Santos . Rodrigues . Monteiro

Viena House of Music

gracias a archmedium . design team: Sónia Santos . Guilherme Rodrigues . Diogo Monteiro

The idea for a music school in a site as delicate as the stadtpark, which acts like a refuge from the city rush makes us rethink the link between a school and its site, and imagine what can this program offer to the park and its users.
Our concept is based on the idea of a school that interacts, through sound (music) with the park, thus creating a "sound walk". Allowing people to circulate through the park freely, but at the same time showing them the music that is being cre­ated at the school, it is the formula to create the necessary space to musical experiences and interactions.
How to do it..

Our strategy is to create two different realities which are connected: Park/School. From this interaction comes the "sound walk".
The school
It develops underground as an excava­tion in the common areas, giving the necessary privacy to students. It is organized around three patios which provide the light and air of the park to the underground part of the school.
The public part of the program is mainly related to the canal, making it an extension of the exposition hall, with the objective of opening this ele­ment to the people so that it works as an installation site. The exposition hall also leads people to the main au­ditorium.
The park
The school with its solid nature in the underground intensifies the transition from the communal area to the luminous park related classrooms and small audi­toriums which are small volumes appear­ing from the ground using sound as matter, creating new spaces at the sur­face, and connecting this two "worlds", where the students may share with the users of the park the music their play­ing. So this two natures of the same building intensify the transition from the private excavation to the illumi­nated park, making the learning experi­ence an individual or communal act, im­merse in the park.
The shape shifter
The main auditorium design serves the need for musicians to experiment dif­ferent acoustics through stage and au­dience configuration, allowing the au­dience to be surrounded by the musi­cians, creating different musical ex­periences.
Its floor is divided in squares which can be lifted so that the musicians and audience can try new approaches to ex­periencing a musical performance, ful­filling at the same time the need to have the "normal" auditorium configu­ration.

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