Isabel Nolan

The weakening eye of day . 2014

+ Kerlin Gallery

The startling objects of Isabel Nolan’s art take wildly unpredictable forms, — but they are at the same time the fully consistent outcomes of a singular, searching artistic sensibility. Nolan’s works evolve out of almost scholarly processes of investigation — intensive enquiries into cosmological and botanical phenomena, perhaps, or analytical scrutiny of literary and historical texts. These contrasting means of representing reality (and of comprehending its infinitely various components) provide divergent points of departure for Nolan as she attempts to somehow account for the enduring strangeness of the world, even in its most intimately familiar forms.
Kerlin Gallery

"The sky is not bounded by a fixed edge!": an illuminated rug arranged to accommodate a medieval mind . 2014

slow dirty solution & That’s an approach . 2013

What remains of an occasion that had not lasted . 2013

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