Herzog & de Meuron

Chäserrugg Cable Car and restaurant . Toggenburg

Herzog & de Meuron . photos: © Katalin Deér . + dezeen

The Chäserugg at 7420 feet is the easternmost peak of the seven mountains that make up the Churfirsten Massif. It rises up gently from the Toggenburg to the north and becomes a steep cliff to the south, plummeting almost 6250 ft down to the Lake of Walensee. The high flat plateau formed by the Hinterrugg, Rosenboden and Chäserrugg stands in great contrast to the steep, precipitous walls of the cliff. Behind this impressive topography, the backdrop of the Alps stretches all the way to the horizon. The region has been accessible since 1972 via the Unterwasser-Iltios-Chäserrugg Cable Car and can be reached in less than an hour from Zurich and St.Gallen.

Robert Kinmont

16 Dirt Roads . 2014

Photos: Gunnar Meier . + RaebervonStenglin

Kinmont maintains that to make art you have to let go of something. It is a little bit like jumping. Yet these pieces advocate a groundedness and patience evidenced in the choice and handling of the materials and in the message.


Zollhaus development . Zürich

EM2N . + Zürich

Sixth place in the competition for the Zollhaus. ‘Fred, Wilma & Pebbles’ wins 6th place among the 102 projects submitted in the competition for the Zollhaus housing and commercial development by the cooperative Kalkbreite.

Andrés Jaque

COSMO: Young Architects Program 2015


Patterson Associates

Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre . Christchurch

Patterson Associates . photos: © Emma Smales . + set of pictures

Christchurch is rebuilding after a devastating series of earthquakes which shook it during 2010. The Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre is one of the first large scale public projects completed since the quakes and was opened in April 2014 by William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Dürig AG

Lausanne University Student housing . Chavannes-près-Rennens

Dürig AG

Open international competition, winning entry.

Marte Marte Architects

Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz . Berlin

Marte Marte Architects . + baunetz

3rd prize in a competition won by Staab Architekten.

Sou Fujimoto Architects

Mirrored Gardens . Guangzhou

Sou Fujimoto Architects . photos: © Zeng Han . + Vitamin Creative Space

Inspired by the natural and traditional character of the surrounding villages, the project seeks to merge in its environment. In order to minimize the impact of the building on the site, the program is broken down into several small buildings that create a village like ensemble.


New Townhall. HITACHI

Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / S A N A A . + HITACHI

Restricted Competition. Early design winning entry.


Monuments of the Future

+ Louisiana Channel


Caligrama adult school . TORRELAVEGA

1004arquitectos . photos: © ImagenSubliminal.com (Miguel de Guzmán y Rocío Romero)

The building responds to the social demand of the city of Torrelavega of an independent space to accommodate adult school Caligrama, which until now lacked its own headquarters. Located in a deteriorated urban area, the new centre intends to be a connection with the rest of the city, serving as an integration element. A new iconic building that embodies a claim of the city is created as a reference for the future of the region.

John Armleder

SORRY II . 2015

+ Massimo De Carlo

In this room John Armleder pays homage to the exhibition Horizon Home Sweet Home by James Rosenquist that took place at Leo Castelli’s gallery in 1970.

Souto de Moura . 3LHD

Preradovićeva residential building . Zagreb

Souto de Moura . 3LHD . + DAZ

Eduardo Souto de Moura and 3LHD has won the first prize in a competition for a residential building in Preradovićeva 11 in Zagreb.


Qatar Foundation Headquarters . Doha

OMA . + qatarimage

Qatar Foundation Headquarter, commissioned by Qatar Foundation and designed by Office of Metropolitan Architecture is conceived as a generic ‘cube’ standing approximately 57 meter’s tall and accommodates interior space for 29,000m2 of offices in three main volumes: the Executive Tower, the Staff Tower, and Her Highness’s wing.

Álvaro Siza

Public Auditorium . Llinars del Vallès

© Ajuntament de Llinars del Vallès

Álvaro Siza . Aresta arquitectura . + GOP

The Llinars Auditorium is part of a public investment in cultural facilities. The building consists of two volumes, one for the auditorium with a capacity of 300 seats and another where are located the offices and the technical area. The volume detonated to the auditorium has three floors. In floor -1 is located the technical area and the reservoir, at level 0, is the auditorium and in floor 0 is located a scenic cabin. The second volume has two floors, the first is destined to dressing rooms, rehearsal room and a warehouse and floor areas and intended for technical and office.

Álvaro Siza

Public Auditorium . Llinars del Vallès

Álvaro Siza . Aresta arquitectura

Berrel Berrel Kräutler

new fire station . Pratteln

Berrel Berrel Kräutler Architekten . photos: © Radek_Brunecky

Developed after winning an architectural competition in 2010, the new fire station in Pratteln was completed in October 2013, after nearly one year of construction. The flat new building is located in the town’s western periphery, where residential and commercial areas overlap. Like the appropriate component, the latest addition to this loose network of heterogenous blocks integrates well into the surrounding greenery.

LVPH Architectes

Neubau Markthalle und Ringkuhkampfarena . Raron

LVPH Architectes . + rw oberwallis

Open competition. 1st prize.


"Follies in the Park" Observatory . Poissy


The 'Follies in the Park' Observatory in Poissy, Paris by AWP and HHF on its way up.

Carmody Groarke

Kings Cross Gormley Studio . London

Carmody Groarke . photos: Oak Taylor Smith © Carmody Groarke

Working closely with British artist Antony Gormley, Carmody Groarke designed a new bespoke building dedicated to making and storing the artist's work. The building’s elemental form, clad entirely in heavy-duty galvanised-steel plate, sits within the sculpture courtyard of the artist's studios designed by David Chipperfield Architects.

Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas

Centro José Guerrero . Granada

Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas . + Plataforma Arquitectura

Frente a la maravillosa mole de la catedral de Granada, quizás la más hermosa catedral de Andalucía, ha aparecido, cual si de un David frente a un Goliat se tratara, una pequeña pieza que, además de enfrentarse a ella de tú a tú, toma como tema central de su arquitectura un absoluto respeto y admiración por la pieza histórica.


Multi-purpose sports hall . Mouvaux

deAlzua+ . photos: © Sergio Grazia

The project is located in the city of Mouvaux in the north of France. The multi-activities indoor hall is revealed by an imbrication of volumes. Each volume represents a specific function : the first one, on the entrance square, hosts the gymnastic room, overhung by a second volume occupied by the dance hall. The third volume, opened on the other side of the city, shows the most impressive part of the program : the multisport hall. This strong volumetric expression is sublimated by a subtle treatment of the facades. The facades highlight the volumes. Each aims to express their own identity by the way the materials are implemented.


Didi Digomi Complex . Tblisi

Miba architects

Didi Dighomi is an up growing District located north from Tblisi downtown, well connected to the highway that links the city with the airport and the eastern regions.
The site is a 17ha plot currently occupied by five abandoned soviet industrial buildings. The site’s location and extension represent an optimal opportunity to develop a new centrality area operating at district, metropolitan and regional scales.

N. Dash

Untitled . 2014

+ Hammer Museum

N. Dash’s work in drawing, painting, and photography is rooted in her ongoing experimentation with materials. Constantly occupying her hands with working small bits of fabric between her fingers, Dash’s intentional process of touch yields artifacts that are the building blocks of her work.

JKMM Architects

Maailmanpylväs Tower . Jyväskylä

JKMM Architects . photos: © Tuomas Uusheimo

Maailmanpylväs Tower is the first of the three planned towers at the tip of the peninsula.

Koji Tsutsui

Stacked House . Tokyo

Koji Tsutsui Architect & Associates . photos: © Iwan Baan

Stacked House is located in a midst of dense urban fabric of Tokyo. Since the client is a musician couple who wanted home office spaces in the house, we designed a house as a tightly stacked boxes, a vertical village, where the client live and work.

Le Corbusier



Ulargui Arquitectos

Shopping complex . Mount Lu

Ulargui Arquitectos

What does a brand mean? What’s the actual experience when we want what is fashionable? What’s the image of a shop nowadays?

Mary Kelly

Flashing Nipple Remix . 2005

+ Mary Kelly

The works that make up the Love Songs project remix images and accounts of the 1970s Women’s Movement from Mary Kelly’s archive.

Caruso St John

Flaminio neighbourhood masterplan . Rome

Caruso St John ­Londra . Progetto Flaminio

Open competition. Finalist entry.

Navarro Baldeweg . Da Gai

Flaminio neighbourhood masterplan . Rome

Juan Navarro Baldeweg Asociados . Enrico Da Gai . Progetto Flaminio

Open competition. Finalist entry.

Luigi Snozzi

Bahnhofplatz . Brig

Luigi Snozzi . Brig

Restricted competition. Winning entry.


Casa Luz . EU Mies AwardEmerging Architect 2015

+ entrevista en El País

Avenier Cornejo architectes

Playschool . Paris

Avenier Cornejo architectes . photos: © Julien Lanoo .+ AMC

Playschool for 66 children in Paris.

David Chipperfield

Fayland House . Buckinghamshire

+ Architectural Review

With Adam Caruso, Sofia von Ellrichshausen, Pippo Ciorra and AR Editor Christine Murray as judges, Fayland House wins the 2015 AR House Award.

Andrés Jaque

MoMA PS1 YAP 2015 - COSMO . NY

Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation . photos: © Miguel de Guzmán . + archdaily

More than 2 billion gallons of water circulate everyday beneath New York City. COSMO is a movable artifact, made out of customized irrigation components, to make visible and enjoyable the so-far hidden urbanism of pipes we live by. An assemblage of ecosystems, based on advanced environmental design, engineered to filter and purify 3.000 gallons of water; eliminating suspended particles and nitrates, balancing the PH, and increasing the level of dissolved oxygen.


Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

Local Architecture . + Malcolm Reading

The Guggenheim museum of Helsinki will be the new ICON of the city and will contribute to its skyline.
The different sizes of the most important buildings around the harbour and the SCALE of the ferries have been taken into consideration to create visual relationships with the museum.
The proximity of the park has led to a direct CONNECTION between the main entrance and Tähtitorninvuori park through a public bridge passing over the street.

Fake Industries

Guggenheim Museum . Helsinki

Fake Industries, Architectural Agonism (Cristina Goberna, Urtzi Grau) . Jorge López Conde . Carmen Blanco . Alvaro Carrillo . Guggenheim Helsinki competition . + winners

Helsinki is a city of interiors. Due to its extreme climatic conditions, Helsinki’s civic society blossoms indoors. Our proposal for the Guggenheim Helsinki, 47 Rooms, extends this network using the architectural technologies that construct Helsinki’s interior citizenry: i.e. walls, doors, windows, and the machinery that defines atmospheric conditions.

Buchner Bründler

Bahnhofplatz . Brig

Buchner Bründler . Brig

Restricted competition.

Josep Quetglas

Conversaciones con Enric Miralles

Fundación Enric Miralles

Pedro Puertas


+ petición . obituario en El País

El pasado 16 de junio murió Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas.

Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas

Moorish Wall in Alto Albaicín . Granada

© Theo Coutanceau

Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas . photos: © David Arredondo y Alberto García . © Vicente del Amo . © Theo Coutanceau . © Jesús Torres . + archdaily

Opposite the hill of the Alhambra and the Generalife, the San Miguel hill frames the last stretch of the Darro valley and its Vega. This is a landscape absolutely linked to the city, natural and wild, but turned into a residual space, almost marginal, in which all sorts of trash and debris accumulated. It is also an area of transition to the new city, a city made of townhouses that touches slightly, amid its disorder, the incomplete fractured remains of the Moorish wall.


Serpentine Pavilion . London

serpentine pavilion . images: © Steven Kevin Howson / SelgasCano . photos: © Iwan Baan

The Serpentine design for the 15th annual Pavilion has been revealed, showing an amorphous, double-skinned, polygonal structure consisting of panels of a translucent, multi-coloured fabric membane (ETFE) woven though and wrapped in webbing. Visitors will be able to enter and exit the Pavilion at a number of different points, passing through a "secret corridor" between the outer and inner layer of the structure and into the Pavilion's brilliant, stained glass-effect interior.

Mateo arquitectura

Remodelación del Mercado del Ninot . Barcelona

Mateo arquitectura | Josep Lluís Mateo . fotos: © Adrià Goula

Josep Lluís Mateo ha finalizado recientemente la remodelación del Mercado del Ninot de Barcelona, un mercado clave en la red de distribución de alimentación de la ciudad por su localización central y confluyente.

Könz . Barchi . Molo

Casa dell'Accademia. Mendrisio

Könz architetto . Carola Barchi . Molo architetti . photos: © Walter Mair . + world-architects

The Accademia Residences provide student housing for the international architecture school in the small town of Mendrisio in Switzerland, near the Italian border. This student accommodation is located on a sloping site 0.8 km (0.5 miles) from the school, in a suburban area with a heterogeneous mix of housing and public buildings.

Rem Koolhaas

Très Grande Bibliothèque . 1989 Project Presentation


Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Aquel al que escuchas un día criticar en privado a uno de los fotógrafos más populares del país para luego, unos años más tarde, cuando recibe el encargo

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Justo el mismo que cuando trabajas con él adviertes que sólo busca su beneficio pero que cuando escribe sobre arquitectura proclama que esta siempre tiene que estar

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Claro que tú también criticaste ante él un día un edificio que ahora consideras

Diener & Diener

Foksal Gallery Foundation . Warsaw

Diener & Diener . photos: © Juliusz Sokołowski . + bryla

Foskal Gallery Foundation recently refurbished by Diener & Diener.

Leon Golub

Up Yours . 2002

+ Hauser & Wirth

Spanning five decades and including a selection of paintings and late drawings, ‘Leon Golub. Riot’ surveys the late artist’s politically charged and profoundly affecting oeuvre.

Herzog & de Meuron

Roche Building 1 . Basel

Herzog & de Meuron . photos: © Maritime Basel . + Roche

Mass Studies

Pixel House . Gyeonggi-do

Mass Studies . photos: © Yong-Kwan Kim

The Pixel House designed by Mass Studies in collaboration with Slade Architecture in Gyeonggido, Korea, thoughtfully incorporated the needs of their client, a young family of four. There is a vagueness between public and private space, landscaping and building, which was the intention of both the client and architects.

RCR . Beaudouin

Lorrain Museum . Nancy

RCR . atelier Beaudouin

2013 Competition entry.

Robin Hill

Side by Side . 2014

photos: © Robin Hill . + Robin Hill . wallpaper

"Side by Side" features Robin Hill's photographs of Philip Johnson’s Glass House and Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and it is going to be shown at New York's Four Seasons Restaurant from 22 June – 22 September 2015.

Angela Deuber

Cluer House . Isle of Harris

Angela Deuber . + Book ISLAND

The house is part of the rugged lunar landscape of the east side of the Isle of Harris. From the west, the house appears as a large roof floating on top of a long wall. It sits in a recessed plateau bounded by large rocky outcrops, lochans, and the bay, dropping gradually to an unencumbered view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dietger Wissounig

Sparkasse Waidmannsdorf . Klagenfurt

Dietger Wissounig . photos: © Gerhard Maurer . + baunetz

Pascal Flammer Architekten

Rocks and Sea house . Isle of Harris

Pascal Flammer Architekten . + Book ISLAND

I look at the sea and I know it is just a tiny border of something very big and wet. I can only imagine the ocean in my head, so it remains a concept. I am familiar with rocks – they are also endless – but I don’t have that mystical relation to them: rocks are just pieces of stone lying somewhere, hard and physical – but also beautiful. This project is about these two conditions.




Frankfurt is an urban setting that combines the classical European perimeter block with the high­rises of a modern metropolis—forming a vibrant cluster of structures in the city center. This architectural combination offers density and a dynamic skyline, echoing the Taunus Mountains that bound Frankfurt to the north.

baserga mozzetti

rheinsteg . rheinfelden

baserga mozzetti architetti . giorgio aeberli . + ingegneri pedrazzini guidotti sagl

Competition entry. Finalist.

Theo van Doesburg

L’Aubette restored dance hall . Strasbourg

STRASBOURG . + The Charnel-House . MOMA

In 1926 van Doesburg, with artists Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber, obtained the commission to refurbish the interior of a mid-eighteenth-century building to create Café Aubette—large restaurant with a cinema and dancehalls. A painter as well as an architect, van Doesburg used this project to explore his theory of Elementarism, which built upon the concepts of Neoplasticism developed by the de Stijl movement of Dutch abstract artists.