Cepaitis . Ordoñez . Enrique . Piles

Efficient fabrication system for geometrically complex building elements . London

Holcim Awards . Main author:Povilas Cepaitis, AA School of Architecture . Further authors: Lluis Enrique, Diego Ordoñez and Carlos Piles, AA School of Architecture

Cast on Cast, efficient and sustainable fabrication process is focused upon the development of a smart but simple methodology to design and prefabricate building elements with complex geometries, which is resource efficient and considerably reduces construction waste. Complex geometries are utilized in contemporary architecture for the construction of concrete or mortar building envelopes, partition walls, horizontal and vertical shading elements and pavements. Building elements that are curved through all three dimensions can only be produced under current methods by using sophisticated formwork installations and highly industrialized prefabrication technologies at high cost. The proposed Cast on Cast methodology uses a parameterization system in which mathematical algorithms subdivide three dimensional elements into smaller components that can be stacked in towers. Furthermore the previous element is used to mold the shape of the subsequent element. This CNC controlled fabrication method relies on the consecutive process of casting elements using digital fabrication technology. These towers of elements are then transported to the site where they are detached and assembled into the desired spatial shape.

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