STATION CITY . Stockholm


With the addition of the Citybanan rail line to Stockholm’s transport network in 2017, a new station building is needed in the centre of the city. Located at the intersection of Vasagatan and Klarabergsgatan avenues, Station City Stockholm will be the city’s largest transportation node: all metro lines will converge here, with connection available to Stockholm’s central station below ground. The new building is an opportunity to create a highly sustainable development for Stockholm’s citizens and its visitors, one that expands the notion of what a station can be, combining multiple urban functions in one structure.

Station City Stockholm is conceived as an above-ground extension of the underground world of tunnels. Commuters can follow a public path of escalators and lifts carved out of the building mass, to enjoy a range of facilities while overlooking Stockholm’s skyline. A gym, spa, swimming pool, conference centre, restaurant and bar are distributed throughout the building. The climax of the public path is a sky café and panoramic viewing platform, which also serves as an unconventional waiting lounge for commuters. In winter, the roof can be turned into a public ice skating rink. The existing Scandic Hotel will be relocated to the lower part of the building, with office space above. The combination of public access and mixed program make Station City Stockholm a fluid continuation of city life.

Built over a major transportation node, and with multiple functions in one space, Station City Stockholm is by default an efficient concept. The development is also poised to set a new sustainability standard, consuming less energy than any other similar building in Sweden. Besides high performance facades and advanced serv¬ices technology, the building will intelligently reuse heat rejected by one part of the building in another part. For instance, pedestrian traffic in the station will generate heat that can be captured and used within the building – in the spa, swimming pool or restaurant. Station City Stockholm aims to reinvent the station build¬ing in the 21st century in a highly functional, diverse, and sustainable form.

Mixed-use transport hub condensed in a tower
Station City Stockholm, Orgelpipan 6
Competition 2010, first prize
Train/Metro station, Retail, Hotel, Conference Center, Offices.
Total 35,000 m2
Stockholm, Sweden
Orgelpipan 6, intersection of Vasagatan and Klarabergsgatan

Structure, MEP, Vertical transportation:
Arup, Lars Bylund, WSGreen Technologies
Fire safety:
Vincent de Rijk
Frans Parthesius

Partners in charge:
Rem Koolhaas, Ellen van Loon
Associate in charge:
Chris van Duijn
Project architects:
Mariano Sagasta, Alessandro de Santis
Sebastian Arenram, Mark Balzar, Shengze Chen, Anna Dzierzon, Adrianne Fisher, Jeremy Keagy, Vincent Konate, Taiga Koponen, Per Linde, Vincent McIlduff, Gianna Ong-Alok, Yanfei Shui, Lukasz Skalec, Sasha Smolin, Koen Stockbroekx, Dicle Uzunyayla, Espen Vatn, Nurdan Yakup

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