JaJa Architects

Private villa . Ormøy

photos: JaJa Architects

Today, the site is occupied by a main house,
boat house and a shed.
The main house will be torn down to make space for a larger house.
Their house. Our proposal the Villa Ormøy.

It was perfect. Fantastic site. Great task. Wonderful clients.
Initially, the project seemed easy but we soon realized that the
site had some demands of its own.

Looking through the building regulation, we found restraints in
the small building plot (which was much smaller than the site
itself) and the aesthetic regulations that demanded a picthed
roof house. Combining that with the clients wishes of 240 m2
program, our default starting point became a two level pitched
roof house.

How could we meet the demands of the pitched roof house while
giving the clients the fantastic panoramic view of the mountains?

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