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Roskilde Music Festival is one of the most vibrant urban areas in the world with 120.000 people gathering in a field to celebrate music, culture, life and each other. These people aren’t there to be told what to do! They are there to have the time of their lives! It is their festival and they want to create their own environments and experiences! All we can and all we should do is to create environments that beg the question:


‘Why Don’t We Do It On The Stairs’ is an open and flexible concept providing a variety of spaces to accommodate all sorts of activities throughout every hour of every day of the festival. By creating two large stairs offering seating with views of the festival grounds and filling them with activity boxes where anything can happen, people can always find spaces that suit their mood - whether they want to learn how to make music, dance, kiss, meet other people, play boardgames, sleep, read newspapers or just sit down and look at people (and all the crazy things people do).

1. At Roskilde Festival there is always a need for somewhere to sit down and have a rest between eating and seeing your favourite band, or somewhere to sit and wait to meet up with your friends. By organising the seats in a 27m x 27m x 10m triangle constructed from re-used plywood with scaffolding as structural support (like a football stand), they become a natural meeting and gathering point for the entire festival.
From the top you can look over to the Orange stage and all the way back to your tent in the camp!

2. People like to watch people, and nowhere is this more true than at Roskilde where people seem to do even stranger things than usual. By placing another triangular seating area facing the other one, there is never a lack of people to watch; endless entertainment!
The different orientations also allows you to choose whether to sit in the sun or in shadow all throughout the day.
Plus, it creates an area in between that is ideal for sports, public events or improvised concerts!

3. We like to pretend it never happens, but sometimes it rains even at Roskilde. When the rain pours down outside, nothing is nicer than a roof under which to stand and stay dry at least for a little while. By cutting out the underside of the stairs, we create a giant roof covered area that can be enjoyed even when the sun is shining!
(At night it turns into a giant disco!)
The complex arrangements of structural supports, lights hanging from the ceiling and art installations creates a dream world of inspiration and mystery.

4. People come to Roskilde not only to watch bands, they come to have the best week of the year! By placing several activity boxes in varying sizes in the stairs, we present people with the opportunity to make their own dreams and ideas become reality.

5. So..., why don’t we?

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