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Vault Room . row house refurbishment . Bruges

51N4E Architects . photos: Ake Lindman .vectroave

The renovation of this small terraced house, along one of the ‘Reien’ in the historical heart of Bruges, consists of reinterpreting the typical cramped back buildings as a spacious and generously lit winter garden. The doubleheight space, entirely covered in timber planks, starts off as an arch which gradually lifts asymmetrically towards the back, framing the tall tree of a neighboring garden.
The old house is entirely renovated with partly new flooring and new colour schemes for façade, walls and ceilings. The custom made kitchen furniture with integrated fi re place doubles as working area, becoming the new center of the house.

Location Bruges, BE
Project 2005
Completion 2007
Client private
51N4E full process
Programme private house, winter garden
Built surface 210 m²
Construction cost 220.000 €
Photography credits Ake Lindman

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