1 Grupo Aranea

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Revitalización del Cauce del río Vinalopó . Elche

Grupo Aranea . fotos: © Jesús Granada . archdaily . + reportaje fotográfico

Proyecto de Revitalización del Cauce del río Vinalopó a su paso por Elche. [1er premio concurso internacional de ideas - noviembre 2009]

2 Aires Mateus

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house . Melides

Manuel Aires Mateus . SIA arquitectura . photos: © Juan Rodríguez . © FG+SG – architectural photography

On the Grândola crest, the house is designed in the balance between a courtyard house, with a protected core relating to the sky, and an opening to the distant ocean view. The topography is modeled, to protect it from the access road, and release the view. The perimeter delineates the internal lodgings and its transitions. High volumetric spaces, occupied by elements that define functions and atmospheres.

3 Eduardo Souto Moura

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Prédio Cantareira . Porto

photos: © Jose Carlos Melo Dias

4 COBE .Transform

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Maritime Museum . Porsgrunn

COBE .TRANSFORM . photos: © Adam Mørk . © Rasmus Hjortshøj

The city of Porsgrunn has a long maritime history of shipping, and the unique development of the region is clearly visible in the existing remarkable building structure of the area. The concept of the museum shows a high level of sensitivity towards the existing small buildings yet simultaneously stands out as a contemporary public building - housing a science center that takes its starting point in the narrative about Porsgrunn and Norway’s transformation from being a nation of seafaring to a modern society based on knowledge industry. Taking into account the surrounding building structure, the new building is composed of several smaller volumes with tilted and pitched roofs that are assembled into a larger building unit. A characteristic aluminum façade outlines the shape of the building composition and provides a vivid impression by reflecting the lights and colours of the surrounding landscape.

5 José Adrião

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Casa da severa . Lisboa

José Adrião . photos: © Hugo Santos Silva

The proposal has as its goal the transformation of a housing unit located at Largo da Severa, Mouraria distric, Lisbon, into a cultural equipment called Casa da Severa.

6 Aires Mateus

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House . Alcobaça

Aires Mateus . photos: © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

The house designed in the historical center of Alcobaça is a record of overlapping times: A small building reconstructed to perpetuate the vernacular common scale, and a wall thoroughly shaped to house the quiet extension.

7 Ryue Nishizawa

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Fukita Pavilion . Kagawa

Ryue Nishizawa . Photos © jacomejp


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Danish Maritime Museum . Helsingør

© rasmus hjortsh

BIG . photos: © luca santiago mora . © rasmus hjortsh

The Danish Maritime Museum had to find its place in a unique historic and spatial context; between one of Denmark’s most important and famous buildings and a new, ambitious cultural centre.


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Galeries Lafayette Foundation building . Paris

OMA . Galeries Lafayette

A late 19th century industrial building will be refurbished for Fondation d'Entreprise Galeries Lafayette to house exhibition and production spaces, with a focus on creation, innovation and research. OMA proposes to insert an exhibition tower into the courtyard of the building in which two sets of mobile platforms will offer a large repertoire of spatial configurations; the programmatic flexibility provided will increase the potential of the existing building. A production centre at the heart of the site underpins the Fondation, while the ground floor becomes a passage connecting rue du Plâtre to rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie and hosts the public programs.

10 Acm . Amann-Cánovas-Maruri Arquitectos

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118 apartments . coslada

Acm . Amann-Cánovas-Maruri . photos: © David Frutos

Located in a recently redeveloped area in the industrial town of Coslada, close to Madrid, the project is born of the arrangement between different uses and different height levels: underground parking, offices and commercial uses from the public ground floor to the public raised space on the third floor platform, and from this level residential spaces: it is a hybrid building in the periphery.


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Rovereaz Housing . Lausanne

LOCALARCHITECTURE . photos: © Matthieu Gafsou

Located on the border of the city of Lausanne, between the residential area of Chailly and the agricultural estate of Rovereaz, the new building stands on a steep plot planted with trees. To the south, the building benefits from an outstanding panoramic view on the Lake Geneva and on the Alps. Leaning along Rovereaz Road, the building displays a singular architectural shape determined by the triangular plot.

12 Serrano + Baquero

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CIUDAD DE PERROS . Centro de acogida de animales

Serrano + Baquero

Frente a los habituales centros de acogida de animales municipales, basados en una optimización del espacio que termina convirtiéndolos en una serie de pasillos oscuros con pequeños recintos que dan al mismo, pretendemos realizar un centro que se asimile al sistema urbano, creando espacios libres conectados entre sí para facilitar el esparcimiento de los animales, que salen por turnos en función de las especies y el estado de salud, de forma que puedan disfrutar del espacio exterior el mayor tiempo posible.
Ciudad vs cárcel

13 Alvaro Andradre

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The Rowing High Performance Centre . Pocinho

photos: © Joao Morgado

The guiding principles and strategies of the project for the Pocinho Center for High Performance Rowing play their part in a dense and inextricable mixture that includes the peculiarities and identity of a pre-existing, specific “place”, the characteristics and demands of a very recent program, and the needs and wants of the architectural act.

14 Duggan Morris Architects

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curtain road . london

Duggan Morris Archtiects . photos: © Jack Hobhouse

This is a speculative office development generating 20,000sqft (GEA) of retail and work space located at 141-145 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, East London. The project is located within a conservation area defined by Georgian brick buildings and requiring retention of the existing urban block.

15 Sou Fujimoto

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Bus Stop . Krumbach

Sou Fujimoto . photos: © Adolf Bereuter / BUS:STOP Krumbach . + Kultur Krumbach . archdaily

7 architects from different countries -from Russia, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Chile, Japan and China– designing a bus stop in Krumbach, a small functional building in public space.

16 panovscott

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house renovation . Sydney

panovscott . photos: © Brett Boardman

This project is the renovation of a house, one of two semi-detached single storey dwellings located in a densely inhabited part of Sydney. Broadly speaking it is about the making of a new whole by retention of one half of a structure and reconfiguration of the other.

17 Augustin und Frank Architekten

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residential building . Bad Saarow

Augustin und Frank Architekten . photos: © Werner Huthmacher . + competitionline

Das Haus liegt im Südosten Berlins, 70 Kilometer vom Berliner Zentrum entfernt, direkt am Scharmützelsee. Es ist ein Wochenendhaus mit der Perspektive zu längeren, ausgedehnten Aufenthalten.

18 Esteban-Tannenbaum

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Edificio de viviendas Sucre 4444 . Buenos Aires

ESTEBAN-TANNENBAUM Arquitectos . fotos: © Cristobal Palma / Estudio Palma

El edificio se encuentra en un terreno de 17.50m x 42m en una zona residencial de baja densidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires donde conviven casas y pequeños edificios, estos últimos están tomando cada vez más importancia y cambiando el perfil urbano, teniendo en cuenta esta situación y la existencia de un gran árbol que se adentra en el lote se tomó la decisión de retirar el edificio tres metros de la línea municipal, disminuyendo de esta manera su impacto en la cuadra.

19 Luca Selva Architekten

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House at the Park . Basel

Luca Selva Architekten . photos: © Ruedi Walti . + competitionline

The house is in a special location in a traquil residential area which overlooks the city of Basel. The building volume, which develops in relation to the plots depth, offers views to the city on the north and integrates naturally into the existing garden on the south. The floor plans are characterized by strong spatial structures.

20 Kim Jong Kyu + M.A.R.U.network

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Arumjigi building . Seoul

M.A.R.U.network . photos: © Kyungsub Shin . + SPACE

21 Álvaro Siza

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Termas de Pedras Salgadas . Chaves

Photos: © FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura

Situated in a beautiful park, the historical Pedras Salgadas spa building, which forms part of the redevelopment project of Parque de Pedras Salgadas, was renovated by architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.

22 Steven Holl . JM

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REID BUILDING . School of Art . Glasgow

Steven Holl Architects . photos: © Iwan Baan . + wallpaper

The Seona Reid Building is in complementary contrast to Charles Rennie Mackintosh's 1909 Glasgow School of Art - forging a symbiotic relation in which each structure heightens the integral qualities of the other. A thin translucent materiality in considered contrast to the masonry of the Mackintosh building - volumes of light which express the school's activity in the urban fabric embodying a forward-looking life for the arts.

23 Garcés · De Seta · Bonet Arquitectes

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Estudio para el pintor Arranz-Bravo .Vallvidrera

Garcés · De Seta · Bonet Arquitectes . fotos: © Adrià Goula

El nuevo edificio está dedicado a una sola actividad: Creativa, ensimismada y solitaria, tal como nos conta- ba el pintor.

24 Mateo Arquitectura

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Josep Lluís Mateo - Mateo Arquitectura . fotos: © Adrià Goula

En Toulouse, cerca del aeropuerto y del río Garona.
Una comunidad de viviendas que intenta optimizar las condiciones habitativas de cada una de sus células. El conjunto se deshace para potenciar el encuentro con lo doméstico, no para insistir en la abstracción de la idea.

25 RCR Arquitectes

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la cuisine art center . Nègrepelisse

RCR Arquitectes . fotos: © Yohann Gozard . La cuisine, centre d'art et de design . +

Inauguración de La cuisine, centro de arte y diseño, situado en el castillo de Nègrepelisse, una fortaleza del siglo XIII rehabilitada por RCR Arquitectes.


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Market Hall . Rotterdam

MVRDV . photos: © TS Visuals . +

27 Eduardo Souto de Moura

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Cultural Center . Viana do Castelo

photos: © Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography

The building is implanted in the zone foreseen in the plan, aligned in the south side with one of the buildings projected by Architect Fernando Távora.

28 Wiel Arets Architects

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A' House . Tokyo

Wiel Arets Architects . photo: © wakiiii

Located in the heart of Tokyo, A' House was designed for a couple with two children, and is sited in a high density, rapidly gentrifying neighborhood characterized by low-rise residential houses and narrow streets nearby a large park.

29 Sou Fujimoto . Oxo . Laisné

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multipurpose Tower . Montpellier

Sou Fujimoto . Manal Rachdi Oxo Architects . Nicolas Laisné Associés . renders: RSI-STUDIO . + bustler

This 'Folie Architecturale of the 21st century' was mainly the brainchild of an encounter between Japan and the Mediterranean. The cross-cultural endeavour embodies modern Montpellier. It is also an interchange between two generations of architects, with Japanese firm Sou Fujimoto at the state of its art and the young French generation represented by Manal Rachdi Oxo Architects and Nicolas Laisné Associés.

30 Buchner Bründler Architekten

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Neubau Wohnhaus Kahlstrasse . Basel

Buchner Bründler Architekten . photos: © RUEDI WALTI

Das Paulus-Quartier ist von grosszügigen Wohnhausern des Historismus und des Jugendstils geprägt. In seinem Randbereich liegt die Kahlstrasse mit ihren Reihenhauszeilen in repetitiver Ordnung.

31 OMA

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Fondazione Prada . Milan

OMA . + urbanfile . les éclaireurs . archilovers

It is surprising that despite the enormous expansion of art media, the number of typologies for art's display remains limited. It seems that art's apotheosis is unfolding in an increasingly limited repertoire of spatial conditions: the gallery (white, abstract and neutral), the industrial space (attractive because of its predictable conditions which are meant to remain neutral when juxtaposed with any artwork), the contemporary museum (a barely disguised version of the department store) and the purgatory of the art fair. The new Prada Foundation is also projected in a former industrial complex – Largo Isarco – but one with unusually diverse environments. We plan to add three new structures that vastly extend the range of the existing facilities, and to exploit existing buildings in new ways.

32 Estudio.Entresitio

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# House # 1.130 . Madrid

Estudio.Entresitio . photos: © Roland Halbe . + archdaily . architectural record

This is a single-family house, but quite a large one, something over 5 hundred square meters, site is narrow and long and sloped towards south.
Two different schemes superimposed one on top the other; a longitudinal one, based on spatial forking, and the one underneath, based on a hand fingers like configuration. As a result, it is a fractured mass, ruled by the rhythm of the roof structure.

33 Josep Llinàs

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Viviendas Calle Perú. Barcelona

34 RCR . Coussée & Goris

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Crematorio . Hofheide

RCR Arquitectes . Coussée & Goris Architecten . arqa . + infosteel

La planicie flamenca presenta un vasto paisaje, y en este punto de Hofheide se forma una suave cuenca pantanosa. En ella el crematorio aparece y la refuerza, propiciando la formación permanente de un pantano de mayores dimensiones y participando de un paseo por el parque que se extiende por todo el ámbito llevando a ambos extremos dos cementerios (uno en hoyos y el otro en nichos).

35 David Chipperfield Architects

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Nobelhuset . Nobel Center building . Stockholm

David Chipperfield . Christoph Felger . images: © Nobelhuset AB

David Chipperfield chosen winner of the Nobel Center competition.

36 Iñaki Carnicero

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Rada House

Iñaki Carnicero

37 Nieto Sobejano arquitectos

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NCCA National Centre for Contemporary Arts . Moscow

Nieto Sobejano arquitectos . NCCA

The new NCCA evokes and suggests many possibilities within a single space: Memories of the unbuilt visionary architecture of the Russian avant-garde, powerful industrial structures, and the contemporary art “factory” typology are all notions that define and shape the new proposal.

38 Alberto Campo Baeza

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Alberto Campo Baeza . photos: © Javier Callejas . + dezeen

On a marvelous place like a piece of earthly paradise, at Cádiz, we have built an infinite plane facing the infinite sea, the most radical house we have ever made. At the very edge of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where the sea unites the new and the old continent, emerges a stone platform. At the place where all the ships from the Mediterranean used to pass and still pass by as they head off into the Atlantic.

39 Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos

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Casa Baladrar . Benissa

Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos . photos: © Luis Díaz Díaz . + dezeen

The scattered and trans-European city that the mountainous coast of Alicante has become, houses a heterogeneous population that is drawn to the sun, the sea, the temperate climate, the convenient public services and the leafy greenery.

40 MTM arquitectos

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MTM arquitectos: Javier Fresneda & Javier Sanjuán . fotos: © Roland Halbe . © Luis Asin

La ciudad donde construimos esta Plaza Mayor tiene un apellido específico, es una Ciudad Universitaria.

41 BIG

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Taz headquarters . Berlin

BIG . + baunetz

Competition entry.

42 OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

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OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen . photos: © Bas Princen

This industrial building, part of the infrastructure for a large tree plantation in Brabant, sits in the middle of fields of potted plants of varying scales; its main purpose is a space to dry potted plants twenty-four hours before distribution.

43 FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol

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San Lucas Pavilion . Madrid

FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol ARCHITECTURE LANDSCAPE . photos: © FRPO, Miguel de Guzmán

44 Luisa Penha

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Houses at Liege Square . Porto

photos: © Armenio Teixeira

45 Herzog & de Meuron

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Wood Wharf residential tower . London

Herzog & de Meuron . + dezeen

Canary Wharf Group has appointed Herzog & de Meuron to design a new residential tower at Wood Wharf, an eight-hectare redevelopment adjacent to Canary Wharf in London.

46 fala atelier

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mesh temporary bar . oporto

+ fala atelier . photos: © ana luisa soares . © antónio lopes

A temporary bar for a night event.
The structure, a 3x3x5m metal frame, was given. The skin is defined by an overlay of different metal meshes and plastic screens.
Light and color flow freely through the translucent materials, becoming a smooth cloud over the imposing geometry of the structure.
From far, only the light is visible; while approaching the object, the thin silhouette and its texture reveal their rationality.
The lightness of the construction allows the pavilion to be only a frame for the light it contains.

47 LAN Architecture

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Office building . Euralille

LAN Architecture . photos: © julien lanoo

In 1990, in his preface titled “Quantum Leap” for the work presenting the Euralille project, Rem Koolhaas wrote: “In our contemporary world, programs become abstract in the sense that they are no longer tied to a specific place or city. They float and gravitate opportunistically around those places that provides them with the most connections.” And then, “All these facts describe a new condition that is at once local and global, as important for the “Japanese” as it is for the “Lillois.”

48 Aires Mateus

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Universidade de Arquitectura . Tournai


O projecto é a nova Universidade de Arquitectura de Tournai, na Bélgica. A cidade é uma das mais antigas da Bélgica e conta com inúmeros edifícios que são classificados como património mundial da Unesco.

49 Irisarri + Piñera

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Vivienda unifamiliar en Tebra . O Casal

fotos: © Hector Santos Díez . + aib architecture

Deambular, vivir, capturar momentos. Una serie de preexistencias, los restos pétreos de una antigua construcción agrícola tradicional, una mesa bajo la frondosa glicinea que ha acogido comidas y reuniones familiares durante muchos años y la piscina cercana, se convierten en origen y trama que desarrolla un espacio construido como lugar de vida.

50 Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu

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Bus Stop . Krumbach

Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu . photos: © Adolf Bereuter / BUS:STOP Krumbach . + Kultur Krumbach . archdaily

7 architects from different countries -from Russia, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Chile, Japan and China– designing a bus stop in Krumbach, a small functional building in public space.