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Swimming pool K . Grimbergen

dmvA . photos: © Frederik Vercruysse

Although the principal dreamt for years of a swimming pool in his small garden, he chose to renovate his 17th century gentleman’s house first.

Concept: panoramic swimming pool
While the contractors were about to start the works, the uninhabited school building, adjoining his garden, was offered for sale.
The principal did not hesitate, works were stopped and the school building was bought.
After many analyses and intense discussions it was decided to realise the swimming pool project first.

‘Panoramic’ swimming pool
Not only the size and unfavourable orientation of the garden, also constructive motifs defined the concept. No swimming pool in the small ‘sunless’ garden, but one on top of the roof of the school building.
An intelligent structure of columns and beams of reinforced concrete is not only the structural reinforcement of this neglected school building, but the construction needed for the swimming pool as well.
The groundfloor is organized as an ‘outdoor-kitchen’, on the first floor the space is multifunctional.

Design : dmvA
Principal : Mr. and mrs. Kegels – De Caluwé
Team : David Driesen, Tom Verschueren, Christine Loos, Sofie Buggenhout
Location : Grimbergen
General contractor : Harry Hendrickx (carcase works) – Vorsselmans (aluminium) – Polyureau (JBS)
Constructional engineer : UTIL
Built area : 206 m2 (polyvalente space) en 103 m2 (swimming pool and roof terrace)
Completion : 2009/2011
Photography : Frederik Vercruysse

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