Black Box Revelation . Trailer Park Festivals Design Competition

Re-Make/Re-Model . Trailer Park Festivals . photos: Johanne Fick

When night falls on Copenhagen, anything can happen. For some reason, everything seems possible when the darkness of the night embraces you. Black Box Revelation brings the nighttime experience to the Trailerpark Festival even when the sun is shining!
The design creates a smaller intimate space as an addition to the occasionally overwhelming festival life. It simultaneously acts as a flexible space accommodating all sorts of activities all throughout the festival. Inside the Black Box Revelation, you can forget about the daily grind, leave your troubles behind and dance the night away, have long conversations and be dazzled by the dreamy environments under the starry sky. By offering everybody a chance not only to party, but also to be the DJ, make your own chalk artwork on the blackboard inside and catch inspiring performances, the box becomes a space for creativity and exploration.
By making the bright trailer the entrance point and the control station where you can adjust the lights and sounds inside the black box, it is the connection between the two worlds: the colourful life of the festival outside and the mysterious creative world inside.

The design strategy is simple, but effective: one side of a caravan is cut away, the rest of if it is pushed into a 6x6m black-painted plywood box. The imprint of the caravan is the only entrance into the internal space. The room is lit up by spotlights and holes cut out in the ceiling and high up on the wall. These represent the stars in the sky and the busy lights of the city. In the box you are invited to discover your own festival experience and create a night to remember!
The Black Box Revelation is all about customisation! By pushing and turning control buttons in the caravan, the festival-goers will have the possibility to change the internal environment of light and sound to range from a quiet evening under the stars to a never-ending night in the busy city lights!
When the party never ends, the night can go on forever

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