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P.F.A.F.F: Preserve Fable . Europan 12 . KAISERSLAUTERN

Special Mention . Studio Animal

Our proposal for the new P.F.A.EF. contemplates, on an urban scale, the generation of a communication double arch.

#1 "THE BIG X"
On the one hand, there is the connection between the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, south of the center of the city and the north (Mile Science), and on the other hand, the generation of a green road network to Yolkspark. A big “X” whose center would be the new P.F.A.F.F.
We propose colonising the former industrial space by developing three processes that can be developed autonomously Although these projects carry different development timescales (by decision of the citizenship or economic requirements for example) they ended up working together well.
#3'+0.00 - GRUN- JUMANJI"
The project will transform the existing asphalted floor, making it vanish in 80% of the proposed area, and replacing it with a green platform that pro­gressively colonizes the place. There are several autochthonous species in the area, which gives the site a wild character, becoming one of the lungs of the city. This is a proposal to restore the confidence of citizens in the area focus­ing on health and wellness, with large areas for sport, giving priority to cy­cling and public transport.
House decks will here become “the constructed”. Two elements are key in this respect: the program room and the airflow. All the factories of the area will be identified and categorized by their type of deck, by their type of structure and by the interest of their enclosures. All these data will be compiled and organized into a catalogue. We will then think of the best way to colonize the factories. The colonization pattern will be the same for all of them, and will be established following the same program. Starting from the decks (again following the redefini­tion of the inside-out), the natural elements will fall from the structures and gently reach the floor of the factory creating open spaces, which will in turn become the different accesses to the interior. All of these factories will be part of a temporary accommodation program tar­geted to students and young researchers. They will be interconnected by different elements of the nature. Communal open spaces will also be created within this interconnected circuit in order to provide communal services such as coffee areas, laundries, kitchens or computer rooms.
The proposal contemplates the restoration of the main building entrance and the central spaces as well as the chimney through the incorporation of new uses, such as a communal can­teen, offices, laboratories, a bank of time, and workshops.
As pointed out in section 2, this proposal depends on time and economy. The proposal is about the construction of two buildings mainly used for temporary accommodation. The main dis­tinctive point in here is the fact of this accommodation being raised, allowing in this way for a more densified neighbourhood.


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