Hongmin Kim . Suvin Ju

Self food station . Terreform ONE . One Prize Competition

photos: Terreform ONE

Since it enters a twenty-first century, a city's competitiveness has started
to represent a nation's competitiveness. For more rational and efficient economic activities, megacities all over the world are growing up in a way of compactness. However, focusing only on quantitative development, it is true that qualitative development is being neglected. In order to solve such a city problem, we propose 'Self Food Station' like a huge farm near the city.
Self Food Station is a multi-complex which not only purifies pollutants, but also produces and sells various organic foods through its one huge lung-like structure. Seoul, capital city of South Korea, takes a big charge of economy in East Asia, and Incheon is a bed town for people working in Seoul. For it is a halfway point of the center of Seoul and the new town of Incheon, Young-Jong large bridge is chosen as a model site.

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