificar as regras que determinam a estrutura construtiva desta música.”

Grüntuch Ernst Architekten

Siedepunkt für Wissenstransfer . Kassel


Shenzhen Stock Exchange Facade work

more: OMA

Harry Gugger Studio

Private residence . Katoikia

source: courtesy of Harry Gugger Studio

Katoikia, a private residence, rests in the location of a former farmhouse, between a large cedar tree and a fig grove and hovers over the pristine valley. Its simple horizontal volume is designed to be perceived as an antipode to the terraced slope. It respects the existing landscape to the outmost and highlights the drama of it.

WE architecture

Polski Theatre . Szczecin

source: WE architecture . more: archdaily

Luca Selva Architekten

Wuhrmatt residential development . Bottmingen

source:  Luca Selva Architekten

The project places three single structures on the site. This choice is based on the surrounding typologies, their efficient allotment and ground ratio on one hand as well as the intention to best integrate the new buildings in the existing setting on the other.

A.C.M. Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos SLP

Social Housing Building . Carabanchel

source: A.C.M. more: architizer . photos: Miguel de Guzmán

Acedo . Anaya . Hernández . Nasarre

Over the rainbow . Riga

origen: Europan . autores: Javier Hernández Casillas . Javier Acedo Andrés . Pablo Anaya Gil . Fernando Nasarre