Zaluski . Piankowski


photos: Europan 10

What we call foam? The most general definition of foam is a substance that is formed by trapping many bubbles in a liquid or solid .Real life foams are typically disordered and nave a variety of sizes...So,what if those bubbles became a model of understanding relations in modern society?!
Every man is an island but whatever the degree of isolation established by respective individuals, there are always co-isolated islands that are momentariliy , or chronically, connected to a network of adjacent islands constituting midsized or larger structures - a national assembly.
What is important is that this every kind of society processes need impulse to work. A suburban neighbourhood, a school class, a religious community.a shareholder meeting, drivers stuck in a traffic jam, nothing happens without any reason and the goal is to make it work in possitive way.
Space for all doesn't exist, there is a need to create places with stronge sense of local identity. Local groups of people generate solid and strong habitats, at the same time new groups appear and try to increase some space for them.

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