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New campus . Roskilde Technical School

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Roskilde Technical School will occupy a special location in the so called Musicon area in Roskilde. Roskilde Technical School is an educational institution with 3,000 students and 350 employees. Today the school is spread out on several locations in Roskilde and the new building will create a visionary, challenging and significant vision of how the school’s various educational strands can co-exist. The competition includes master planning for the whole area, infrastructure, parking and outdoor activities. The new campus and Musicon will jointly exploit, support and strengthen the activities for the area. The new school has the potential to create a strong community with the school’s various educational directions creating an attractive and exciting framework. RTS has enormous potential as an urban generator, bringing life to the area.

The architecture acts as an interdisciplinary synergy in a stimulating and attractive environment, creating a fluid transition between the school and the pulsating life in the area. The organization of the building ensures that all the professional areas of RTS can be experienced as independent units connecting to the community and each are arranged with individual identities. When entering the main entrance, fantastic views to the striking communal main staircase greet you. Common areas will be dedicated to dissemination and dialogue, the staircase offers the opportunity to sit and relax, check emails on the laptop, staging lectures, events and concerts.

RTS has a sustainable future-oriented profile, the specific materials in RTS is based on the principle that all materials and surfaces will appear simple and robust, characterized by materials which will age beautifully throughout their lifetime. RTS has a raw look, both in workshops, class rooms and common areas - a material position both adapted to function but also signifying the area’s industrial past. Being a low-energy building, the buildings total energy concept focuses on energy controlled ventilation, and daylight controlled lighting as well as effective exploration and protection of the sun. The building’s sustainable profile aims to inspire and motivate students and employees to think and act appropriately in relation to the environment and sustainability.

The new building covers 17,000 m². - Of which the first stage is 4,000 m² and will be ready in 2012.

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