Church . San Antonio de Chépica

photos: courtesy of Cheungvogl

US Geological Survey recorded six earthquakes of above 7.0 magnitude in the
first quarter of 2010 which claimed over 200,000 lives.
On 27 February 2010, the massive 8.8 quake struck Chile at a depth of 35 km. Seismologists estimate the day may have shortened by 1.26 microseconds, the axis
of the earth shifted by 8 cm and its territory expanded by 1.2 km.
The effects of a split second disaster left a country in ruins and its people
in devastation.

The damages caused by earthquakes to developing countries is generally more severe
Los daños causados por los terremotos en países en vías de desarrollo normalmente son
due to unsophisticated building construction technologies compared to advanced
más severos debido a las propias condiciones de los edificios. Muchas reconstrucciones
countries. Many reconstruction schemes in remote countries and small villages have
en estos países se centran en reproducir exactamente el edificio como era
the mind set to 'reproduce exactly as it was'. Without the luxury of time and
originalmente. Desprovistos del lujo que suponen los medios y el tiempo necesario
resources to question and rethink the impact of these significant changes to the
para cuestionarse y repensar el impacto de estos significativos cambios en el
world, the same will happen again.
mundo, los problemas se reproducirán.
We see this as a significant globe issue. Rebuilding lives, homes and places need
Para nosotros se trata de un asunto relevante. Reconstruir vidas, casas y lugares
something more. Could architecture be a witness of time? Could these events improve
exige algo más. ¿Puedo ser la arquitectura reflejo de su tiempo? ¿Pueden estas
the way in which people live; reconvene the way a village, a city or a country
desgracias servir para mejorar la vida de sus habitantes, reorganizando sus pueblos,
operates so that it could be renewed through change.
ciudades, países para que el cambio sea una oportunidad de mejora?

A big box of 850 square meter – space for reflection, prayer, worship, faith. A small box of 350 square meter - for administrations and other auxiliary spaces.
The dynamic movements of the roof, shifting in two planes, defining the spaces on the inside. Upon entry, the tilting of the roof structure seamlessly integrates the volume of the bell tower into the actual volume of the church. The dramatic spatial experience towards the highest point of the church - the bell tower orientates the mind to reach out to the sky, to God. At the back of the church, the roof reaches to another high point directly above the alter. Below it, marks the thin cross. The interior space becomes one big humble room, without partitions and without divisions.
The space is filled and penetrated with subtle rays of natural daylight through all sides of the facades, symbolizes hope and faith.
Reinforced concrete construction is used on the outside to provide the thermal masses that keeps the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter by storing energy effectively. On the inside, the eastern wall is cladded with timber and furnished with rows of timber benches. The benches are orthogonally placed, quietly gazing upon the altar and the 7 meter high cross.

Hebreos 3:6 
pero Cristo fue fiel como Hijo sobre la casa de Dios, cuya casa somos nosotros, si retenemos firme hasta el fin nuestra confianza y la gloria de nuestra esperanza.

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