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Piazza del Ponte . Mendrisio

source: Sergison Bates architekten . rsi

The proposal for the redevelopment of the piazza del Ponte area in the historical centre of Mendrisio has been selected as the winning scheme at the end of a six month competition process.
The design concept was developed in collaboration with East as public realm consultants and highway, civil and infrastructure engineering consultants Arup through a series of workshops involving representatives of the Municipality of Mendrisio and their consultants, which took place between February and July 2010.
The project involves the construction of a new City Library and a new landscaped central Piazza in the centre of Mendrisio and public realm infrastructure according to the principles of ‘shared space’, which requires the slowing down of a vehicular traffic, improved pedestrian and cycling routes, the relocation of parking provisions, the creating of a pocket part and the densification of the surrounding urban fabric.

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