Casa OchoQuebradas . Los Vilos

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The building consists of three volumes: one upright, which hosts the bedrooms and bathrooms; underneath a low, horizontal volume which includes the main living space, with an open fire; connecting the two is a skewed volume that acts as the chimney for the fire.
The house is mostly poured concrete, with the surface of the roof terrace finished in the same wood used for shuttering.

Architects: ELEMENTAL
Location: Los Vilos, Coquimbo Region, Chile
Principles In Charge: Alejandro Aravena, Victor Oddó
Design Team: Alexander Frehse, José Esparza, Carlos Portillo, Isaías Moreno, Clémence Pybaro, Suyin Chia
Structural Engineer: Luis Soler P. & Asociados
Mechanical Engineer: Geocav Ltda.
Interior Design: Elemental / Interdesign
Client: Ocho al Cubo Project
Area: 289.0 sqm
Year: 2014

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