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In The future the streets of Stromso will be green.
We will create a district that is 100% on the pedestrians premises. And these green areas in Stromso should be for everyone.There should be public space for sports, cultural, relaxation, play. lnstead of refining the green areas, we propose to let them spread out through the streets in the northwestern part of town and continue up to and Tollbugata Stromso square.

Stromso boundaries is towards the River, bul the train rails acts as a physical and visual barrier between the town and river. This is a classic post-industrial situation, which we will change. We will open up between the river and town, so that the residents of Stromso can enjoy the river's potentials. The river should be an attractlon for the residents of Stromso and Drammenin gen­eral.
A parking space is to be gathered in two car parks at Bjornstjerne Bjornsonsgate and the train station - the only car road in Stromso is the connection between them-. All the other streets in Stromso become pedestrian streets and roads with speed zones suitable for the soft road uses. At intemational level it may seem utopian to be agreeing on common guidelines for climate policy.
It is easier to find the road to a better climate on the groundfloor, for example in Stromso.We have made a proposal which allows Stromso to gradually become C02-neutral and free of cars. The objective of sustainability is a naturally integrated part of the city's development, contributing to sustainable urban life...

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