Cyril-Emmanuel Issanchou

Mikado pavilion

photos: courtesy of Cyril-Emmanuel Issanchou
This project of temporary pavilion had to address the problems of transport
and setting up of the structure, as well as to offer a flexible but safe space for exhibitions.
The pavilion is thought as an assembly of modular units to be articulated according to the exhibition's set up and narration. The squared units are connected at their corners (less appropriated space for exhibiting), to underline the individuality of each unit and enable the pavilion to adapted itself to its surrounding spaces.
The units are made of wooden beam and columns of the same section, all less than 3 meters long in order to limit their weight and enable easy assembly. The iterative assembling of the roof creates long spans without using large elements.
The beams are made of two main L shaped elements, which locked themselves to hold Plexiglas sheets to enclose the inner space. Short distances between the beams ensure the security of the exhibits.

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