bureau A

Pavillon de la danse . Genève


Roof Piece, chorégraphie historique imaginée par Trisha Brown, s’ancre dans les préoccupations du groupe Downtown Scene (Gordon Matta Clark, Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown) qui utilise dans les années 70 l’environnement urbain de New York comme fond de scène pour leurs performances artistiques, proposant un dialogue en mouvement avec l’environnement urbain.

Do Ho Suh

Staircase-III . 2010

+ Lehmann Maupin Gallery

'Staircase-III' is one of a number of works Suh has made based on his personal memories of architectural spaces, both of his parents' traditional Korean house in Seoul and his own Western-style apartment in New York


Social Housing . Palma

RipollTizon . photos: © José Hevia . + dezeen

The project is located in 'Pere Garau' neighbourhood. The area was formerly characterised by blocks of single family houses with inner courtyards that followed a typical grid plan. Once the district became central in the city, amendments to the urban planning increased the building volumes significantly and changed the typology to collective housing.

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Barajas Social Building Block . Madrid

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT . photos: © Victor Moreno . + WAF

Project for 120 dwellings, 127 parking spaces, 120 storage rooms, and two shops.

Michael Buthe

Le dernier secret de Fatima . 1986

+ Alexander and Bonin

Sou Fujimoto

public toilet . Ichihara

Sou Fujimoto . + The Japan Daily Press

Public glass-encased toilet by Sou Fujimoto located in Ichihara.

Pavel Büchler

Studio Schwitters . 2010

+ TANYA LEIGHTON . Max Wigram Gallery

Strange unintelligible computerized speech emits in unison from seventy-five horn speakers fixed across the expanse of the wall. On a table close by, a lone horn leads the chorus…

savioz fabrizzi architectes

town hall . saxon

savioz fabrizzi architectes . photos: © thomas jantscher

The village of Saxon, situated on the rhône plain, lacked a meeting-place for the various events and celebrations that punctuate the year. the municipal authority chose the centre of the village as the site for a car park, community hall and public open space alongside the church.


Danish Maritime Museum . Helsingør

BIG . photos: © JNarisara Ladawal . +

The dock creates a museum space as a cohesive floor plan which discreetly becomes lower and lower across the entire museum length. Simple accessibility ramps and bridges are added, cutting through the dock in a structural and sculptural way.

Aires Mateus

Centro Escolar . Vila Nova de Barquinha

Aires Mateus . + FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura

O novo Centro Escolar de Vila Nova da Barquinha, bem como a remodelada Escola D. Maria II ocupa uma área de cerca de 6 hectares, frequentado por cerca de 600 alunos.

Darren Almond

Track Record

+ Sedition

Steven Holl Architects


Steven Holl Architects

The new Visual Arts facility for the University of Iowa's School of Art and Art History provides 126,000 sf of loft-like space for the departments of ceramics, sculpture, metals, photography, print making and 3D multimedia. It will also include graduate student studios, faculty and staff studios and offices, and gallery space.

Miller & Maranta

Edificio residencial. en el parque Patumbah . Zurich

Miller & Maranta . foto: © Christoph Ruchstuhl / Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Ampliación de una villa histórica en Zurich

Ateliers O-S architectes

gymnase ZAC Bords de Seine . Asnières-sur-Seine

Ateliers O-S architectes . photos: © Cecile Septet

The site is characterized by three special features that led our intentions:
- Its dimension: a narrow piece of land, 30m width and 250m long, along a railway embankment
- Its orientation: the site opens to the south on the river La Seine
- A breach generated by the western entrance of the new district under the embankment

Lantieri . Lugli

Holds Up . Berlin

Francesca Lantieri . Jacopo Lugli . teachers: Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge . Sam Chermayeff . Dessau Institute of Architecture

Berlin is a unique capital because of its interesting hystory.
_ the research
Also its developement is linked to it. After the wall fall it is totally reinvented itself: all the emprty plots and buildings have been occupied by the citizen to create informal activities for the public use. This is really unique and it represents the real spirit of this city. the situation is going to change and Berlin identity will disapper soon.

Durisch + Nolli Architetti

M.a.x. Museo . Chiasso

Durisch + Nolli Architetti . photos: © Durisch + Nolli Architetti . + archdaily

The m.a.x. Museo was built according to the desire to create a Museum for figurative and applied Arts, dedicated to Max Huber and Takashi Kono, two important graphic designers of the 20th century. The new museum is open to all kind of Arts, with special reguard for contemporary and multimedial art.

Charline von Heyl

Guitar Gangster . 2013

+ Petzel Gallery

Charline von Heyl’s paintings are not abstractions of objects or figures; rather, she is interested in creating abstract images that stand for themselves.


Performance Center . Ptuj

ENOTA . photos: © Miran Kambič

The Dominican monastery in Ptuj boasts more than 800 years of history, which is, in various degrees of apparentness, expressed in its building structure.

Sou Fujimoto

Design District retail building facade . Miami

Sou Fujimoto . + dezeen

Sou Fujimoto was selected this year to create a facade for a 15,200-square-foot mixed-use retail building in the Design District’s Palm Court, which is set to bow in 2014. Fujimoto’s facade encompasses the building’s first and second floor arcades and creates a structural waterfall pedestrians can walk under. The Palm Court will house about 20 watch and jewelry brands.

YLAB arquitectos

Vivienda . Vallvidrera

YLAB arquitectos . fotos: © Marcela Grassi

El proyecto se sitúa en el barrio de Vallvidrera, un barrio residencial que se eleva sobre la ciudad de Barcelona en el entorno del parque natural de Collserola, en una pequeña parcela de dimensiones muy reducidas, geometría irregular y acusado desnivel, situada entre un valle y un bosque de pinos.

DOS Architects

Dance Pavilion . Genève

DOS Architects

Our design for the dance pavilion in Geneva is a glass box which hovers above the Place Charles Strum, attempting to mimic the lyricism of the modern dancer. Its construction, simple and modular, is based on a steel frame with pre-fabricated glass and drywall panels which can be quickly assembled.

Sergio Larrain




LAPIN restaurant and house . Kofu-shi

TAKESHI HOSAKA Architects . photos: © Koji Fujii Nacasa&Partners Inc

Restaurant and house facing the river Arakawa of Kofu-shi, Yamanashi. Because a cross-section of the building a breakwater of Arakawa becomes the section of the building repeatedly in the same way, on earth this building belongs with the scenery of the river and does, and it is with a thing integral with Arakawa for the scenery spatially.

Robert Ryman

Untitled . 1965

+ Pace Gallery

For over six decades Robert Ryman has continuously and methodically experimented with the different possibilities that can happen within a painting through material, brushstroke, support and scale, always with rigorous attention to their installation. Pace Gallery


Centro de Salud . Cartaya

CHS ARQUITECTOS . fotos: © Fernando Alda . +

La adhesión total al programa y a las exigencias de la pequeña ampliación de un Centro de Salud en funcionamiento, constituye el móvil del proyecto.

Diana Hernández + leon11

Escuela de Hostelería The Big Kitchen . La Ribera del Marco

Diana Hernández . leon11

La idea de implantar aquí una gran cocina me rondó por la cabeza un día sentada en la plaza de Yamaa el Fna de Marrakech. Era mi primera visita a la ciudad y me pasé horas siguiendo con los ojos el ajetreo de los miles de visitantes y la transformación del lugar. Al caer el sol, colinas de humo arrastraban un denso olor a carne, parrilla y especias.

José Oubrerie



Marte Marte Architects

Lakeside Science & Technology Park . Klagenfurt

Marte Marte Architects

Competition. 2nd place.

mA-style architects

Light Walls House . Toyokawa City

mA-style architects . photos: © Kai Nakamura . + domus

MU Architects

Fertile House . Tours

MU Architects . photos: © Sophie Carles . + archdaily

Fertile House is located in a residential neighborhood in Tours, a mid-sized town located in the Loire valley. The project is, at once, a renovation of an existing house and an extension even larger than the original building.


Villa 57+ . Dortmund


An outwardly inconspicuous detached house in the south of Dortmund had to be extended by two nurseries as well as a bedroom including bathroom. A dressing room had to be arranged in the existing building as well. The backyard, especially the small forest situated in eastern part of the site, had to be kept untouched.

Jordi Bernadó + Roberto Feijoo

Berlin Berlin

Galería H2O

Ecosistema Urbano architects  

Energy Carousel . Dordrecht

Ecosistema Urbano architects

The Centre for Visual Arts in Dordrecht In cooperation with the Amsterdam design bureau Carve invited 10 European design firms to develop inventive, resourceful and multi-age friendly playful objects to complete the design for the new public space, the Governeursplein square in the city of Dordrecht. Ecosistema Urbano’s “energy carousel” was one of the winning proposals chosen to be implemented.

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Villa . Keerbergen

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

The residence lies on the lake at Keerbergen. The lake is not, however, accessible for those who live around it.

Alejandra Atarés


+ Alejandra Atarés . Galería Balaguer

La obra de Atarés juega desde el descaro a plantear un reverso: no es la pintura quien nos da la espalda sino sus enigmas, que hemos de acercarnos para encontrar.

Jannis Kounellis

at Cheim & Read

+ Cheim & Read

Souto de Moura . Sousa

Portuguese Biennale Pavilion . Venezia

Eduardo Souto de Moura . Ângelo de Sousa . photos: © Manuel Henriques . + dg artes

Portuguese Official Representation at the 11th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia

Carlito Carvalhosa

Waiting Room . 2013

+ Galeria Nara Roesler . ocula

The work of Carlito Carvalhosa predominantly involves painting and sculpture, ascribing deep eloquence to the materiality of the medium, and all the while transcending it to tackle broader issues.

Katie Albertucci

Open cast gold mines . Obuasi

Katie Albertucci . teachers: Theo Sarantoglou Lalis, Dora Swejd . AA

Open cast gold mines in Obuasi, Ghana are beginning to cease operations as underground mining takes over.


Library . Birmingham

Mecanoo . photos: © Christian Richters

Centenary Square, the largest public square in the heart of Birmingham, currently lacks cohesion or a clear identity or atmosphere.

Smiljan Radic

Casa Pite . Papudo

fotos: © Cristobal Palma . arkcisur . +

Casa Pite se construyó en un predio de 1,5 ha en la localidad de Papudo a poco menos de dos horas de Santiago. El proyecto oculta y despliega el programa de 400 m2 a lo largo y ancho del sitio en medio de la inconfortable naturaleza, entendiendo que las diversas y claras situaciones de la geografía ayudan a caracterizar cada uno de sus ambientes.

Michel Foucault

¿Es inútil sublevarse?

«Inutile de se soulever?» . Le Monde . n° 10.661, 11-12 de mayo de 1979, págs. 1-2.

«Para que el sha se vaya, estamos dispuestos a morir a millares», decían los iraníes, el verano pasado. Y el ayatolá, estos días: «Que sangre Irán, para que la revolución sea fuerte».


Maison de l'Enfance . Briis-sous-Forges


Depuis de nombreuses années les enfants de Briis-sous-Forges ont la chance d’avoir leur école installée en plein bois. Dès leur plus jeune âge ils apprennent à observer les saisons, à sentir l’humus des sous-bois, à profiter de la lumière des clairières ou à lire la danse des arbres autour de leur classe.

weberbrunner architekten

st jakob foundation . zurich

weberbrunner architekten . stadt zuerich

Competition. Selected proposal.

Atelier Kempe Thill

Monastery . Kappel am Albis

Atelier Kempe Thill . + baunetz

Invited international competition won by Atelier KempeThill in collaboration with BBZ landscape architects for the revitalization / development of 12th century Kappel Monastery near Zurich / Switzerland, a protected historical monumental complex that today serves as a seminar hotel and educational centre of the protestant church of Zurich.

Think Architecture

Wohnhäuser Seepromenade . Davos

Think Architecture . + Blickpunkt Lebensraum

Auf dem Grundstück an prominenter Lage, eingangs Davos, wurden 2 Wohnhäuser mit 27 Wohnungen projektiert.

When Attitudes Become Form

Bern 1969/Venice 2013

+ Fondazione Prada

RCR Arquitectes

Parque de Piedra Tosca . Les Preses

RCR Arquitectes . fotos: © RCR Arquitectes . + archdaily

En el Parque Natural de la Zona Volcánica de la Garrotxa en Les Preses, cerca de Olot, se encuentra un lugar muy especial, un mar de rocas, producto de la colada basáltica del volcán Croscat y una ardua labor del hombre en su lucha por conseguir una mísera porción de tierra para cultivar, nivelando y despedregando parcelas y acumulando todas las rocas, piedras y escorias en anchos muros, túmulos y barracas. Su rugosidad morfológica y táctil retiene la percepción.

UGO Architecture

Let's talk about garbage... Dharavi

UGO Architecture . archiprix

Dharavi is the only slum in the world that generates profits. Thousands of small factories and workplaces thrive here, supplying whole Mumbai with the most necessary products. Yearly it produces goods worth 500 million dollars.

BIG . Michael Van Valkenburgh

brooklyn bridge park pier 6 . New York

BIG . Michael Van Valkenburgh . + Brooklyn Eagle

The Pier 6 viewing platform is a triangular structure at the northwest corner of Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Wiel Arets Architects (WAA)

Campus Hoogvliet . Rotterdam

Wiel Arets Architects (WAA)

Located on the southern edge of Rotterdam, Campus Hoogvliet is a new educational and cultural center set for completion in autumn 2013.

Paz Errázuriz

Sin título (serie Cuerpos). 2002

+ Galería Espacio Mínimo

GANA Arquitectura

Polideportivo Municipal . Vélez-Málaga

GANA Arquitectura . fotos: © Blanca Green . © GANA Arquitectura

Un estadio de atletismo. Un polideportivo municipal. Una parcela. Dos niveles. Un problema. Una oportunidad.