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Cubitt Square at Kings Cross . London

Duggan Morris Architects . render: © Forbes Massie

Following an invitation from Argent and the Aga Khan Foundation Duggan Morris Architects have submitted a design for a canopy structure for the central crossing point in the Kings Cross development which will serve as an events space for the adjacent retail and cultural centre.

The canopy is envisaged as an integral element within the public square to host modest scale events and activities. The scheme proposes Five table like forms stepping upwards from the surface of the square generating a subtle three dimensional cluster of objects. Engineered back to their most delicate and slender form, they are intended to sit in contrast to the heavy Victorian back drop of the linear coal drops and transit sheds. The proposal offers a constantly changing composition when viewed from alternating vantage points framing views both across and into the square with a unique and identifiable landmark anchoring the square and Cubitt Park within the wider masterplan. Each of the tables rests upon the other, ensuring that as few columns as possible touch the surface of the square. The variegated canopy tops generate a series of rooms which can be occupied in a number of ways, or all as one to accommodate modestly sized events. The design allows rainwater to cascade from one canopy top to the next feeding adjacent water features cut into the surface of the square.

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