Ryo Matsui Architects

Balcony House . Tokyo

Ryo Matsui Architects . photos: © Daici Ano . + frame

IIn the residential area which have a low-rise building apartment complex and new houses with small balconies, we designed RC 4-floor house.

In Japan, especially the centre of Tokyo, the house next to each other extremely approaches the site boundary. Although it is the place where we want to expect the openness to the frontal road necessarily, the site facing each other is the same condition. There are small balconies, and the planters for blindfolds. It is not exaggeration even if it is said that balconies influence the cityscape in the crowd place of the residential area. The balcony with the depth of 2m becomes the buffer area with the road and takes the function of eaves. Getting plants grown wild by keeping enough depth of the balconies, it is higher than an upper balcony and brought it up. We suggest that the balconies have a beneficent influence to not only the interior, and it enable to become the new cityscape.

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