house of fairy tales . odense

architectureyes . house of fairy tales

The Museum of Christian Andersen wants to be the alive memory of the writer but also the mausoleum of his dreams. The straightforwardness of his pass through life is referred in the nudity and roughness of the main material elected for the building: concrete. The severe texture in the facade talks about all the difficulties he had to cope with, but in contrast, as we enter to the building we discover a complete different world were imagination rules.

David Lamelas

Segnalamento . 2014

photos: © Roberto Marossi . + Galleria Lia Rumma

Lamelas shared the radical inspiration of the post-minimalist generation, who frst brought into serious discussion, and then abandoned, the traditional model of sculpture, with its materials, its processes and its relationship with the viewer.


rabobank westelijke mijnstreek advice centre . Sittard

Mecanoo . photos: © Christian Richters

Rabobank Westelijke Mijnstreek’s new Advice Centre is centrally located in Sittard and will house approximately 320 employees in an inspirational working environment. The bank’s clients and customers will be welcome at the Advice Centre for advisory discussions and meetings. Rabobank is a cooperative bank with an open culture and community-oriented, cooperative approach.

Josep Llinàs

habitatges a la remunta . l'hospitalet

ara . foto: © MARCELO ISARRUALDE . +

Joseph Beuys

F.I.U. (Free International University for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research) . 1985

+ macba

Frank Gehry

new cultural, residential and retail spaces . Toronto

Frank Gehry . + Mirvish Productions . urban toronto

Design for a mixed-use project that will transform Toronto’s downtown arts and entertainment district and advance the area’s future as a thriving cultural centre. The multi-year, multi-phase project is the largest and most significant urban commission to date for the Toronto-born architect, bringing new cultural, residential and retail spaces to a site immediately next to the Royal Alexandra Theatre and creating a new visual identity for the city’s premier arts district.

Herzog & de Meuron

The New Ricola Herb Center . Basel

Herzog & de Meuron . photos: © Iwan Baan . + Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst

Christopher Williams

Erratum / AGFA Color (oversaturated) . 2000

photos: © Christopher Williams . The Art Institute of Chicago . + Contemporary Art Daily

With a career spanning 35 years, Christopher Williams (born 1956) now stands as one of the leading contemporary artists engaged in photography.

Niji Architects

Cafeteria . Ushimado

Niji Architects . photos: © Masafumi Harada/Niji Photo

This cafeteria is a timber framed, single-story building located in Ushimado of Setouchi city, Okayama prefecture, Japan. It serves as a canteen for a local construction company as well as a cafeteria for the local community.

Carme Pinós

CaixaForum . Zaragoza

© Ricardo Santonja

Carme Pinós . fotos: © Carme Pinós . © Ricardo Santonja

Empezamos el proyecto planteándonos dos retos:
Primero: un edificio capaz de hacer ciudad, ya sea desde su singularidad como desde los espacios públicos que genere.
Segundo: un edificio que al recorrerlo conecte con perspectivas lejanas pero, que al mismo tiempo, proporcione introspección en las salas de exposiciones.


renovation of La Samaritaine . Paris

SANAA . la samaritaine

Over the years, the halls, whose original function was to unite the floors of the department store, illuminating the overflowing sales areas and allowing them to breathe, were successively filled in, to the detriment of the distribution of space within the building.


la samaritaine renovation . paris

SANAA . video: © Studio CyrilleThomas


new municipal building . Stockholm

BIG . Sveriges Arkitekter

Competition proposal.


Kinmen Port


FAKT + David Levain

Schöpflin Areal masterplan . Lörrach

FAKT . David Levain

The proposed masterplan for Schöpflin Areal in Lörrach (DE) formulates an integrative and adaptive answer to the respective demands of two actors – the municipality of Lörrach and the Schöpflin Foundation – joining efforts to develop a two-hectare site next to a former textile factory.


Joan Maragall Library . Barcelona

BCQ arquitectura . photos: © Ariel Ramírez . + baunetz

The motto with which the project was presented in the ideas competition was 'Garden of Light'. These two words sum up the two ideas of the project: maintaining and improving the existing garden, and yet, obtain joyful and well lit spaces. The library inserts under the garden Vil•la Florida under the shade of its trees. The new building fits under the ground like a child hides (to read a book) under a carpet. Inside, a landscape in itself, articulated and changing where each use and each user find their place. It is a personalized and unique space.


Maison des Danses . Bordeaux


The Maison des Danse is conceived as a solitaire building. With the most compact possible volume an ideal square emerges in plan. As a compact building, the Maison des Danse is composed to fill out a condensed part of the plot clearly marking and defining the urban space around it.

multiPlan arhitekti


multiPlan arhitekti . photos: © Miran Kambic . © Peter Giodani

One-family house is located on a superb viewpoint, where the view creates the joint point of interior design in the house: the living room is a cinema with a projection screen, showing an uninterrupted image of the surrounding hills to the outlines of the capital city of Ljubljana, from the tree canopies to the green meadows and forests. In the context of today's requirements and preferences, sustainability and continual development guide the design, the living concept is focused on the lifestyle of a modern man, who lives in the heart of nature, in immediate vicinity of the city.

Smiljan Radic

serpentine pavilion 2014 . london

video: © willyharbs

Morger + Dettli Architekten

New administrative center . Zug

Morger + Dettli Architekten . + Kanton Zug

Competition. Finalist.

Gigon / Guyer Architekten

New administrative center . Zug

Gigon / Guyer Architekten . + Kanton Zug

Competition. Second Prize

PKMN Architectures

I AM Recycled . Arrasate

PKMN Architectures . photos: © PKMN Architectures . + archdaily

I AM RECYCLED consists on the refurbishment of an industrial building sector in Arrasate (Basque Country, Spain). The building, constructed in 1928, was a part of ASAM steel industry. Thanks to this renewal the structure will extend its life span to be used as a recycling center, reuse workshop and second hand products sale, 2.568 square meters managed by Grupo Emaús Bidasoa.

Albert Oehlen

Untitled . 2014

+ Gagosian

For Oehlen, the practice of painting and its inherent unpredictability is a subject in itself.

Nug arquitectes

Reforma interior. Barcelona

Nug arquitectes . fotos: © Andrés Flajszer

Lo peor de cada casa …
… o dar liebre por gato
Somos capaces de intensificar el nivel de interés del centro del piso?

Kochi Architect’s Studio

KCH . Tokyo

Kochi Architect’s Studio . photos: © Kazuyasu Kochi . + archdaily

This is a renovation project in Tokyo. 30 years old small wooden house which has two story was change to Office and residence. The translucent screen covered old house, and contain outside stairs and third floor. The screen is taking in sunlight and controlling privacy.

Ferrando . Recio . Rodríguez

Escuela . Vaulruz

Josep Ferrando . David Recio . Miquel Rodríguez

Concurso. Propuesta.




Gigon / Guyer Architects

Würth Haus | façade detail . Rorschach

Gigon / Guyer Architects . photos: © Ammann Siebrecht Fotografie . world-architects . +

PARK architects

house of fairy tales . odense

house of fairy tales

The fundamental strand of this proposal for a new exhibition concept and architectural concept is a reformulation of way in which visitors will experience the subject matter. From the current linear progression through thematized areas where visitors learn about the author through a series of lenses; The age, the man, the art, the work, the life and finally a visit to the birthplace of HC Andersen, our objective is to elevate the fairytales themselves into the thematic framework around the experience. Bringing the narrative of the fairytales to the fore.

Menzi Bürgler Architeken

Neubau Kirchgemeindehaus . Würenlos

Menzi Bürgler Architeken . photos: © Rasmus Norlander . + baunetz

Das neue Kirchgemeindehaus der Evangelisch-Reformierten Kirchgemeinde Würenlos passt sich harmonischen in die Grabfelder des Friedhofgevierts ein. Während sich Kontur und Farbigkeit an dem bestehenden Kirchenbau orientieren, arbeiten Konstruktion und Materialität des Gemeindehauses einen eigenständigen Ausdruck heraus, ohne den besinnlichen Ort zu dominieren.

Smiljan Radic

Serpentine Pavilion 2014 . London

+ Serpentine Gallery . images: © 2014 Smiljan Radic Studio . photos: © 2014 Iwan Baan . © Hufton+Crow

The Serpentine has commissioned Chilean architect Smiljan Radic to design the Serpentine Galleries Pavilion 2014.


MASTER PLAN . Shunde City

OMA . Shunde City

Competition entry.

INTERIOR. Catálogo del Pabellón español

en la XIV Bienal de Venecia 2014

+ descargar catálogo

Pkmn Architectures


Pkmn Architectures

Terrazario is the outdoor extension for Mercado de San Anton, a recently renewed market in Madrid City Center. The project is based on the combination of three concepts of what public spaces are in our cities: the square, the market, the terrace and their hybridation with a standard scaffolding system.

Magali Reus

Lukes (Wet Wet) . 2013

+ The Approach

Magali Reus’ installation presents a form of dirty realism, with sculptures deriving from motifs of compartmentalised privacy often experienced in bathrooms and kitchens.


arvo pärt centre . laulasmaa


The Arvo Pärt Centre will be an instrument to make the landscape sing.

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

Arvo Pärt Centre . Laulasmaa

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos . + EAL

We admire the purity of the mathematical laws through which Arvo Pärt is capable of generating powerful poetical emotions by means of the simple permutations of a limited number of sounds. Just like those musical structures that reflect one theme in another – a Spiegel im Spiegel, or a never-ending story – we imagine the new building as a geometric pattern, originated in a repeated pentagonal form, which will contain the existing pines in courtyards of variable dimensions. All the large trees may be preserved: not a single pine shall be teared down.


The Edge . Dubai

RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes . COUSSÉE & GORIS architecten

Retomemos el paisaje de base con la planicie, el oasis, las dunas, el microclima y el mar y retomemos la ciudad árabe hecha de luces y sombras y sobre todo de filtros.

Sou Fujimoto Architects

house na . tokyo

Vincent HECHT

Alejandro Aravena + ELEMENTAL

Centro de Innovación UC - Anacleto Angelini . San­tia­go

Alejandro Aravena + ELEMENTAL . UC - Anacleto Angelini . photos: Stencil Photography . +

La in­no­va­ción y crea­ción de co­no­ci­mien­to re­quie­re, por un la­do, el au­men­to de en­cuen­tros en­tre per­so­nas, ha­cien­do de la aper­tu­ra vi­sual y fí­si­ca un atri­bu­to desea­ble del di­se­ño; por otro la­do, el pro­ce­so crea­ti­vo de la in­ven­ción de­be con­tar con el res­guar­do de la idea; por es­to la pri­va­ci­dad cons­ti­tu­ye tam­bién una con­di­ción va­lo­ra­ble a ser cons­trui­da.

Nancy Grossman

Brown and Black . 1965

+ Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

The expressive quality of Grossman’s 1960s constructions stem from her confident handling of the material in ways that allow the ghost lives of leather to come to the foreground.

Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura


Roberto Ercilla Arquitectura

En la Llanada Alavesa los viejos edificios aislados, que componen los pequeños núcleos rurales, asemejan grandes almacenes, que albergan indiferenciada y simultáneamente uso de vivienda, aprisco de ganado, etc.
En general son edificios de volumetría muy sencilla, pesados, con cubierta a dos aguas y pequeñas ventanas.


House M+R . Beja

tma . photos: © FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura

Given its site, the parcel 48 allows us to create different points of view of the exterior. This way, it is proposed a house with different fronts, following the same logic of uniformity. The pendant of the ground conditions the entrance of the house by the main street since it has a leveling difference between the front and the back of the house.


Entorno del Mercado del Born . Barcelona

vora . fotos: © Adrià Goula

La urbanización de las calles del entorno del antiguo Mercado del Born forma parte de una estrategia de regeneración de un sector de la ciudad que durante muchos años ha permanecido estancada por la falta de uso continuado del mercado. Un sector clave en el esponjamiento del casco antiguo en dirección al Parque de la Ciutadella. Se trata de dar respuesta a las necesidades y potencialidades que la activación del renovado edificio como Born Centre Cultural generará en el espacio público.


Entorno del Mercado del Born . Barcelona


BCN re.set

Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT) + Àlex Ollé

BCN re.set

Ruffi . Giandonati

École . Vaulruz

Lapo Ruffi / LRA . Vanessa Giandonati

Le site marque la limite du village de Vaulruz en direction de l’Ouest. En prolongement du centre du village il dialogue avec les terrains agricoles et bâtis qui l’entourent. Dans la continuité de la construction du village et des nouvelles zones à bâtir composées de bâtiments isolés, la nouvelle école est un volume unitaire qui s’élève sur le côté sud-ouest du site de Belle- Fontaine, dans une position qui oriente la vue vers une ouverture du paysage.

Álvaro Siza

Vitra Promenade . Weil am Rhein

Vitra . photos: © Julien Lanoo

The 500-metre-long Álvaro Siza Promenade is a walkway flanked by hornbeam hedges that passes along the west side of Siza’s 1994 factory building and connects the VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron with the Zaha Hadid’s Fire Station. It is conceived as a path with various stations: its sequential ‘episodes’ afford wide-ranging views of architecture and nature. These include an S-shaped common area framed by hedges, the Vitra Slide Tower by Carsten Höller and an archaic-looking double chamber formed from interpenetrating brick and granite walls.


Beyond the Screen . Seoul

OBBA . photos: © Kyungsub Shin

Beyond the Screen is a new type of residential complex, located in Naebalsan-dong, Seoul. The existing condition of this residential neighborhood is no different from most other neighborhoods, with multi-plex housing having held the majority. The aim of this project was to offer a compact spatial richness for living, while finding new architectural solutions in satisfying the specific needs of the user, client, as well as contributing to the improvement of the typically generic townscape so familiar in Korea.


rehabilitación de la fachada del coac . barcelona


El edificio del Colegio de arquitectos de Catalunya tiene una carga simbólica y representativa para la imagen de la arquitectura y los arquitectos. Situado en el centro histórico de la ciudad tiene una situación urbanística prestigiosa dentro de Barcelona. Des de la percepción del espacio público es una fachada que tiene que enseñar su presencia dentro de esta situación y por lo tanto ha de aceptar su naturaleza monumental.

langarita–navarro arquitectos

Centro Medialab-Prado . Madrid

langarita–navarro arquitectos . fotos: © Miguel de Guzmán . + archdaily

La Serrería vs La Cosa es un formato de coexistencia que, a modo de combate dialéctico, ha permitido habitar más allá del concepto convencional de rehabilitación el espacio intermedio que quedaba entre ambos contrincantes.

Pablo Pita Architects

house of fairy tales . odense

Pablo Pita Architects . house of fairy tales

The creation of the HOUSE OF THE FAIRYTALES is a shifting opportunity to reset the Loetze’s Garden into an important gathering place, becoming a pivotal location in the center of Odense. The city transformations, that will reconnect the center, face an historical site with potential to evolve into a conceptually strong urban structure – especially when rooted to themes developed by one of Denmark main figures.

Urbanus + ETSALS

BCN re.set

Urbanus . ETSALS (coordinadores + profesores: Eugeni Bach + Josep Ferrando + Jaime Font) . BCN re.set

allied works architecture

Residence . Dutchess County

allied works architecture . Photos: Jeremy Bittermann © Allied Works Architecture

Allied Works was commissioned to design a residence, guesthouse and private gallery on 400 acres in Dutchess County, New York. Located on the eastern slopes of the Hudson River Valley, the site consists of rolling hills, open meadow and dense hardwood forest. Each of the three buildings responds to a particular landscape. Collectively, the estate and its three primary structures create a range of sensory experiences and sites for artistic interpretation.

ETH Zürich + Urban-Think Tank

BCN re.set

BCN re.set

The Europe pavilion for the BCN RE.SET Tricentenari commemoration, to be built as a public installation on the seafront of the Barceloneta neighborhood, is based on the concept of XARRANCA. Originally a children’s game where, through a hopping journey through multiple spaces, the goal is to reach “cielo.” The XARRANCA pavilion will be a three dimensional representation of the journey through the multiple houses of Europe, the collective exchange of individual experiences, and the journey to reach the destiny of cielo—an integrated dream Europe—as reflected in the terminus point of the sea.

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Nueva Tienda Castañer . Barcelona

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT . fotos: © olga planas

…Era ya la mitad de enero cuando con Cristina Castañer decidimos que esta nueva tienda suya en la calle Rossellò de momento no se diseñaría, pero se abriría de manera simpática e informal, haciendo algún arreglo en la tienda existente… casi un “pop up”!!
Un "pop up" con "cuidado" pero…viendo cada día al lado de los artesanos, lo que se podía tirar y conservar o transformar…