New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum competition

After 470 entries received at The First Stage the jury has not found any of them suitable for implementation


+ Liget Budapest

In the New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum competition conducted in the framework of the Liget Budapest International Design Competition the jury has not found any entry suitable for implementation

DAS studio


DAS studio . photos: Samuel Lehuédé © DAS studio

Évènement éphémère "chantier" pour la maison de Joaillerie Dauphin.

Hiroyuki Ito Architects


Private House . Wicklow

ODOS ARCHITECTS . photos: © Ros Kavanagh Photographer

This house is in essence a simple bold sculptural form which sits at the foot of a steep escarpment in the Wicklow hills. It is a two storey house with vehicular and pedestrian access from the Bray Road. Accommodation is comprised of a two car garage, boiler room, wc and utility at ground floor level and open plan living, kitchen, dining areas with 3 bedrooms (master ensuite), study and family bathroom at first floor level.

Laura Alvarez Architecture

House of Hungarian Music . Budapest

Laura Alvarez Architecture

The new Museum of Hungarian Music will be a vibrant place. It will attract people from all over the world as well as from Hungary.
When we think about a Museum of Music, we all have in mind a bit outdated museum. In there, you can only see things but not experience them: Instruments, old manuscripts, etc are the most common artefacts to be exhibited in this type of museums.

WAA | Wiel Arets Architects

Blumenhaus . Zürich

WAA | Wiel Arets Architects

Blumenhaus is located in the Escher-Wyss district of Zürich; a 'rough' area of the city and one of the most urban spaces in Switzerland.

Estudio Hago

NUK II Library . Ljubljana

Estudio Hago

Ljubljana is a city of contrasts where the huge plain of the area occupied by the buildings contrasts with the height of the surrounding mountains. This situation leads us to propose a building where its peculiar volume makes it recognizable from all perspectives of the city.

Fernández-Abascal y Muruzábal . Pesquera Ulargui . Alonso . Barrientos

Rehabilitación del Seminario Mayor . Comillas

Fernández-Abascal y Muruzábal . Pesquera Ulargui arquitectos . Alberto Alonso . Joaquin Barrientos . fotos: © Duccio Malagamba

Rehabilitación del Seminario Mayor de Comillas.


new Station Bus Terminal . Weilheim


Our proposal for the construction of the new Weilheim Station Bus Terminal and the redevelopment of the Railway Station Area aims to redefine the whole Station Area, providing a cohesive identity to all the transport infrastructures converging on the site, with a very minimal amount of resources.

wespi de meuron romeo

moneo . souto de moura

debate moderado por Kosme de Barañano

Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad



NUA Arquitectures . ZFA Architecture Urban Lab

Concurso. 2o premio.

Alex Olson

Telescope . 2013

+ Laura Bartlett Gallery

Alex Olson’s paintings are less decorous than they seem at first glance.


Park Groot Schijn . Antwerp

MAXWAN . photos: © Filip Dujardin

Is the first detailed design of the Ruggeveld masterplan. The planning area covers 6.5 hectares and is located south of the E313 highway.
The program includes park design (the blueprint for the "green seams") throughout the entire masterplan, landscape design (a qualitative improvement of de Koude Beek Valley), 172 community gardens and a reservation of about 30 additional gardens and a parking for about 50 cars.

David Chipperfield

Beethoven Festspielhaus . Bonn

David Chipperfield . + Beethoven Festspielhaus

Competition. Shortlisted entry.

Toyo Ito

Park for All . Kamaishi

Toyo Ito . Architecture for Humanity

City of Kamaishi in Iwate prefecture became well-known from the story of "Miracle of Kamaishi". The students of Kamaishi East Junior High School ran out of their school to higher ground after the 2011 earthquake, and led the children of the neighboring Unosumai Elementary School by holding their hands and encouraging young ones to stay together.

David Chipperfield

2010-2014 | El Croquis N. 174/175

+ El Croquis

Brooke Campbell-Johnston

A Linear Monument . Prishtina

The follies are designed to suspend a living tree above the rooftops of the cities buildings.

Brooke Campbell-Johnston

THE LINEAR MONUMENT seeks to develop a strategy to introduce radical new forms of constructed landscape and green space within PRISHTINA whilst remaining respectful to the existing urban condition.

Lever Architecture


Lever Architecture

The site is at a pivotal location on the North Park Blocks at the intersection of a number of districts: Pearl, Old Town and Downtown.

Reiulf Ramstad . RUBOW

International Sailing Centre . Århus

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter . RUBOW arkitekter

The Sailing Centre aims to add value to the pier area through an architectural solution anchored in the sailing boat historical identity. The modulation of the new building is inspired by the play of light between the sails shape and mast. The indoor plan is the result of a deep analysis of flows, dynamics and activities that share the same building. The pier regeneration seeks to attract new visitors by providing the essential facilities for new events along the new marine promenade.

Duggan Morris Architects

Alfriston School Swimming Pool . Buckinghamshire

Duggan Morris Architects . Alfriston School . photos: © Jack Hobhouse . + Elliott Wood . dezeen

Won in January 2008 through an invited competitive tender and interview process, the project seeks to extend an existing sports department within a special needs girls school, in Buckinghamshire, to provide a new four lane swimming pool, changing facilities, gym, fitness suite and administration block.

Cristina Iglesias & Thomas Struth

On Reality


María Hernández Enríquez

Super Atelier . Madrid

María Hernández Enríquez . PFC

Super Atelier es una propuesta que propone recuperar tejido industrial y productivo en centros urbanos, como la ciudad de Madrid. Esta clase de actividad, en forma de fábricas y talleres, se expulsa del centro debido a diversas causas como la salubridad o el aumento de densidad. Sin embargo, los avances técnicos así como las posibilidades que ofrece internet en todos los campos de trabajo facilitan esta recuperación.

Phyllida Barlow

untitled: blockcratewedge . 2014

+ Hauser & Wirth

Since the late 1960s, British artist Phyllida Barlow has focused on the physical experience of handling materials, which she transforms through layering, accumulation and juxtaposition.

OFIS architects

Football Stadium FC Bate Borisov

OFIS architects . photos: © Tomaz Gregoric . + dezeen

The stadium is going on site at the end of 2010 since opening is planned for 2012, when the City of Borisov celebrates a significant anniversary. Distribution of the program takes into account the natural advantages of location and existing interventions in the terrain and the fact that the stadium has 13.000 seats, has to obtain 4stars according to UEFA categorization and have additional 3.000m2 of public program.

Wild Bär Heule

Privathaus Rebwiesstrasse . Zollikon

Wild Bär Heule . photos: © Roger Frei

Alles dreht sich um eine Akazie: Sie steht in einem kleinen Hof, die präzise gesetzte Leerstelle im Zentrum des Hauses. Zwei U-förmige Grundrisse, um neunzig Grad verdreht, bilden ein räumlich-plastisches Objekt und sind so übereinander geschichtet, dass der Hof jeweils im Gelenk des Geschosses zu liegen kommt.

Lacaton & Vassal Architectes

Student and public housing, Paris 19



Stadskantoor . Rotterdam

OMA . photos: © Ossip van Duivenbode . + archdaily

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Cuando se copia a alguien conviene ser cuidadoso. Al fin y al cabo uno conoce qué y a quién ha copiado y esa parte puede mantenerla bajo control. Lo que desconoce

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Estas olas de ultraliberalismo que pretenden eliminar los privilegios de nuestra profesión no tienen sentido. No necesitamos profesionales con formación exclusivamente técnica que nos hagan la competencia. Está ampliamente demostrado. Los arquitectos

Carlos Cachón

Telegrama, no tuit

Hay que huir de lo competente como de la peste.

Carlos Cachón

Siza . Castanheira

Taifong Golf Club Opens in Changhua , Taiwan

Álvaro Siza . Carlos Castanheira . photos: © FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura . + archdaily

Stephen Shore

Causeway Inn, Tampa, Florida, November 17, 1977


Stephen Shore (Nueva York, 1947) es uno de los fotógrafos cuya influencia ha sido más destacada en las últimas tres décadas.

Herzog & de Meuron

Castagnola . Lugano

Herzog & de Meuron . images: bloomimages © Herzog & de Meuron / Archi di luce

Gigon Guyer

Fondazione Marguerite Arp . Locarno

Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer, Architects . Fondazione Marguerite Arp . photos: © Shinkenchiku-sha/ Makoto Yamamori

The new building realized according to plans by the architects Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer presents itself as a light grey cube of sandblasted concrete. It houses a depot for the artworks in the collection as well as a ninety-m2-large exhibition space.

Studio Velocity

House Open to The City

studio velocity


Auditorio Cultural Teopanzolco . Cuernavaca

PRODUCTORA . Isaac Broid . + Plataforma Arquitectura

Concurso: primer lugar.

Ortiga & Moura

Haus der Zukunft Museum . Berlin

Ortiga & Moura

The new Haus der Zukunft Museum located on a proeminent site facing the Spree River, will enable visitors to take a look into the “world of tomorrow” by providing a showcase of the most advanced developments in science and research.

Gartnerfuglen . de Delás

Grooming retreat . Mallorca

Gartnerfuglen . Mariana de Delás . + dezeen

Located on a remote agricultural state in southern Mallorca, this structure was the realisation of a dream for the client. Being an urbanite young professional who decided to move back to her hometown to run the family agricultural legacy she asked for a space for grooming, contemplation and delicacy. Sited at the center of a barley field sur­rounded by autochthonous bushes and wild olive trees the tower has a panoramic view meeting the Mediterranean sea and senses at the horizon the lush island of Cabrera.

Morger + Dettli Architekten

Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst HGK . Basel

Morger + Dettli Architekten . photos: © Valentin Jäck . + baunetz

Competition entry. 1st Prize.

Peter Zumthor

Kolumba Museum . Cologne

photos: © luis rodríguez photography

Izaskun Chinchilla

Rehabilitación de una casa solariega . Camerma

Izaskun Chinchilla . fotos: © Carlos Lozano . © Borja Lorenzo . © Maria Carmona

Historically, ancestral homes are the properties that has fostered the coexistence and represented the families that owned them. Regardless of their location, their grandeur, their time and their site all of them have borne the signs –names, heraldry or aesthetic tastes- of their tenants. The house was a reflection of the family character and, in certain way, it took a representative role. This house in Carmena, a small town 40 kilometers away from Toledo, is not an exception.

Miguel Marcelino

house of fairy tales . odense

Miguel Marcelino . house of fairy tales

This proposal is not about an individual building plus a garden. Both building and garden are a single thing. One defines the other. In fact, the garden is made of twelve different gardens.

RICA Studio

Polideportivo y espacio cultural . Dalseong

RICA Studio (Iñaqui Carnicero + Lorena del Río)

Mención de honor en concurso internacional.

Borsos . Bachman

Summer house . Kővágószőlős

Ágnes Borsos architects . Zoltán Bachman DLA . photos: © Ákos Mátételki . + architectforum

Kovágószolos has been identified as the part of the most ancient opened up settlement in the Pécs region so far. A 4000 years old soil-built Celtic castle proves that it has been a popular settlement among inhabitants since ancient times. Since the 1950s, as a matter of being in the neighbourhood of the socialist large-scale industry such as uranium mining, local residents –the miners- were only allowed -by the authorizations- to build small sized, hut- like buildings.

Herzog & de Meuron

Roche development plan . Basel

Herzog & de Meuron . Roche

Roche development plan for its Basel site.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

El artículo de las luciérnagas

Traducción de Esteban Nicotra . + pasolini

“La distinción entre fascismo adjetivo y fascismo sustantivo se remonta nada menos que al diario “Il Politecnico”, es decir, a la inmediata posguerra...” Así empieza un escrito de Franco Fortini sobre el fascismo (L’Europeo, 26-12-1974), escrito que, como se suele decir, yo suscribo totalmente, plenamente. Pero no puedo suscribir su tendencioso exordio. En efecto, la distinción entre “fascismos” hecha por Il Politecnico no es ni pertinente ni actual. Esta podía valer todavía hasta hace cerca de una decena de años, cuando el régimen democristiano era todavía la simple y pura continuación del régimen fascista. Pero hace una decena de años, sucedió “algo”. “Algo” que no existía y que no era previsible no sólo en la época del Politecnico, sino ni siquiera un año antes de que sucediera (o aún más, mientras sucedía, como veremos). Por lo tanto, la comparación real entre “fascismos” no puede ser hecha, “cronológicamente”, entre el fascismo fascista y el fascismo democristiano, sino entre el fascismo fascista y el radicalmente, totalmente, imprevisiblemente nuevo que ha nacido de aquel “algo” que ha sucedido hace una década.

Sou Fujimoto

Many Small Cubes . Paris

photo: © Eric Mézan

Sou Fujimoto . Galerie Philippe Gravier . + dezeen

FIAC 2014 installation


Roof House . Fredensborg


Roof House is a project that completely transforms an existing villa beautifully situated on a large site filled with trees in Fredensborg, Denmark. The existing house is occupied by a family with three children and the specific needs of the family formed the basis of the project.

Lourdes Fisa

Lourdes Fisa . + Artèria

A lo largo de su evolución como artista. Lourdes Fisa ha conseguido una arquitectura gráfica propia, una iconografía personal y una metodología singular. Su pintura es un universo lleno de registros simbólicos.

David Chipperfield Architects

Geffrye Museum . London

David Chipperfield Architects . + bdonline

David Chipperfield Architects' Geffrye Museum scheme dropped after campaigners objecting to the proposed demolition of a Victorian pub on the site. Wright & Wright Architects has been chosen for the new proposal.

Gret Loewensberg

hinterbergstrasse housing building . zürich

Gret Loewensberg . photos © georg aerni

Grosses wohnhaus in einer gegend mit verschiedenartigen kleinen und grossen bauten verschiedener epochen (altfluntern). Loftartige, fast symmetrisch angelegte, grosszügige wohnungen mit entsprechenden umlaufenden aussenräumen. Grosszügige fensteröffnungen für schöne durch- und ausblicke. Distanz zur unmittelbaren nachbarschaft dank den auskragenden balkonen. züssige ausnützung wird zugunsten einer grossflächigen gartenanlage nicht ausgeschöpft.




Enzmann Fischer

Neubau Stadtarchiv . Luzern

Enzmann Fischer

Der sieben geschossige kompakte Gebäudekörper des Basisprojekts und die vier geschossige Erweiter-ung werden aufgrund der spezi-fischen Lage, der Funktionalität und einer massvollen Rücksichtsnahme auf die umliegende Bebauungsstruk-tur modelliert. Der Baukörper thematisiert in seiner Proportion die diversen Hochbauten in Emmen-brücke und wertet durch seine starke Präsenz das Gebiet Ruopigen auf. Die schwere Krone über dem verglasten öffentlichen Erdgeschoss verleiht dem Ort durch den bestimmten Charakter neue Identität.

Keskisarja . Tommila . Berge . Klepsvik


1st prize . design team: Emmi Juulia Keskisarja . Miia-Liina Tommila . Tone Megrunn Berge . Silje Klepsvik . + Europan

The Kaleidoscope is the winning proposal of the architecture competition Europan 12 in Norway. It proposes a master plan and a seven-step strategy for adapting the abandoned psychiatric hospital area Dikemark in Asker, for future life.

Pool architekten

Fussballstadion . Thun

Pool architekten . photos: © Andrea Helbling

Bei der Ausfahrt Thun Süd markiert die Arena Thun den Stadteingang. Hier, vor dem spektakulären Alpenpanorama, werden Sport und Einkaufen zum Erlebnis. Das Super-League-taugliche Stadion bietet 10'000 Zuschauern Platz und wirkt trotz seiner Grösse überschaubar. Mit lediglich 14 Metern Gebäudehöhe fügen sich Arena und Panorama-Center in die Alleen der Thuner Allmend ein.

christian kerez

three Museums And One Square . Guangzhou

christian kerez . + gooood

Situated at the South end of the Guangzhou New Urban Axis, the project is going to become an important tourist and sightseeing zone together with Canton Tower, the recent city landmark in Guangzhou.

Richard Tuttle

I Don't Know


Ateliers O-S architectes


Ateliers O-S architectes

The plot for this new office development benefits from its size as well as from its isolated bow-shaped form (5 facades looking onto 3 streets) giving it a uniqueness which bears the hallmarks of an architectural landmark.