Ian Kiaer

vernissage 12.09.2013

+ Marcelle Alix

Ian Kiaer develops a model of a work laid bare, rehabilitating and breaking in its own way the notion of enjoyment. His personal field lies on the questions submitted to cultural considerations decoded time after time by the critics, moving on to the personal expression of a certain illegibility, capable of apprehending the spectator. Like a Piero Della Francesca filled with a certain liking for geometry, Ian Kiaer forms little by little islands of ideal cities, which play upon or defy a too strong desire for categorisation, partitioning and conformism. Overtaking any sort of sanctimonious cultural imperative, Kiaer?s work helps us come out of a game of values, for the delicate streams freed by the minute joining of an assembly of Plexiglas hexagons, and the quasi mystical value of the light obtained through the friction of the silver leaf on a simple transparent plastic sheet.
Marcelle Alix

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