La Ville Rayée . Bernard Dubois

"Grandi Bianchi" . Refurbishment of the Balice Hertling gallery . Paris

courtesy of La Ville Rayée . Bernard Dubois . photos : 354 Photographers

Grandi Bianchi, an ensemble of interior devices with an inherent genetic link, is the central piece of the refurbishmment of the gallery. An elementary storage unit, four voids in a block, is affected to comply with types and formats of furniture, from one scale to an other, until the
limits of a room. Logics of formal manipulation specific to digital modelling are applied to the primitive logic of hard marble assembly, that undergoes stretchings and constrictions. The variation in marble thicknesses re-veals the amalgam behind the design of the object. This architecturalm furniture ranges from consoles to porticos.

The project Grandi Bianchi is a collaboration between Brussels-based architect Bernard Dubois and Paris-based architects La Ville Rayée (David Apheceix, Benjamin Lafore, Sébastien Martinez Barat).

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