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Sayama Flat

Jo Nagasaka+ Keisuke Hatakenaka/Schemata Architects . photos:© Takumi Ota

In this renovation project we have refurbished an apartment block that was built in the post war period of high economic growth in Japan.

The building was originally designed to provide 30 residential rooms using a housing module called ‘nLDK’, an efficient system widely used in Japan. We attempted to redesign this standardized series of spaces to provide accommodation suitable for a complexity of contemporary lifestyles. The design principle we followed here was redesigning the space only by removing elements without adding, and improvising the layout of each of the apartments on site, without having drawn their plans in advance.

title : Sayama Flat
architects:Jo Nagasaka+ Keisuke Hatakenaka/Schemata Architects
address: Sayama Saitama
usage: apartment
construction:MIYAMA GOOD HOME, Syuhei Nakamura(epoxy)
floor area: 2227.24m²
the number of rooms:30rooms
photo: Takumi Ota

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