4 Villas . Bratislava


The new residential neighborhood in the periphery of the Carpathian Mountains in Slovakia is pointing out a unique landscape defini­tion of the garden city. The master plan is defined by a landscape concept were each individual villa plot is carved out in the forest. The seclusive concept has been an inspirational factor in the design of the villas.

The villa concept takes its point of departure in the privacy created by the hedges. The hedge, the garden, the villa and the courtyard mediates the transition between the public realm on the street, and the private, secluded space for the individual family. The villa is designed with an introvert private court yard space and an extrovert garden space. This is achieved by a composition of boxes, arranged to form a pri­vate and introvert courtyard space. The boxes twist and angle around the courtyard, creating varied spatial qualities. The boxes are merged together with curved walls, creating coherent spaces inside and generating softness to the exterior facades. The internal circulation in the villa is ar­ranged around the curved walls surrounding the courtyard. The individual boxes are each designated for one function. Additional rooms and functions can be added, and the height and orientation of the boxes can ensure views to the surrounding landscape as well as introvercy and privacy.

All in all, the design principles form an architectural language which combines the rational boxes with organic shapes, defines a clear spatial layout, and gives the flexibility to create individual vil­las with unique contextual responses to special needs and wishes.

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