Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos . eep architekten

Joanneum Quarter . Graz

more: Joanneum Quarter . © ARGE Museumsviertel / Nieto Sobejano Arquitectoseep architekten . photos: UMJ / N. Lackner

Three historic buildings of various periods – the Lesliehof in Raubergasse, the Neutorgasse museum building and the main building of the Styrian State Library in Kalchberggasse – are being combined to make a new Joanneum Quarter. This complex of venerable buildings is being refashioned into a new modern centre for art, culture and knowledge in downtown Graz. When it is complete, it will be occupied by three of the Joanneum’s institutions (the Neue Galerie, the Multimedia Collections and the Natural History Museum) plus the Styrian State Library. A subterranean visitor centre will link them all, acting simultaneously as a main entrance, impressive information centre and primary point of orientation for the entire institutional complex.

Cristina García Rodero

La tarde. Campillo de Arenas, 1978

más: Magnum Photos

1 . Ryue Nishizawa

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Art project museum . Teshima

source: designboom . photos: picacc . prkbkr . antje verena . Iwan Baan . more: arquitectura viva . noburu morikawa

2 . Aires Mateus Arquitectos

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private House . Leiria

source: Aires Mateus . plans: archdaily . photos: courtesy of FG+SG – Fernando Guerra . Sergio Guerra

3 . Estudio Barozzi Veiga

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Sede de Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero . Roa

gracias a Estudio Barozzi Veiga . fotos: Mariela Apolonio

El lugar, en el límite del casco urbano, ha sido tallado por la ciudad y por el paisaje, y el proyecto, interpreta esta condición, mostrando las trazas esenciales que nos aproximen a entender las cosas.
El edificio se convierte así en un elemento de transición. Atento a la recomposición de la pequeña escala del contexto, y al mismo tiempo, dialogando con el horizonte y la monumentalidad del paisaje a través del elemento de la torre. Un monolito atemporal suspendido sobre la meseta.
La materialización del proyecto, a través de la piedra, es entendida como una intensificación del carácter del lugar, que permite componer una evocación sensorial del paisaje. El trabajo disonante de las aberturas, en cambio, permite abrir el espacio de la diferencia en la que el proyecto expresa su condición radicalmente contemporánea.

4 . clavienrossier architectes

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Transformation d'une maison familiale . Charrat

source: courtesy of clavienrossier architectes . photos: Roger Frei

Située à l’écart du village, cette maison comprenait une grange attenante et avait un volume trop vaste pour être rénové dans sa totalité. Seuls les éléments pouvant facilement être réutilisés ont été conservés, soit les caves et l’étage de l’habitation préexistante.

Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects

Cien House . Concepción

more: baunetz

Estudio Arquitectura Hago

RG House . Badajoz

Estudio Arquitectura Hago . photos: Carlos Pesqueira Calvo . Estudio Arquitectura Hago . more: archdaily

The main reason that unleashes any architectural proposal is the client. His needs and questions provide the project with direction and ideas that will be present within the space of the building.

RG House was built in response to the needs of a large family. We had to consider the way in which this large family should live together in the yet to be defined space. The design contains a different common space (special and recognizable) as a complement of the rest of the modular units (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen), which complete the program of the house.

5 . Mansilla+Tuñón

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Royal Collection  museum . Madrid

source: coagpontevedra . Mansilla+Tuñón . urbanity

From an urban perspective, the project is based on two fundamental principles: on the one hand, the Royal Collection  museum should be part of the natural-artificial landscape of Madrid’s western edge, and on the other, it is necessary to maintain the open, public nature of La Almunena and preserve views of the parks and gardens beneath the western lip of the city.

6 . Herzog & De Meuron

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Elbphilharmonie . Philharmonic Hall extension . Hamburg

photos: elbphilharmonie-bau . webcam

7 . yoshichika takagi + sekkei-sha

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House I . Akita

source: courtesy of Yoshichika Takagi . photos: Toshiyuki Yano

This is a small residential house in Akita Prefecture.

The site is in the centre of Akita City where urban functions are situated. Despite its urban location, this is a special place as it is surrounded by car parks. Considering that the space is exposed to public eyes in all four directions, it is essential to sustain the elements of privacy, but at the same time, our aim is to drop frontality from its façade.

8 . Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

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House Morran . Gothenburg

source: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur . more: abitare . photos: Rasmus Norlander

Complete renovation of a former summer house located on an island outside Gothenburg. Exterior cladding in tar coated plywood.

9 . Ricardo Bak Gordon

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Santa Isabel Houses . Lisbon

Bak Gordon . photo: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra . more: dezeen . HIC* . archdaily

dancing with Herzog & de Meuron

by anastasia loginova

anastasia loginova

AllesWirdGut Architektur

Kindergarten . Ternitz

courtesy of AllesWirdGut Architektur . photos: Hertha Hurnaus

KI(ndergarten) T(ernitz) gives kids the best equipment – a tool KIT, that is fun.
A low-rise building of 30 × 40 meters with a central inner courtyard. A gallery around the courtyard provides access to all rooms and is so oversized that it is not only a corridor but also a communal playing area for all kindergarten groups – right-hand driving also goes for Bobby Cars! The courtyard is an extension of the adjoining movement spaces – a fresh-air space – always open. The group rooms offer the right setting for any mood or whim: light or dark, high or low, steep or flat … Full-width panorama windows open the rooms to the garden. Colors and materials are kept in warm earth tones. We provide the frame that leaves everything open.
The picture is continually re-created by the children themselves. Work in progress.

10 . Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Man

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centre scolaire le marais du billet . cheseaux-sur-lausanne

more: Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Man

11 . OMA

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Chu Hai College Campus ready to Groundbreaking


Three imperatives drive the concept for Chu Hai College's new campus: a compressed time frame of two years for completion, the natural beauty of the site – a verdant hill overlooking Castle Peak Bay in Hong Kong’s New Territories – and Chu Hai's venerable history (starting in 1947) of multidisciplinary education.
The campus consists of education facilities for three faculties (with 10 departments) and two research centres over a gross floor area of 28,000m2. Seventy-five percent of this space is concentrated in two parallel horizontal slabs, which are each eight stories high. The slabs are conceived with speed and ease of construction in mind: all structural elements are on the exterior, liberating the floor plane for ultimate flexibility.

12 . cheungvogl

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A House . Dalian

source: cheungvogl

A House, Dalian, China, 2008 - 2011
Main Use: Residential, Gallery, StudioSite
Area: 780 sqm Bldg.
Area: 220 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 512 sqmStoreys: 3,5

13 . ETB studio

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Escuela Municipal de Música y Casa de la Juventud  . Punta Umbría

gracias a ETB studio

La propuesta para la Escuela Municipal de Música y Casa de la Juventud se concibe como una actuacion de fuerte valor social, un lugar de intercambio y dinamismo formativo donde las Miradas permitidas en el nuevo edificio sobre su entorno y sobre sí mismo, son capaces de entretejer el clima cultural que el Ayuntamiento de Punta Umbría pretende fomentar.
La parcela se encuentra ubicada estratégicamente en el acceso a la ciudad, ocupando una generosa porción de la banda vegetal que conecta la zona residencial del pueblo y el río de punta Umbría. Esta disposición tan específica ofrece la posibilidad de entender la propuesta como una oportunidad única de generación del nuevo eje publico Este-Oeste que atraviese la parcela y permita conectar ambas áreas. Dicho eje interior permite generar un recorrido visual claro desde los dos accesos al conjunto y estructurar la propuesta en dos edificios claramente independientes, pero capaces de construir un único sistema arquitectónico.

14 . Arquitecturia

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Centro Cívico Ferreries . Tortosa

15 . Ikimono Architects

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Atelier Tenzinyama . Gunma



Milstein Hall . Cornell AAP . ITHACA

OMA . Cornell AAP . photos: Matthew Carbone . William Staffeld . Mike Moyer . Cornell AAP

Occupying four distinct buildings at the northern periphery of Cornell's Arts Quad, the College for Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) is currently a fragmented area, dislocated from the energy of university life. The new Milstein Hall – a 14,000m2 complex containing much-needed studio, exhibition and crit space, an auditorium and a new Fine Arts Library – is conceived not as a symbolic, isolated addition to the campus but as a connecting structure: a large elevated horizontal plate that links the second levels of Sibley and Rand Halls and cantilevers over University Avenue, reaching towards the Foundry building. Where a car park once stood between Sibley and Rand, a contiguous, multi-layer system of buildings and plazas will unite the disparate elements of the AAP, creating a vibrant public space adjacent to the campus’s most beautiful feature, just to the north – the Fall Creek Gorge.

16 . Go Hasegawa & Associates

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Apartment . Nerima

Go Hasegawa & Associates . photos: Naoya Fujii

17 . Sou Fujimoto

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House Om . Yokohama

more photos: iwan baan . abitare

Franz West

Tea kitchen at Franz West Studio . 2011

Photo: Heiri Haefliger/Atelier Franz West . Gagosian Gallery . Artforum - Tools of Engagement by Christine Mehring  October 2008  

Henning Larsen Architects . Studio Olafur Eliasson

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre façade . Reykjavik

Henning Larsen Architects . Studio Olafur Eliasson . photo: Jeanette Kunsmann . more: baunetz

18 . Thomas Raynaud . Berger&Berger

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Centre Pompidou Mobile . Paris

source: Thomas Raynaud . Berger&Berger

36 Antichambres, la grille comme source de variabilité.
Il ne s’agit pas ici avec la grille de simplement optimiser la composition en une économie schématique de l’espace, mais d’affirmer sa validité et sa continuité indépendamment des programmes et des fonctions.

19 . J. Mayer H

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Metropol Parasol . Plaza de la Encarnación . Sevilla

fotos: © j mayer h, © Pedro Pegenaute . Juan Alejo Serrano. David Franck . planos: bustler . más: 1 . 2

20 . BIG . TNT Nuuk . Ramboll Nuuk . Arkitekti

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National Gallery of Greenland . Nuuk

more: BIG . arkitekt foreningen

Greenland National Gallery for Art will play a significant role for the citizens of Greenland and the inhabitants of Nuuk as a cultural, social, political, urban and architectural focal point. Greenland National Gallery for Art will combine the art history of Greenland and contemporary art in one dynamic institution that communicates the continuous project of documenting and developing the Greenlandic national identity through art and culture. With its urban location and direct connection to landscape and nature there will be a rich opportunity to incorporate the Greenlandic nature as well as the surrounding urbanity.

21 . OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

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Villa Voka .  Flanders Chamber of Commerce . Kortrijk

source: courtesy of OFFICE KGDVS . photos and plans:  © Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen . more

The office building housing the Chamber of Commerce in West Flanders stands like a villa in the landscape of the urbanised edge of Kortrijk. The building is conceived as having two faces, like the Roman god Janus, showing distinctly different aspects to the street and the garden. The representative façade on the street side, completely of glass, displays the organisation’s operations like a billboard in a giant concrete cabinet.

22 . Anne Holtrop

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Temporary museum (lake) .  Schone Schijn exhibition

source: Anne Holtrop . Schone Schijn . photo: Bas Princen

23 . Dreier Frenzel Architek­ten

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Logements FLCL Lausanne

source: Dreier Frenzel Architek­ten

Deux volumes facettés s'érigent en réponse au contexte topographique, climatique et urbain particulier. L'empilement structurel des coeurs habitables de chaque appartement se manifeste par le décalage des murs périphériques et la stratification de la façade. Ces espaces coeur, à la convergence des activités domestiques, organisent chaque appartement et mettent en scène un rapport progressif à la lumière.

24 . Eduardo Souto de Moura

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M9 Museum . Venice

source: m9museum . Eduardo Souto de Moura  . model photos: Fondazione di Venezia . ORCH/orsenigo_chemollo

The M9 project and the reconversion of the former convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie into a commercial centre conserves the facades and the most important parts of the structure of the existing buildings and envisages the demolition of only a few divisor walls.

25 . KAZUYO SEJIMA & Associates

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Shibaura House . Tokio

Kazuyo Sejima . photos: courtesy of jun fukushima . more: Naoya Fujii . arquitectura viva

26 . Office of Ryue Nishizawa

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kumamoro station East exit square . Kumamoto

Office of Ryue Nishizawa . Shinkenchiku

OMA "Cities of Opportunity"

Interview with Rem Koolhaas by PwC

Cities of Opportunity project

Robert Terradas . Eduardo Souto de Moura

Viviendas La Pallaresa . Sta. Coloma de Gramenet

más: pedropegenaute . autores: Robert Terradas . Eduardo Souto Moura . Daniel De Castro . Federico Acetti . aj ingenieria

27 . Akihisa Hirata architecture

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Tree-ness house

28 . Mateo Arquitectura

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Filmoteca de Catalunya . Barcelona

gracias a mateoarquitectura

Primer Premio. Concurso restringido.
awarded entry. restricted competition
2004 - 2010 - Barcelona
location: El Raval, Barcelona
area: 7.000 m2
arquitect: Josep Lluís Mateo
Colaboradores externos 
external contributors:

Estructuras structures: OMA, Agustí Obiol
services: Grupo JG
budget: Aumedes-Embuena - Xavier Aumedes
Protección contra incendios
fire proof: Francesc Labastida

29 . Sou Fujimoto Architects

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Beton Hala Waterfront Center . Belgrade

Sou Fujimoto Architects . Beton Hala Waterfront Center

30 . Laura Alvarez architecture

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Centro cultural . Hernani

origen: gracias a Laura Alvarez architecture

justificación del proyecto

El área de actuación presenta un fuerte contraste entre las zonas Norte y Sur.

Herzog & de Meuron

Camps+Felip Arquitecturia

Centro de visitantes Central Nuclear Ascó . Tarragona

Josep Camps+Olga Felip Arquitecturia. fotos: Pedro Pegenaute

31 . DJarquitectura

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EUROPAN 10 . Järvenpää

origen: gracias a DJarquitectura

La estrategia para seguir ocupando el territorio, se formula a partir de la puesta en valor de los elementos que cualifican este paisaje; la variación entre los campos y las colinas habitadas, las masas boscosas, la fuerte presencia del agua, de su red de caminos, carreteras e infraestructuras de comunicación.

32 . OMA

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Fondazione Prada . Milan

OMA . dezeen . video: Abitare

It is surprising that despite the enormous expansion of art media, the number of typologies for art's display remains limited. It seems that art's apotheosis is unfolding in an increasingly limited repertoire of spatial conditions: the gallery (white, abstract and neutral), the industrial space (attractive because of its predictable conditions which are meant to remain neutral when juxtaposed with any artwork), the contemporary museum (a barely disguised version of the department store) and the purgatory of the art fair. The new Prada Foundation is also projected in a former industrial complex – Largo Isarco – but one with unusually diverse environments. We plan to add three new structures that vastly extend the range of the existing facilities, and to exploit existing buildings in new ways.

33 . LAN Architecture

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EDF Archives Centre . Bure-Saudron

LAN Architecture . photos: Julien Lanoo . more: archdaily

Within the framework of the Meuse and Haute Marne economic support programme, EDF has decided to centralise all its intermediary Engineering Production Management archives in Bure.

34 . Christ & Gantenbein architects

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"Westhof" housing and studios . Munich

source: Christ & Gantenbein architects

The former Post Office situated in the west of Munich’s city center is to be transformed for new uses.

Daniel Bermúdez . Herreros Arquitectos

CICB Centro Internacional de Convenciones . Bogotá

Herreros Arquitectos . CICB . fuente: SKFANDRA . hic

Tras superar las dos etapas del Concurso Arquitectónico para el Diseño del CICB, el Consorcio Bermúdez y Herreros Arquitectos fue elegido para construir el Centro Internacional de Convenciones de Bogotá, una iniciativa de la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá y de Corferias, en alianza con el Gobierno Nacional y con el apoyo de la Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá.

Revista PLOT

JUNIO 2011

Revista PLOT

35 . Frank Gehry Architects

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Dr Chau Chak Wing Building . Sydney

source: Frank Gehry Architects . UTS

The Dr Chau Chak Wing Building is the first building in Australia designed by Frank Gehry, one of the world's most influential architects.

36 . Brandao & Costa Lima . Rui Alves

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Central library headquarters . Dublin

Brandao & Costa Lima

37 . Juan Domingo Santos

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Museo del Agua . Lanjarón