Ordos 100 . Villa 26

photos: archdaily

This territory is Agharti. It extends through the undergrounds
from the whole world, starting from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. This territory comes from time or the two continents East and West formed an only one territory. This underneath world is lit by an intense unreal light coming from the plants. The citizens of this strange underground civilization undertake what pushes and appears on the surfaces of the earth's crust, like the trees and grass.

We propose in the continuation of this legend, to develop a topography which connects these two universes and which articulate the relation between two climates, one outdoor, dry, sandy and windy, and the other luminous, greens, and protected in interiorities.
Water and its collecting are generating morphology of the movement of ground. The basin is not only one place of baths but it is the apparatus from which the uses, circulations and the life in the project are articulated. Water is invaluable in this part of China, our proposal assumes the scarcity in a crucible of it, in a sophisticated case.
Reflective, undulating and vibrating surface will create moreover one contribution of shade and light and will qualify spaces with the circumference of the basin.

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