Arrhov Frick

Europan 10 . A park, hotel and spa . Östhammar

 Arrhov Frick

The exceptional quality of the site and its beauty has been the natural starting point for the design of the project. Changing the site where we believe it’s needed, our ambition is to merge the additional program with the existing and partly developed park, making it the central meeting point in Östhammar.

PARKLIFE can be seen as a developed park, where added programs/ circulation paths create new rooms in the garden. The new buildings are arranged to make as little footprint as possible, as tight and clear volumes relating to the park. The placing of the volumes is made to achieve preferable sunand view conditions, also activating the space in between. In the south corner of the site the hotel is placed. The restaurant is angled to the north, entering the park in between the trees, making it both part of the hotel and the park. 14m above the ground, there is a large public roof terrace which replaces the loss of area in the park, caused by the hotel’s footprint. It could function both as a view platform and for other different activities with a magnificent view of the
town and the sea.

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