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Royal Belgian Sailing Club Alberta . Zeebrugge

Wim Goes Architectuur . photos: © Filip Dujardin . + WAN

Between two maritime extremes, on the edge of a byland is a contemporary landscape. On the one side a container port with its inhuman scale generated by its activity, day and night, a proof of economy.

above photo: © Wim Goes Architectuur

On the other side a marina with its human scale and ergonomics, a source of history and sophistication, a proof of culture. In this tension field lies the Royal Belgian Sailing Club.
The building's translation of the social and meteorological conditions inspires its use. In this way the wooden core and surrounding glass passage encourages a dynamic use of the building. The user steers the building on a journey, exploring an ever changing landscape.
The building is made with a sailors logic. A conscious choice of materials and joints brings together the meteorological and cultural environment, streamlining the building, leaving no excess, leading to a low energy classification. The building makes optimal use of the conditions, steering itself accordingly.

In this way rainwater is collected for the use in toilets, the earth for heating and cooling by means of geothermal heat pump, the sun for solar gain and ventilation by means of orientation and design, as well as the wind for electricity by means of wind turbines.
The ongoing juridical struggle in realising the wind turbines and the opening of the club to the public speaks of the social responsibility taken onboard by the sailors, in sharing their ideals, embodied in building. The building enters the landscape and becomes part of it.

Wim Goes
Anja Houbaert
Laura Bown
Antonio Fernandez
Laura Van Kerkhove
Carmen Ojalvo Guiberteau
Eyukewe Nicolas Dogo
Tim De Messemaeker
MEP Engineer
Raf De Herdt

Structural Engineer
Guy Mouton (Studieburo Mouton)

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